Summary: What would happen if the teen titans were stuck in an elevator? For three days? With terrible elevator music? And it happens to be for a reality show?


"Our newest contestants, The Teen Titans have just entered an elevator, thinking some little girl is trapped in there. Well they are about to have an very unpleasant surprise. Our workers have ensured that there is no way the titans can escaped the elevator in any way. With or without their powers. So they will be stuck, in the elevator, for three weeks. And don't worry about them starving. And no, hopefully they won't eat themselves. We have stocked the elevator with food, so they won't die." Clesh said.

In the elevator with the titans.

"Why can't the fire department save her? I mean, they save cats from trees, dogs from hydrants gone wild, and other stuff. Why can't they climb down the ladder and save the girl?" Beast Boy asked as they flew/climbed down the shaft.

"Because most of them are afraid of heights." Robin said.

"What do you mean most of them?" Raven asked as she flew down.

"Everyone except for one." Robin said.

"Why can't he save her?" Cyborg asked.

"It's his day off." Robin sweatdropped.

"Oh." Beast Boy said as he climbed down the shaft.

"Friend Beast Boy?" Starfire asked.


"Why do you not transform into an earth animal and fly down the shaft of elevators along with me and Raven?" Starfire asked.

"Good question." Beast Boy said as he transformed into a parrot and flew down to the elevator.

"Don't worry little girl, the Teen Titans are here to save-hey little girl?" Beast Boy noticed as he transformed back to himself in the elevator, that there was no little girl. But a little boy in the corner.

"Don't worry little boy, we're here to save you-hey! Your not an little boy!" Beast Boy said as the others got inside the elevator.

"Is that?" Robin asked.

"It is." Raven said.

"It's one of those evil timeout kids." Cyborg said.

"Who are these kids of the timeout?" Starfire asked.

"They are these little fabric kids made by humans to stand in the corner to look cute." Robin said.

"But they are really evil." Raven said just as the trap door to the elevator snapped shut.

Everyone looked and Cyborg tried to push it open. But he couldn't. Then Starfire tried to push it open and burn it. She couldn't open it either. Raven used her powers to try to open the elevator, but she couldn't either. So basically for a good three hours the titans tried to open the elevator so they could get out, but to their dismay, it didn't happen.

12:30 pm

Robin sat down and listened to Beast Boy screams for help. Raven was meditating in one corner of the elevator. Starfire was kneeling down and braiding her hair. Cyborg was trying to send an distress signal to the titan's east but found he had no service. He slammed his arm in fustration.

"When we get out of here, I'm getting rid of Cingular. They have no towers out here, and their signal always sucks." (if you live on the west coast as in oregon or washington then you know what I'm talking about)

Robin sighed as he began to tap his foot to the elevator music. Raven stopped meditating and gave him a look.

"You aren't enjoying this music are you?" She asked a boy wonder who turned red.

"No.." He said.

12:32 pm

Beast Boy then realized that if they can't get out, then no one can. He then sat down and began to sing a song.

"Oh I caught a little baby bumblebee. Won't my mommy be surprised with me? I caught a little baby bumblebee. Ow! It stung me!" He began.

12:36 pm

"I'm rapping with my baby bumblebee. Won't my mommy be surprised with me? I'm rapping with my baby bumblebee. Ow! He pwned me!"

"Enough!" Raven said.

"Yo grass stain! We're tired of listening to you adding lines to the baby bumblebee song, so shut up!" Cyborg said.

12:37 pm

"Hummmmm Hum HumHumHum Hum Hum Hum Hum Hum. Hum Hum Hum Hum Humhumhumhumhum? Hummmmmmm Hum Humhumhum hum hum hum hum hum. HUM! Hum hum hum." Beast Boy hummed just before Cyborg sonic cannon'd him.

12:38 pm

Starfire sat down and began to act out a soap opera she saw last week with three pieces of lint she named Larry, Barbara, and Orlando Bloom.

"Oh Larry, you know I can not be with you for I am going the out with Orlando Bloom." Starfire said for Barbara.

"Barbara, I do not care that you are going the out with Orlando Bloom. I for one, am hoping you will do the cheating on him with me?" Starfire said in a low voice for Larry.

5:45 pm

Cyborg, Starfire, and Beast Boy are deeply involved in their little lint soap opera while Raven meditates and Robin stares at the light bulb.

"Orlando Bloom? I did not know you were here." Starfire who was playing Barbara said.

"There's a lot of things you don't know, babe." Beast Boy who was playing Orlando Bloom said.

"That was a nice saying but your not stealing Barbara away from me." Cyborg who was playing Larry said.

5:47 pm

Robin stood up and cleared his throat so everyone would look at him, which they did.

"I have something to say." Robin said.

When no one said anything, he continued.

"I have been thinking and it's time I got this off of my chest." Robin got on one knee and said...


I know it hurts.

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