A flaw in the seal by Yondaime causes The Kyuubi to be released. It seems that there is more to the seal that we ever thought before.


Tsunade sighed as she studies Yondaime's scroll for his seals for the umpteenth time. There was nothing, no clue at all so as to what was happening to Naruto.

He lay there, on the hospital bed, as pale as the clean white sheets around his fragile looking body. The seal on his abdomen was pulsing in time with his heartbeat. Though what really scared her was the slow fading away of the mark. Naruto moaned in his unconsciousness, his back arching in a pain that was physical yet she could not heal it. Red chakra swirled about him, foreboding it its aura and power.

It was time, any moment now the Kyuubi would be released from the now seemingly fragile seal. For days they had been trying to contain the demon in, and for all those days Naruto willingly gave his body away to perform all kinds of jitsus and seals to keep the demon at bay.

There was only so much a young teenager's body could take before it succumbed to illness. His body temperature had reached to feverish heights, as he struggled every moment to breath. Life refused to cling to him and did not leave him either. Tsunade feared that their worst nightmares were coming true. The demon fox is bound to seek vengeance for his entrapment. Her helpless gaze landed on the other three occupants in the large room.

Kakashi stood stiffly at one corner, face betraying bitterness despite of the mask. Iruka was slumped beside him. Jiraiya chose to voice the one question that was on everybody's mind. "We are going to have to kill him Tsunade?"

Kakashi clenched his fist and looked at Tsunade with warning eyes, daring her to utter a positive. Naruto was his student and he was sworn to protect him. He will not let the little boy be sacrificed.

'But you are also sworn to protect your village...' that thought made Kakashi freeze and he looked sadly at the small form of his student. His finger nails dug into his palms as he took in the Hokage's serious face. Iruka had not moved from his place for he knew what had to be done. He knew it from since he knew Naruto had Kyuubi sealed inside of him. Kyuubi was a threat they couldn't handle, not even with the best shinobis with them.

He stood up and walked over to his adoptive brother and sighed. Shivering fingers ran tenderly along deathly pale skin as he muttered, "He is so young, Hokage-sama... can't we do something? Anything at all?"

The beautiful lady shook her head elegantly and looked at the precious little boy laying on the bed and bit back the urge to cry. Despite her efforts her voice came out husky, "May be it is Naruto's destiny.. Yondaime died protecting his village from the demon fox and now his son will follow his path..."

Her words sounded hollow to everybody's ears. Silence as a heavy blanket fell around them, suffocating them. Each staring helpless at the cheerful boy they had come to love as he lay still on the bed.

"Uzumaki Naruto is an honorable ninja of Hidden leaf village. His years of hard work and dedication has help the village in many ways. He shall always be remembered." Tsunade whispered softly as she performed some hand seals. Kakashi recognized them easily, it was a medical jitsu, she was trying to give Naruto a quick painless death. The jounin's breath caught in his throat as Iruka allowed himself a chocked sob.

He held onto the white walls of the room for dear life for he dare not interfere even though he body was aching to stop the Hokage from killing one of his treasured students.

The Hokage's hands were just about to touch Naruto's chest when a lazy voice drawled, "Such big words from such pitiful creatures." The room seemed to grow cold at those freezing words. Red chakra swirled around Naruto's small frame and shot forward. The boy was still on the bed as the chakra started to take human form.

Fear coiled into their stomach at the sight of the majestic man in front of them. His eyes like molten gold gazed at them, cold and impassive yet his aura radiated anger. "There is nothing wrong with the seal, it is functioning as it is meant to. Your yondaime made it so that it would release me after 16 years of my entrapment." without waiting for the eminent questions he started healing Naruto's weakening body with his bountiful chakra. His voice calm and soft spoke, "I am a fire spirit in the form of a fox. A demon yes, yet I do not kill mindlessly."

Smirking a little as whisker-less cheek started to glow in the healthy radiance of pink he stood elegantly. "I have my reasons for those who deserve to know of it. As for now, I have a few choice words to say and you shall hear it or suffer ill-fate." The youthful face framed by strikingly crimson hair was serious as shrewd eyes took note of all the four people in the room. His eyes narrowed in warning as he said, "First and foremost, I will take over guardianship of the kit."

Tsunade opened her mouth to protest when Kyuubi raised an arm and gracefully shut her up saying, "I have seen his life through his very eyes and I am not impressed. This is the child of a human I have begrudgingly come to respect for his sacrifice and I am thankful that the similar trait runs deep in his offspring. Your human idiocy has caused enough pain to the kit and I will not allow it to proceed further."

