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Hao and Opacho's day in the mall

I walked around the camp looking for something to do. I watched Kanna, Macchi and Mari all clean the motorcycle. 'Stupid polluter contraption.'

Luca was off reading in his textbook busy with some wired thing doing stuff. He was smiling really creepily.

Brokken and Peyote were playing hopscotch on the grass and everyone else was skipping rope and playing.

"Hao-sama?" I felt a little tug on my pants and I looked down to see a small fluffy haired Opacho standing there. "Yes Opacho?"

"Opacho is bored." "Bored but there is lots of things you can do around here." I tried to help my small friend but failed. "Opacho want's to spend some good quality time with Hao-sama though." His big eyes looked up at me they were weary of tears ready to fall. "Fine." I rolled my eyes at his cuteness.

"Where does Opacho want to go?" I knelt down to his height level and spoke to him clearly. "Hmm Opacho wants to go to the mall with Hao-sama!" He was practically jumping up and down at me. "Fine."

I picked him up put him on my back and teleported into my tent to get my wallet and then headed to the mall place. I carried him around the first 2 hours then he wanted to go around and buy some stuff.

After a couple more hours of walking through that place Opacho had gotten himself some pants, rings and a whole flock of toys. He had bought everyone a present. Even I but he wouldn't say. I bought just a pair of headphones like that brother of mien.

We finally headed back around 2am and unloaded everything under a tree. I went to go sleep by the fire but Opacho wanted to guard the presents. I soon fell asleep.

When I woke everyone was singing songs around the tree. The temperature dropped and it began snowing. "Happy first Christmas Hao-sama!" They were acting bored so I would take Opacho while they themselves when shopping.

The end

Author: Really wired I hope you all enjoy