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Athrun drove as fast as he could to the airport but was caught up by a traffic jam.

"Dammit!" Athrun cursed as he pounded his hands on the steering wheel "Cagalli!"

At the hospital, Stellar and Shin had been moved directly to another room, but this time they didn't share one room. They were on separate rooms already, Stellar on room 405 and Shin on room 406.

Stellar was alone inside room 405 at the moment, but someone suddenly knocked on her door.

"Come in" Stellar said softly.

Then the door opened silently and was closed silently after the visitor entered the room completely. The visitor was none other than Yuufa, Stellar's eyes grew wide as she saw her visitor.

"Yuufa, I thought you went with Ms. Murrue to take care of Yuuna's ehem, left overs" Stellar said.

Yuufa had her head down the whole time and didn't even reply to Stellar.

"Is there something wrong, Yuufa?" Stellar asked.

"Please, Stellar" Yuufa said sadly and with regret "Don't call me Yuufa that after all isn't my real name. I was only given that name by Mrs. Seyman."

"Oh, then what should I call you then?" Stellar asked kindly, not angrily or sadly but she spoke so kindly and so softly to Yuufa that as if she had already accepted the fact that Yuufa was her sister and that all that Yuufa had done never happened.

"Ruby is my given name, Stellar" Yuufa/Ruby replied.

"Oh, I'm sorry then, Ruby" Stellar apologized.

"No, Stellar, you don't need to apologize to me" Yuufa/Ruby replied "I'm the one who should apologize to you, I had hurt you. I caused all this to happen, if I had known before about Yuuna's plans of murdering you then… I wouldn't have…" Tears fell from Yuufa's eyes as she spoke to Stellar.

"Yuufa, everyone can make mistakes" Stellar said as she got up from the bed and walked to Yuufa.

"My mistakes are unforgivable, Stellar" Yuufa cried as she fell to her knees "I almost killed you and Shin, I ruined your life! Now, it is my fault that Shin isn't able to walk…"

"Yuufa, it is true that you almost got Shin and I killed," Stellar said as she knelt down beside Yuufa "But I am alive, Shin is alive. We are both alive, mistakes are forgiven. You might've made me sad sometimes before, but you've also made me happy once before."

Yuufa looked up at Stellar "What do you mean?"

"Yuufa, ever since before in high school, you made me laugh" Stellar replied "You were a challenge, an obstacle in my road. You, trying so hard to beat me made me strive harder. And for that, I was happy since you helped me, I was thankful of you."

"I always looked up to you, Yuufa" Stellar continued as she hugged Yuufa "I wanted to be as hard working and determined as you are. I wanted to be brave as you are, I wanted to be like you. I opened we could've been friends but there was a wall that blocked us from ever being friends"

"And that wall was Yuuna, he controlled you. I know. I felt it somehow, Yuuna would hurt you. I won't become your friend, Yuufa" Stellar said.

Yuufa remained silent she knew this was coming. Stellar would kick her ass out of the room and probably beat her up the next time they'd see each other again.

"I won't be your friend, Yuufa. Because we are never friends, we are more than that"

That's right, enemies. Yuufa prepared for the worse in Stellar's grip on her.

"We are sisters, I'm going to protect you, my dear sister" Stellar said caringly "I won't let anyone hurt you any longer, as long as you are with me, you are safe"

"Stellar!" Yuufa cried on Stellar's chest as Stellar hugged her tightly "I'm so sorry, I never… I never meant to do those things to you! I'm sorry!"

"Shhh, just let it all out, Yuufa" Stellar said.

Somewhere in ORB…

"Dearka, let's head for the airport!" Mir said.

"What?" Dearka asked.

"We have to get to the airport! I'm afraid if Athrun wouldn't make it in time!" Mir said worriedly "I have a plan, Dearka. If it works then Cagalli would be safe and Yuuna would be placed behind bars!"

"If you say so" Dearka replied.

"Oh, thank you so much, Dearka!" Mir exclaimed as she pecked Dearka on the cheek.

Then Dearka drove as fast as he could to the airport using the shortcut.

Athrun was still caught up in the traffic jam and decided to just run to the airport even if it was a long distance run, it would've been better than just to sit and wait for the traffic jam to end.

Athrun got out of his car and ran as fast as he could. He didn't care about how many people he had bumped into, he didn't care about the curses they yelled at him or if he stepped on crap which he didn't if you're wondering. He didn't care about anything else than to reach the airport on time.

