A/N: Wow, I haven't posted anything here in awhile. I hope my writing has improved since then. Anyway, this is the first Yu-gi-oh fic I've written in...oh, over a year or so. Please enjoy it!

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Kaiba never used to dream. Heck, he was practically living everyone else's. He was riding a wave of economic success, not to mention he was still a young man. A man who could own anything, buy anything. The envy of all those unfortunate enough to be someone other than him.

So why would the man who had everything waste his time dreaming? Selfish, silly boy. It went against everything that was involved in business. Don't dream for anything you can't buy; that's what many other high-ranking corporate businessmen would have said.

And yet, Kaiba started to dream. Not a literal dream; more like a goal. To beat one Mutou Yugi, or rather, the Other Yugi, as he found out later. The other boy wasn't rich, wasn't famous, didn't have anything remotely close to the economic dream. And yet, Kaiba wanted something that he had.

But when the Other Yugi left, Kaiba seemed to abandon that dream. It was strange; the title had simply been passed on, not taken with. He could have continued to pursue it, but he gave up on it. Kaiba didn't understand it himself, so he shut out such useless thoughts and concentrated on making profits appear.

Then he realized that he had literally started dreaming. He never used to dream, but now when he slept, he would see images that would be blurry but memorable in the morning. He would remember sand and bronze skin and incoherent mumbling that was meant to be a conversation. Somehow, all the dialogue exchanged came across clearly in his mind.

Somewhere along the way, Kaiba found that he wanted these things. He wanted a partnership that wasn't only for business relations and the company. He wanted moments of quiet with someone; just some time to talk about anything they could come up with. During the day, he longed for the feel of a hand placed gently in his, though the feeling in his dreams was most certainly imagined. Yes, Kaiba found that he wanted these things, but he also discovered that he wanted them from only one person.

Now Kaiba wants nothing but to dream.