Missed Calls

by Marik's Dark Queen

Summary: "ring, ring" Have you ever wondered what message would you hear if you called the YuGiOh people?

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Ring ring…

"You have reached the phone of the great pharaoh of Egypt Atemu. If you are a murderous psycho trying to take over the world then I'll tell you that there is no point 'cause I will stop you, if you are grandpa then let me remind you that I'm old enough not to be home by 9 o'clock and if you are Yugi then I love you!"

"You have reached the phone of Ryou Bakura. I can't talk to you now probably because I'm watching cartoons or drawing nice pictures with ponies. Please leave me a nice message full of love and happiness!"

"You have reached the phone of Yami Marik. How dare you call me! Die! Leave me a message with your screams."

"You have reached the phone of Yami Bakura. If you have anything expensive that I could steal then call me back or leave your address in a message."

"You have reached the phone of Marik. If you want to become a Rare Hunter press #1. If you are Ishizu press#2 if you're a future victim press #3."

"You have reached the phone of Yugi. Hi friend! Do you want to be my friend? Will you get me a new teddy bear? How about new pajamas with little dark magicians on them? If not then why did you call me!"

"You have reached the phone of Tea. I don't know who you are but I know that you are my friend. Because everyone is my friend! The spirit of friendship is everywhere! Woohoo!"

"You have reached the phone of Mai. Hey there stranger, it's Mai. Call me later for a very private talk, especially if you're Joey."

"You have reached the phone of Serenity. Big brother, is that you? I will always be there when you need me!"

"You have reached the phone of Seto Kaiba. If you are a fan girl don't bother to call again, if you call for the company then leave a quick message!"

"You have reached the phone of Ishizu. Don't leave a message because I already know what you want to tell me, like I already know who you are."

'There's no one to call anymore' Mokuba said and hang up the phone.

The End!

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