Ten minutes later, Mir and Dearka arrived on the airport. And thanks to Mir, they were able to get in.

They spotted Cagalli sitting on one of the benches sadly beside the evil er… Yuuna.

"We can't get near her since that bastard is there!" Mir whispered.

"I've got an idea" Dearka smiled as he saw a random kid pass by "Yo, kid!"

The kid looked at Dearka and walked to him.

"Wanna earn 5 bucks?" Dearka asked.

"Sure, mister!" The kid excitedly replied.

"Well, here's what I want you to do, give this to that blonde lady over there" Dearka said as he scribbled something on a paper and handed it to the kid to give it to Cagalli "Tell her that it fell from her pocket"

"Okay, mister!" The kid smiled and walked over to Cagalli.

"Do you even have money, Dearka?" Mir whispered.

"I do, but I left it at home, you're paying that little brat" Dearka smirked.

"You're hopeless!" Mir slapped her forehead.

"Um, miss?" The kid called as he tapped Cagalli.

"Yes?" Cagalli replied.

"You dropped this paper" The kid gave it to Cagali and ran back to Dearka.

Cagalli got the piece of paper and unfolded it and read the message silently "Yo, Athha, tell that devil that you gotta go and do your 'business'. Proceed then to the girl's comfort room, Mir and I will meet ya there. BUSTER"

"Um, Yuuna, I need to go the comfort room for a while" Cagalli said.

"Yeah, okay, sure, but be sure to hurry our plane would be arriving soon and we've got to leave" Yuuna replied.

Cagalli went to the girl's comfort room and suddenly someone pulled her.

Cagalli saw Mir and Dearka and a kid kicking Dearka's foot.

"You said you'd give me 5 bucks!" The kid whined.

"Urgh, here you go, that's fucking ten bucks! Now, would you leave us alone?" Dearka exclaimed.

"What's a fucking ten bucks, mister?" The kid asked.

"It's money! Now leave us alone!" Dearka yelled and pushed the kid away.

"What are you guys doing here?" Cagalli asked.

"We're here to help. We can't possibly let you out of this airport since Yuuna would notice that and we aren't sure if he doesn't have any more of those bastards he has" Mir said "All we could do is help by stalling, Cagalli, once that plane arrives it departs after ten minutes, all you have to do is to get back to Yuuna after fifteen minutes of arrival of the plane"

"But still, that wouldn't make any difference" Cagalli replied coldly.

"It might or might not" Dearka replied "But it's gonna rain pretty soon, so if you miss this flight then wouldn't it give us more time to think up a plan to actually kick those bastard's asses?"

"Fine, but this better work!" Cagalli yelled and hid inside the girls comfort room.

Athrun ran to the airport, he was only twenty minutes away! He's got to hurry!

The plane had landed and still Cagalli didn't return, Yuuna grew impatient and got two of his men search for Cagalli. But five minutes later, they still didn't find Cagalli and the plane already left.

Mir went in the girl's comfort room.

"Cagalli, the plane has left earlier than schedule thanks to the awful weather" Mir informed happily "You could go out there already and of course act out to Yuuna that you are… you are… you are… you are sick and that you're sorry"

"Okay, but how is this helping? I'm still going to leave with Yuuba I mean Yuuna" Cagali asked.

"Well, if he finds out that you're sick he surely will reconsider and just leave another day" Mir replied "Now, go before they find you"

Cagalli went out of the comfort room and walked to Yuuna who was looking really mad.

"Where have you been?" Yuuna asked angrily.

"I'm sorry, I felt sick" Cagalli lied "Can we just please leave another day? I really feel sick…"

"I'm sorry to hear that but today is the last day of international flights for the holidays" Yuuna said bitterly "We have to leave today whether you like it or not!"

"But…" Cagalli protested but stopped when she felt one of Yuuna's evil bodyguards point a gun at her back.

"Protest some more and you'll die" Yuuna threatened "Shut up if you value your life"

Cagalli gulped and remained quiet.

"Good" Yuuna smirked "We will wait until the next plane will arrive, I don't care if it rains or not as long as we leave this retched place"

From a far…

"Looks like my plan failed!" Mir whispered to Dearka.

"Looks like they aren't leaving and that they'd wait for the next plane!" Dearka replied "We can't do anything now, if we'd go and charge at him, Cagalli might get into more trouble. We just have to wait for a miracle"

"I hope that miracle of yours thing would come true!" Mir sighed.

It started to rain, and the announcer announced something.

