I guess I should clear this misconception. It is my fault that Agni is getting blamed for everything. I asked her to take that story off her profile since there was already someone else writing it on this site. There is an author called "The Golden Flash" who is writing a version of the story. Agni informed me of this and I read the other author's version and decided let that author complete this plot.

On my request, Agni put the writing of Enchanted on hold and on my request, she removed it from her profile just a few days ago. If you are so keen on this story, please visit this author.

http :// www. fanfiction. net/ u/ 1449541/

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Moreover, I would like to apologize to Agni for getting her into trouble. She had patiently borne all flames and comments about Enchanted without complaining to me while I was trying to decide whether to let her continue the story. I should not have gotten her involved since she was very reluctant to take this on.

I also apologize to all my readers. I am not in a position to complete any of my stories and I know I frustrates everyone but sometimes life takes priority over everything else.

If anyone wants to take over my plots, they are welcome to do so. Please inform me first so that this mess does not happen again and be person like Agni does not get into trouble because of it. I would not have given it to her if others had been willing to complete it.

Thank you for your time and concern,