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Chapter 1-Explosion in Potions

"WHERE IS THAT IDIOT GIRL?" yelled the overgrown bat named Severus Snape. The Gryffindors winced. Harry and Ron avoided eye contact with Snape.

"Where do you think Hermione is, Harry?" Ron whispered. Harry shrugged.

"I don't know, but since when does Snape hold up a class for a student?" Harry asked. Ron shrugged. Snape, indeed, was acting very odd that day. Why would he hold up class for a student? Especially Hermione, who, never, in her entire lifetime, has skipped a class. Fuming, Snape sat uncomfortably in his hard, wooden chair. He placed a balled fist under his chin. Harry nudged Ron, who was carefully cutting his spiderworm, and nodded toward Snape. He looked to be thinking particularly hard.

"Wonder what the git is thinking about," Harry mumbled to Ron. Ron shrugged again.

"Maybe about how he is to torture Hermione tonight," Ron said, presuming to cut his spiderworm. Harry looked at Ron. He wasn't too worried about him any more. Ron had been acting strange around Hermione and Harry ever since Hermione rejected his offer for her to be his girlfriend. He probably suspected that since Harry and Hermione spent so much time together, that they were a couple. This wasn't so, however. Hermione was just giving him some tutoring lessons in Ancient Ruins, which he reluctantly agreed to take the previous year, as a favor to Hermione. Suddenly, Snape bolted out of his chair and was inches away from Erickson, a transfer student from the Jamaican islands. Erickson trembled, but Snape did nothing to him, and instead addressed the class.

"I would send one of you Gryffindors to seek out Miss Granger," he started icily, "But I don't trust any of you for a moment. You'd be glad to skip out on my class. I will go and fetch Miss Granger, wherever she might be. Work on your potions and I when I return, I will see which one did it right." Snape eyed the class and turned on his heel. When he reached the door, he didn't look back, but he did say, "And no one help Longbottom!"

She moaned as she tried to reach a thick book on the very back of the shelf.

"Oh, bloody hell!" She exclaimed, exhausted from her efforts. She pushed a mop of bushy, brown hair off her forehead and collapsed in a nearby lounge chair. 'I just have to get that book!' Hermione thought frantically, 'even if it does take me all potions class hour!' She stepped back on the table and began to climb the shelf again. It wasn't a terribly high shelf, but the book she was trying to get made the climb seem longer. Her energy was quickly draining, but she was determined as ever to get this book. The book, entitled 'The Chronicles of Narnia', was one of the rarest books in the wizarding world. It was written by a British college professor by the name of C.S. Lewis. Of course you would not find a book written by a Muggle in the wizarding world. That was the reason it was so rare.

Once she reached the shelf that the thick book was on, she, once again, tried to reach for it.

"Why?" She asked herself, as she reached for it. How could this one book be so hard to get? She grinned as her fingers swiped the book's bind.

"Come here, you little bugger!" And as she practically lifted herself off of the row she was standing on, she grabbed the book. She smiled, but suddenly lost her footing. Her smile turned into a frown as she fell backwards, the book clutched in her hand.

She closed her eyes, waiting for the impact but it never came. She opened her eyes and only then realized that she was cradled in a pair of very strong arms … She smiled, and sighed in relief. She looked up, and gasped! It was Professor Snape!

He looked down at her with a menacing glare. Hermione started to wriggle her feet until he literally dropped her to the ground. She groaned as her bum made an impact with the ground. She got up almost immediately, rubbing her bum and glaring at the professor.

"You …"

"You weren't in my class when the bell rang, Miss Granger," Snape said in his silky, evil voice. He clasped his hands behind his back and impatiently waited for an answer. He had held up class for thirty minutes for her and she didn't even have the decency to apologize.

"I'm sorry, Professor …" Well … there it was.

"You're sorry? That is not enough, Granger. I held up class for an entire half-hour for you!" Snape said. Hermione frowned. Since when does he hold up class for a student? She was about to ask that exact question when a loud booming sound erupted. Snape looked behind him and then, without thinking, leapt on Hermione and covered her as the wall and roof behind him began to cave in. Hermione screamed as the crumbled rock fell all around them. A big chunk of it even hit Severus in the leg, but he didn't show the immense pain he felt.

"Professor!" Hermione screamed frantically as the sounds grew louder.

"I'm right here, Miss Granger," Snape said, trying not to grimace from the pain. Hermione's arms flew up around Snape's back and pulled him closer to her. Surprised at her strength, he gave in to her wanting closure during the horrible crumbling. Finally, after a few minutes, the sound stopped and the crumbling ceased. Snape opened his eyes and immediately noted that it was pitch black. He tried to get up, but Hermione was still clutching him around his middle, as if afraid that if she let go, her life was going to end.

"Miss Granger …" She didn't respond.

"MISS GRANGER!" As his eyes adjusted to the dark, he could tell her eyes were finally open and she let go of him.

"What … what happened, Professor?" Hermione asked in a trembling voice. Snape snorted. 'Why did I leave that idiot boy alone? Of course he was going to blow another cauldron up!' Snape thought.

"Isn't it obvious, Miss Granger? I thought a know-it-all like yourself would have had the answer to this little mystery," Snape said sarcastically. He heard her snort, much in the same way he did.

"Give me a break!" She said, standing up. Snape followed her example and stood, patting his robes for his wand. When he noticed that he was patting nothing, he began to become paranoid. Had he left it in the classroom? Impossible! He carried it with him every where he went!

"Granger, have you seen my wand?" Snape asked with a sigh. He really didn't want her help. It was, after all, her fault that they were in this predicament. Hermione snorted again.

"Right, like I can see anything in this!" Hermione said, patting her robes for her wand. It wasn't there!

"Professor! Have you seen my wand?" Hermione asked, frantically, searching through her pockets once more. Snape laughed sarcastically, but Hermione ignored it.

"So … we're in the same boat, now, aren't we?" Snape asked, crossing his arms over his chest. Hermione fell to the ground and placed a hand on her forehead. Where was her wand? Suddenly, Hermione moaned and fell to her side.

"What? What is it?" Snape asked.

"I just remember … I was in a hurry this morning to get here and I stupidly left my wand in my dorm!" Hermione groaned. What could she have been thinking? She never left her wand behind before! She heard Snape stifled a sarcastic laugh.

"My, my, my … little Miss Know-It-All Granger has left her wand behind! That's a laugh! How stupid can you get?" Snape asked, walking across the 'room', or what little space they had, and sat down, his arms still crossed over her chest. Hermione didn't care what he said to her. He was, is, and always will be the greasy git she knew from year one.

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