"I'm so terrible sorry to all the remaining passengers, but due to the weather, the next flight would be a bit delayed" The announcer said "But please don't worry, you all shall be boarding your planes later of the day. Just please have patience. Thank you for your kind consideration!"

Athrun as soaked in rain as he ran to the airport. When he got into the airport, he was met by five men that appeared to be Yuuna's evil bodyguards since they pointed their guns at him.

Athrun reached for the gun he brought along just in case, and shot one of the five evil men on both legs.

The man fell and Athrun shot another and another as the remaining evil men tried to shoot Athrun. But damn, Athrun's evasiveness skills were damn not so good that he got shot on the shoulder and somewhere on his leg.

But since he's leading in this fic, he still managed to walk… BARELY.

He shot down the five evil men and walked/ran as fast as he could to that place where there were a lot of bench thingies.

"Yuuna, please, can we just go? I really feel bad?" Cagalli lied.

"Shut the fuck up, woman!" Yuuna yelled but only enough for Cagalli to hear "We are leaving whether you fucking like it or not!"

Yuuna slapped Cagalli on the face really hard.

Athrun saw Yuuna slap (his dearly beloved) Cagalli, which enrage to him to kick Yuuna's ass.

"BASTARD!" Athrun yelled angrily at Yuuna which cause a lot of people to face him.

"Athrun!" Cagalli exclaimed.

"Athrun!" Mir and Dearka exclaimed.

"ZALA?" Yuuna exclaimed angrily.

"How dare you fucking slap her!" Athrun yelled as he slowly walked forward.

"It's none of your fucking business, Zala!" Yuuna yelled "She's MY fiancée! Not yours!"

"Get him outta my fucking sight you fucking idiots!" Yuuna yelled at his evil guards.

The guards charged at Athrun and tried to shoot him dead but Athrun quickly hid behind a pole so he didn't get shot.

"Dearka, you idiot! Help Athrun out!" Mir yelled.

"Oh, yeah! Right!" Dearka quickly got his gun and shot the evil guards down.

"Miriallia!" Athrun yelled.

"What!" Mir answered back.

"Get the people out! This could turn dangerous!" Athrun replied.

"Right!" Mir said and quickly informed some of the workers in that airport to get the people out of the building.

While Athrun and Dearka had a shoot out with Yuuna's evil men and while Mir and the other workers quickly got the civilians out of the building, Yuuna got his gun and pointed it at Cagalli.

"You are coming with me!" Yuuna pulled Cagalli's arm hardly and dragged her out to that place where airplanes land thing.

Both of them were soaked in the rain as Yuuna pulled her. Cagalli tried to pull her hand off of Yuuna's evil grip but he was too damn strong. But it did slow them down.

Mir ran back and saw Dearka shoot down the last evil guy. She saw a blonde and a devil er… a purple haired bastard er… purple haired guy out at that airplane landing place thing.

"Oh no!" Mir exclaimed "Yuuna's escaping with Cagalli!"

"What!" Both the boys chorused.

Athrun ran out and followed Yuuna and Cagalli while holding his gun. One of the evil men tried to aim at Athrun but Dearka shot him again.

"Bastard!" Dearka cursed at him.

Cagalli kicked Yuuna in the leg and that caused Yuuna to trip and let go of Cagalli's hand. Cagalli tried to run but Yuuna pulled her leg and she fell on the wet and dirty ground.

Yuuna stood up and still had a grip on Cagalli, he pointed his gun at her as he smirked evilly at Athrun. Athrun pointed his gun at Yuuna and was almost about to shoot him if Yuuna didn't had to open his big annoying unwanted mouth.

"Shoot me and I'll shoot her!" Yuuna yelled evilly "And also take a fucking step forward and this fucking bitch will get killed"

"Damn you!" Athrun cursed.

Yuuna didn't reply but laughed evilly.

"Let go of me you bastard!" Cagalli commanded.

"Say another word and your fucking boyfriend over there is gonna get killed!" Yuuna yelled on her ear.

Yuuna was coking Cagalli with his arm being around her neck and all, Cagalli bit his arm an was able to be free from his death grip. But Yuuna kicked Cagalli hard on the back that caused her to fall on the ground face first.

"FUCKING BASTARD!" Athrun yelled as he shot Yuuna somewhere on the chest.

And on the same time, Yuuna sot Athrun. But Athrun's bullet had reached Yuuna first on the chest near the heart, Yuuna wasn't able to aim right because of the rain, it blurred his eye sight and was only able to hit Athrun somewhere on his side (You know, the same side and same place where Cagalli shot Athrun on episode 24: The War For Two on the Seed series).

