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The twenty-year old Cagalli Yula Athha was walking home from the groceries. AS she walked home, she saw many couples passing by and having fun.

She saw her friend, Miriallia Haw having a date with Dearka Elsman.

"Who'd thought that they'd end up together" Cagalli said "At least, she has moved on and gave Elsman a shot"

Cagalli sighed and continued to walk home. She thought of her first boyfriend, which she went out with during her high school days…


Cagalli was still a fifteen-year old freshman. She was rich, smart, talented and popular. She was dating one of the richest people in the city, his name was Yuuna Roma Seyman.

He wasn't as rich as Cagalli or even smart or talented. He was just plain popular because of his money like Cagalli.

Cagalli was on her way to meet Yuuna at a five star restaurant because of this 'rich only' party. She got a drink before approaching Yuuna.

"Yuuna!" Cagalli called, but he didn't hear her.

Instead, he was talking with a bunch of other aristocrats.

She heard him say that he wasn't serious with their relationship and that he's only going out with her was because of her money.

Cagalli fumed in anger! How could she be so gullible to believe that money-hungry prick!

She stomped her way to him angrily, almost breaking the glass filled with mango shake.

"Oh, hi!" Yuuna said plastically "hunny bunny"

"Don't hunny bunny me!" Cagalli yelled angrily "You insolent prick!"

Cagalli poured her drink all over Yuuna's expensive silk outfit.

"My clothes!" Yuuna panicked "B!"

"Don't dare insult me!" Cagalli punched Yuuna on the face and blood came out from his mouth.

"Fu---" Yuuna was cut off by Cagalli who kicked him on his 'crown jewels'.

"Son of a b!" Cagalli yelled "Cross paths with me again and I'll do more than a kick on your ass, f!"

Cagalli left for home. While a bunch of aristocrats laughed at Yuuna.


"Men…" Cagalli murmured.

Then she saw Stellar, her one and only sister. Stellar was younger than Cagalli by two years. How Cagalli envied her, Stellar found her soul mate when she was a freshman in high school and now, they're engaged.

Shin Asuka Zala, Stellar's fiancé, would always visit her and bring her different kinds of flowers every single day.

"You're one lucky girl, sis" Cagalli smiled a bit "I envy you so much"

Cagalli continued her walk home, looking down sighing as she remembered her other boyfriend.


Cagalli was a sixteen-year old junior. Still rich, popular, smart and talented.

She was in a relationship with a guy named Ahmed. He was clearly much better than Yuuna.

Ahmed came calling her "Cagalli!"

"Yes, Ahmed?" Cagalli replied.

"Hey, I was wondering if it's be okay if I'd meet you at D'kyross Bar later?" Ahmed asked.

"Um, sure?" Cagalli answered.

Ahmed hugged Cagalli "Great!"

Later, an hour after classes had ended; Cagalli went to meet Ahmed at D'kyross. She went in the bar and saw Ahmed, Ahmed waved at her to come over.

Cagalli walked towards Ahmed and sat beside him. He was with some of his friends, Cagalli didn't min at all, since she was pretty close to a few of Ahmed's friends.

A while later, Cagalli excused herself, she needed to go to the bathroom.

When she came back from the bathroom, she saw Ahmed making out, lip locked, tongue's connected, getting heated up with a brunette.

She was shocked, angry, sad, jealous and confused. He was cheating on her! He was just stick up plastic like Yuuna!

She left the bar, leaving Ahmed to get more heated up with that brunette.

The following day, Ahmed was given the card. A card of green color, in other words, known as the card.

The card was given by the school to a student in a sign that he or she has been expelled. Most school's won't do those things but when the school is part owned by a wealthy family, then whom ever the owner says should be expelled will be expelled.

Cagalli was behind everything, she hated Ahmed for cheating on her. When Ahmed enrolled up for other school's in the city, he couldn't get in on one of them since Cagalli's family owned most of it.

Ahmed tried other school's that the Athha's didn't own but being rich had it's advantages. The Athha's were quite political, which meant they had lots of friends around the world an around the country.

Some owning forty percent of the school's in the city.

And Ahmed was the last she had ever dated.


"B+…" Cagalli muttered.

She fished out her house keys from her pocket and opened the door. She went in and got changed into her house clothes.

She then prepared dinner for Stellar and her.

It was already around six thirty in the evening, Stellar was walking home with Shin…

"Really?" Stellar said "You mean your brother is coming for a visit?"

"Yep!" Sin replied happily "He isn't just visiting I guess, but who knows what the idiot would do"

"When would he come?" Stellar asked.

"Tomorrow" Shin said smiling "Hey, you haven't met him yet, right?"

"Nope, I haven't" Stellar said sadly "Why?"

"Well, maybe e can have dinner at your place when he comes." Sin suggested "I mean, if that's okay with you and your sister"

"Don't worry, its fine. Cagalli wont mind" Stellar smiled "I can't wait to meet your brother! His name is Athrun Zala, right?"

"Yep! My one and only bro!" Shin said "Too bad, he's older than me!"

"I don't think so…" Stellar replied.

"OH! What's his age again?" Stellar asked excitedly.

"Um, twenty five, why?" Shin asked.

"Maybe we can introduce him to Cagalli!" Stellar suggested.

"Hey, that would be a great idea! My bro hasn't been dating for a while and he was an un-lucky love too!" Shin said getting in to the mood "He dated a few girls at the past, but they all turned bad. He has a fan girl club but he is still unlucky!"

"Maybe he wont be when he meets sis!" Stellar said.

"And maybe Cagalli wont have to be alone anymore!" Shin said.

"YEAH!" Both said together cheering.


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