He sat on the bed beside his former host and spoke with the authority of a person who would not hesitate to kill if disobeyed. "Naruto would be under my gaze at all times if possible. I will also take up his training when he will not have any other duties to fulfill." His gaze came level with Tsunade as he spoke, "Secondly, his progress as a ninja will not be hindered. Should I find any biasness against him by your council Tsunade I will speak to them myself and see to it that they understand that they are in no position to argue."

Kyuubi proffered an amused smirk when he saw the hokage's face. She was trying to make a painful effort to stay quiet. "You may speak your mind now." he said softly and waited for her to get her thoughts together.

Finally managing to quell her anger and slight fear she gazed defiantly into his golden gaze and said, "Who told you that you could come here and start making such demands!"

The great demon sighed and looked coolly at her. Sometimes he wondered why humans insisted on being such bothersome creatures. They hardly had the skills and the wisdom to consider themselves as dominant. Yet, he did not want to dwell on this topic and he was getting annoyed with their foolishness. Patience was not one of his strong points.

"What I have asked of you is perfectly reasonable and will render no harm to your precious village. In fact, you have a demon as your protector if you agree. If you do not I shall take the boy with me and see to it that he is tended to as he deserves. I am willing to lower myself to join your ANBU forces to strengthen your defense. However, the child shall be raised as per my wishes. My decision is not negotiable, accept my offer or Naruto leaves with me."

Tsunade stood gawking at the demon for a long time. It was Jiraiya who decided to speak up, "Naruto's father was my student and I trust his judgment. And I have a feeling that the boy would be best in your hands as I can see you know him the best." Despite the sanin's words he knew that the whole decision belonged to the Hokage.

Tsunade was not sure what to do. She could not disobey the Kyuubi and the demon did seem to care for Naruto. Moreover, he did have a point. With him as an Anbu, Hidden leaf's defense would increase. Yet, she still could not bring herself to trust the demon.

It seemed that she had no choice in the matter. Sighing softly she looked back into Kyuubi's wise gaze and said, "I agree to your conditions as long as you do not harm anyone."

Kyuubi raised an eyebrow and asked, "Can you guarantee that no one in your village will try to harm Naruto in any way?" Tsunade shook her head and offered a rueful smile saying, "I cannot.."

The demon shrugged and said, "Then I cannot guarantee that no harm would come to them."

The hokage understood what he meant and nodded. The demon fox smiled serenely at her,yet the smile held no warmth. The softness entered his gaze only when his eyes landed on Naruto. Clawed fingers came forth to caress soft cheeks, but as soon as his finger's touched Naruto the illusion shattered.

The blond boy started to glow in frosty blue chakra almost blinding in its brightness. After the light dissipated, collective gasps echoed across the room.

On the bed lay the youth, long, rich blond hair curving about the delicate features of its face. Dense ebony lashes fanned rosy cheeks as them fluttered for a moment. High cheekbones were adorned with pale flawless skin. The figure was decidedly more fragile looking. Delicate fingers curled into the sheets as a low soft moan ensued from the figure's throat.

Kakashi came forward and so did the other people in the room. They watched with disbelieving eyes as the figure continued to stay unconscious. Iruka's eyes widened as he gasped at the extraordinary sight before him. Tsunade being a medic nin also took some time to digest the sight before her. Jiraiya let out a disbelieving whistle as he looked at the beautiful blond.

Kyuubi chuckled in amusement. "That confirms my suspicions."

Tsunade snapped out of her daze and asked, "What is the meaning of this! What happened?"

The demon smirked as he traced his hosts delicate features, "Yondaime was wise. He knew that Naruto would not have an easy life. He knew that the child would be constantly targeted by enemies. May be the seal had another purpose, it seemed to have maintained a high level jitsu wherein the appearance of the child was altered. Now that the seal of gone the illusion seems to have vanished. After all, boys have a better chance of being safe compared to girls."

Jiraiya looked from Naruto to the Kyuubi and asked, "Did you know about this?"

The demon continued looking at Naruto as he said, "No, I did not. I do not think Naruto knows either." Kakashi sighed and mumbled, "Figures, he did scream like a girl." Tsunade rubbed her forehead and said, "This is going to take some getting used to.."

Iruka was the one who pointed out something that made everybody freeze, "But how will Naruto cope when he finds out that he is actually a girl?"

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