Yuuna fell on the ground is shirt stained with blood (BWAHAHAHAHAHA! IE YOU EVIL PRICK! DIE!). Athrun ran to Cagalli and flipped her carefully.

Athrun shook Cagalli a bit hard so that she may wake. Cagalli slowly opened her eyes and the first thing she saw was Athrun.

"Athrun…" Cagalli whispered so lowly but Athrun could hear it despite the noise of the rain.

"Cagalli, it's alright now, he's gone… You're safe…" Athrun assured as he hugged her tightly..

Cagalli started to cry and Athrun could hear it.

"Cagalli, what's wrong?" Athrun asked worriedly.

"I'm sorry, Athrun" Cagalli cried "I have only noticed it today that I have fallen madly crazy in love with you"

The both of them (Finally, I would say if I weren't the authoress of this fic) shared a passionate kiss.

Inside the building, the police arrived (Late as usual!) and was met up by Mir and Dearka. Mia was with the group of police men that arrived and so was Stellar, Yuufa, Shin on a wheel chair, Rey, Luna, Meyrin, Kira, Lacus, Murrue, Mu, Andrew, Aisha, Talia, Myrna and hell, even Natarle was there.

"What are all of you guys doing here?" Mir asked.

"Mia told us about that shoot out that happened here" Murrue replied.

"Stellar and Yuufa contacted us all and we all decided to come just incase" Natarle added.

"Well, everything's fine now. Well, that is inside here." Dearka answered 'But we're not so sure at the back, Yuuna, Athrun and Cagalli are out there, and we couldn't leave this place thanks to these bastards!" Dearka pointed his gun at the evil men.

"Cagalli!" Stellar exclaimed and ran out.

"Stellar!" Yuufa called as she pushed Shin's wheel chair towards the big doors.

And everyone followed them.

Stellar gasped at the sight she saw, and the others too as they saw the sight Stellar saw.

"Get Yuuna out of here" Mia instructed the police.

The police walked over to Yuuna slowly.

Cagalli's eyes closed and Athrun collapsed on top of her. Both fainted on the spot.

"Where's the ambulance?" Stellar yelled.

Then a stretcher came with two male people pushing it.

"We've got two injured people here, bastard!" Shin yelled.

Then another stretcher came, one stretcher carried Cagalli and the other Athrun.

The group turned around to head back to the hospital but suddenly, Yuuna yelled. And shot aimlessly at one of the group.

"Yuufa!" Stellar cried as Yuufa fell on the ground.

Mia quickly turned around after she heard the sound of the gun being fired and shot Yuuna twice on the chest, straight at the heart.

"Quick! Bring her to the ambulance!" Talia ordered.

Mu carried Stellar and brought her to the ambulance.

The following day (December 21), at the hospital, room 407, everyone was gathered at the large room.

Athrun was laid down on the bed near the window and Cagalli was on the center and Yuufa nest to Cagalli.

Yuufa was the first to wake and Stellar was beside her.

"Sister…" Yuufa whispered.

"Shhhh, Yuufa, it's going to be alright" Stellar assured "All our problems are gone now, Yuuna has died after he shot you"

"I'm glad that I can live peacefully…" Yuufa said softly.

Then suddenly, Yuufa's stomach grumbled.

"It um, seems that I am hungry… Ehehehehe…" Yuufa sweat dropped.

Stellar giggled at Yuufa while the other held in their laughter but when Stellar laughed out loud everyone joined her including Yuufa.

"Don't worry, Rey, Luna and Mey-Mey bought some fruit cake" Stellar laughed.

"Great!" Yuufa replied "I'm dying to grab a bite of cake!"

Hours later, Cagalli and Athrun woke up and of course was greeted by everyone. Apologized by Yuufa, cursed by their siblings, slapped friendly-ly by Mu and Andrew (Athrun), hugged to death by Aisha, Murrue and Talia (Cagalli), teased by Luna, Meyrin, Mia, and (surprisingly) Rey, laughed at by Kira and Lacus.

The following day, they were all able to go home. It was already late at night and everyone at the Athha mansion were asleep.

Cagalli heard her window open and thought it was a burglar so she got a base ball bat that she hid beside her bed and slowly stood up from her bed holding the bat as if it was a weapon.

