"Well this is rune magic so I should be immune" Harry said and jumped through the veil.

HARRY! Two voices shouted.


Chapter 11


Harry was in a very strange place, well other than the time-stopping-thingy.

He was inside what looked like a long tunnel; this tunnel was filled with many kinds of things, ranging from human beings to the flower that was floating in front of him.

His rune aura was visible and it seemed to be the only thing that was between him and the time-stopping effect.

Harry looked back trough the veil, it seemed to be see-trough from this site, what he saw trough it filled him with so much anger, the first thing he noticed was that everything was frozen in place, though that was more funny than angering, that could be explained by the fact that he had made a time-bubble inside a timeless zone. Then he saw the expression on his friend's faces, they mad him fall to the floor laughing, there was Hermione that was hysterical 'she really needs to lighten up' Harry thought smiling.

There was Tonks that looked a little worried, Harry felt a little prang of regret for worrying her.

Graknic, who had followed them down was looking at the veil with undisguised awe, Harry inwardly groaned: just what he needed, some Goblin fans.

But what really touched Harry was the look on Remus's face there was pure trust in him, like he felt that Harry knew what he was doing and what his limits were, no one had ever put that much trust in him, sure his friends trusted him but there were always comments like: are you sure, or are you out of your mind, or something similar.

But the object of his anger was above their head, in the doorway, that he had blown was a high-healed, buckled boot, showing from under a purple cloak and a wand in an old hand just coming into view, it was quite apparent for anyone who had seen him before, who was walking through the door, and that was why Harry was seething.

Few minutes later Harry managed too calm himself down, 'find Sirius first, deal with Dumbledore later' he thought to himself.

Harry turned around facing away from the veil, the long tunnel in front of him had a single line of objects, Harry began wondering if there was any special system that objects in the tunnel were sorted by.

The first object Harry saw and only that he saw clear was a red rose floating waist high in five meters in front of him, all the other things were kind of blurred so he couldn't see them very well, he walked to the rose wondering why someone had thrown it through the veil, 'probably a last goodbye' he thought and touched it, when he touched it the red aura around him expanded around the rose and it fell to the floor, the aura stayed for few seconds but then faded.

He walked another five meters and came upon the object of his search, the "late" Sirius Black, he was floating in the air his back curved in an arc and if there was time here he would likely hurt his head by falling on the floor.

Harry reached to hold under Sirius's head and his aura expanded over Sirius's body, and Sirius fell to the floor, hard but still unconscious, Harry took his pulse, hoping that he was right about him living, Harry felt a slight pulse, he was just stunned.

It was on a time like this that Harry really wished he had given himself time to sign the emancipation. He had to drag Sirius out of the veil because he couldn't enervate him, because he was too young to do magic outside school.

When he was back at the veil he began to plan how he could get out, without Dumbledore knowing how powerful he really was, he was looking out the veil looking for an escape route when he noticed a leather-bound book stuck on the pillar on the inside of the veil, it was light brown and had pictures of some birds on the outside, 'why would someone throw a book through the veil' Harry wondered, he walked to it and examined the birds on it.

On the lowest part of the book was a picture of two ravens facing each other one was white but the other black and instead of eyes they had a set of suns.

Above them there was a purple swan with it's wings spread, the top of the wings was made of a rain cloud and the rain made the rest of them.

There above was a blue falcon in the shape of a thrice cloven lightning.

There was no title on the book but none the less it picked Harry's interest, he reached for it and as he touched it his aura expanded once again, then strange things began to happen, the book began to absorb his aura a minute later the book stopped, then the book began too change, the images that were already on it began to shrink and a new one appeared above them: a red eagle with tornado's for wings.

Obviously Harry took the book.

Harry started pondering again how he could get out without Dumbledore noticing, then it hit him like a ton of bricks.


Albus Dumbledore was hurrying to the Department of Mysteries, he had seen Harry running that way along with his companions, one of which he knew nothing of.

Suddenly a loud BOOM rocked the hallway, Dumbledore kept running.

When he reached the round room he began to hear a trace of conversation, when he was almost through the door he heard a loud exclamation, when he was through the door he was completely gob smacked, there in front of the veil of death, stood the Silver Phantom in all his glory dragging a seemingly dead body of Sirius Black.

"Gracnik can you get out by your self?" the Phantom asked.

Gracnik nodded and disappeared with a crack.

"We got company" he said.

Remus Lupin, Hermione Granger, and the unknown lady nodded and cut their finger and smeared the blood from it on a amulet they had around their necks, and disappeared into a swirling vortex.

The Phantom took out a similar amulet and used a silver knife to cut Sirius's handand smeared the blood on the amulet and likewise disappeared.

Dumbledore signed to himself 'what did the phantom want with a body, and why use the body's blood to teleport, wait, blood, the blood was flowing, that means Sirius is alive.'

Dumbledore was so disturbed by his new discovery that he completely forgot that Harry Potter was nowhere to be seen.


Riddle house, Little Hangleton.

Voldemort was in foul mood, he had lost thirty odd followers in the Diagon alley raid, and all by one man.

Who was the Silvered Phantom, and who does he work for, not the order, no they frown on killing with few notable exceptions, and he certainly isn't in his side, maybe he can be convinced to change sides, Lord Voldemort can after all be very convincing.

But those ponderings woke up new questions like who trained the Phantom and why silver, black is much more catching.

As he was pondering an unlucky victi… I mean Death Eater ran in through the door and was met with a warm welcome of Cursio.

When Voldemort lifted the curse he ordered the man to say what he came to say and get out.

The Death Eater stammered that Wormtail hadn't been back since his last report, bowed and walked out.

Wormtails last report had been the summer location of the Potter brat, he realy didn't need to know any more before he attacked.

He called Lucius trough the Darkmark, he had a attack to plan.


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