By: Aesop

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Writing my crossover between Stargate and Lilo and Stitch was a lot of fun, and it gave me some ideas, spurred on by one of my reviews. I'm writing a series of short crossover one-shots using TV shows, movies, books, anime, whatever occurs to me. Some will be silly, some will be serious, and some will just be strange. I'm open to requests, as well but can't make any promises. I'll list one of the elements of the crossover and leave it to you to guess the other. The first to provide the right answer will get a gilded NO-PRIZE.

Finally, I don't own any of the characters I'll be using and earn no profit by this.


X-OVER between Pokemon and ?

Pulling himself from the stream, Nim looked around. It was quiet, save for the sound of the wind and a few small animals and insects. There were green growing things everywhere. In some ways, it reminded him of the lands around his hatching place. A wavering note of the Song that was half sorrow and half irritation escaped him, and he shoved the memory of home and the two-legs that had raised him aside. For reasons he did not entirely understand, he wasn't welcome there anymore.

The stream ran through a quiet wood with many unfamiliar creatures in it. A good meal, made from a weird looking red fish, had left him in need of a nap, and the flat, sun-warmed rock by the stream was inviting. Best of all, there was neither sound nor scent of the two-legs. He curled up, tucking his tail under his head and let himself drift off.

Some time later, the sound of voices awakened him. He understood the two-legs speech but rarely understood what they were speaking about. They had so many strange ideas, and became agitated so easily. Nim clearly remembered the three that had shared the hatching place with his two-legs, and winced at the memory of the sound the younger female had made whenever she saw him. Then there was the large male with the false claw that had chased him. And why had the older female gotten so upset over the hole he had dug in the floor? She hadn't been the one who fell through it, after all.

He debated whether or not to just slip away, but wondered if one of the voices approaching might belong to his two-legs. The voices sounded young. A purr escaped Nim at the prospect, a prelude to a song of welcome. A moment later, three two-legs hatchlings came through the bushes onto the grassy bank and stopped. The purr trailed off, ending in a mournful note. His two-legs was not among them. Dropping his head to rest on the rock, he let out a sigh.

Disappointed though he was, Nim didn't drop his guard. The hatchlings posed no real threat to him. None of them carried the strange false claws the two-legs favored, but they were still much larger than he.

The sight of a potential meal perked him up. It was perched on the shoulder of one of the two-legs. Yellow fur with dark stripes covered a body that was only slightly larger than its own. A good meal if he could get it away from the two-legs.

They were talking. He only half listened, having realized early on that much of the noise the large creatures made was, if not meaningless, at least not important. It was clear that he was the topic of conversation, though. One of them was waving a small object at him and he readied himself in case it should prove to be some new kind of false claw.

A moment later, though, the two-legs put it away making excited noises. Then he said something that was both clear and important. "I'm gonna catch it!"

That wasn't good.

Much to his surprise, the young male didn't rush him but instead, spoke to the creature on his shoulder. "Go get'im Pikachu!" It jumped from his shoulder and ran forward, stopping a few feet away to issue a challenge. At least, Nim assumed it was a challenge. The words, if that was what they were, were strange, but the tone was unmistakable. What did surprise him was the power. The creature was crackling with energies very similar to his own. Perhaps this wasn't prey. Perhaps, despite their obvious differences there was some sort of kinship.

He began to sing to it of curiosity and caution, but the two-legs interrupted.


The attack enveloped Nim, cutting him off in mid-note. He was more surprised than injured at the nature of the affront. That was just rude!

His answering burst of power caught the creature, Pikachu, apparently, by complete surprise.

"Piiiikkkaaachuuuu!" It collapsed into a shuddering heap, moaning. Nim sang a single note to convey his displeasure at the stranger's lack of manners and then, for the benefit of the two-legs, raised a foreleg and made one of the gestures he had learned from watching their kind, before turning away and slipping back into the stream.


Ash started to run to Pikachu's side but stopped in his tracks when he saw what the strange pokemon did. That's a first, he thought, staring after it in disbelief. Brock and Misty slowly came up beside him, as much at a loss for words as he was.

"Ash?" Misty finally asked in an incredulous tone. "Did that pokemon just… flip you off?"