The lights suddenly turned on, the stranger was in front of Cagalli! And to Cagalli's shock, she hit the stranger hard and after a few seconds of shock, Cagalli noticed that the stranger/burglar guy was ATHRUN!

Athrun rubbed his head and looked at Cagalli playfully angrily.

"I'm so sorry!" Cagalli apologized "I thought you were a burglar or something!"

"You are very well defensive, princess" Athrun joked.

"Don't call me that!" Cagalli yelled angrily "You come late at night barging into my room—mmmph"

Athrun pulled Cagalli into a deep passionate kiss and obviously silencing her. The bat slipped off Cagalli's hand as Athrun kissed her.

Athrun pulled away and looked at Cagalli lovingly in the eyes.

"You know, I didn't come only to kiss you" Athrun said.

Cagalli looked confusedly at him when Athrun knelt in front of her and fished out something from his pocket.

Cagalli's eyes widened when she noticed that Athrun pulled out a small velvet box from his pocket, she noticed what Athrun was about to do.

"Cagalli Yula Athha, will you…" Athrun stuttered "Will you marry me?"

Cagalli smiled happily and hugged Athrun causing them to fall on the floor. And she kissed him on the lips.

"I guess that's a yes then?" Athrun smiled.

"Of course it is you dummy!" Cagalli smiled.

At Stellar's room, she and Yuufa were still wide awake playing cards.

"See I told you he'd propose tonight!" Stellar joked.

"Nah-uh! It's already 1:05 am! It's already morning/dawn" Yuufa said "I won the bet! Yes, I get a thousand bucks! WHOO!"

"Gah… I'm so bad at this!" Stellar slapped her forehead playfully.

"And I'm so good at this!" Yuufa cheered.

Yuufa already lived with Stellar and Cagalli, and of course, Cagalli has already forgiven Yuufa and Shin also. So Yuufa was living with Cagalli and Stellar, and still, everyone was so used to call her Yuufa rather than Ruby that they declared that Yuufa would be her name from now on, Yuufa Louise Athha.

And on December 24, Dearka, Mir, Mia, Rey, Luna, Meyrin, Murrue, Mu, Andrew, Natarle, Talia, Aisha, Kira and Lacus went to the Athha mansion to spend there Christmas there.

And on Christmas Eve, Cagalli and Athrun told everyone the big news that they were engaged. Everyone had a great Christmas, and on that Christmas Eve, it started to snow.

And everyone knows the rumor, that a couple who is together when the first snowflake falls will live a happy life together forever and will never be separated.

A month later, Shin was able to walk again. When he was able to run again, he burned the wheel chair as a sign that he was able to walk again and he also treated everyone for dinner.

On the month of February, a double wedding was held. Shin and Stellar's wedding and Athrun and Cagalli's wedding, being held on the same day at the same church and at the same time. The date was February 14. And every one of their friends was invited.

During the party after, Stellar told Shin that she was pregnant for two weeks now. This made Shin so happy that he got drunk because of all the happiness and even forced Mia's doggy to drink wine!

Mia got angry at Shin for letting her doggy drink wine! But they settled the small argument at the end of the party.

The two companies were united but the company wasn't handed down to Stellar and Shin or to Yuufa since they were too young, according to Athrun and Cagalli of course.

Shin, Stellar and Yuufa were even glad that they didn't get the responsibility to take care of the LARGE company.

On that same day, Dearka proposed to Mir and obviously Mir was so happy that Mia's doggy got another bowl of wine!

A few days later, Lacus told Kira that she was pregnant and boy, Kira was sure happy that he got Mia's doggy drunk!

A month later, Cagalli got pregnant and when Athrun heard the news, he called everyone to celebrate and of course, Mia's doggy got three more bowls of wine!

Four months later, Dearka and Mir got married. And as always, during the celebration, Mia's doggy got 5 more bowls of wine!

Four months later, Stellar gave birth to a healthy baby boy which they named Hein (No, it's not Heine Westenfluss!). And a few weeks later, Lacus gave birth to a baby boy, they named it after Kira but of course it sounded strange to Cagalli that she suggested to call the baby Akira instead of Kira. Also, a few days after Lacus gave birth, they threw another celebration inviting all their close friends and that Mia's doggy got more wine! Mir also told Dearka that she was pregnant! And more wine to the dog!

Five months later, Cagalli gave birth to twins! Two girls at that! The oldest by five minutes was named Nathallia, she had blonde hair like Cagalli but green eyes like Athrun. The other daughter which was younger to Nathallia by five minutes was named Annalese.


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