Chapter 32 - A Happy Ending

Jude: "Tommy this is not fair." she said not knowing where he was taking her or seeing it for that matter. They stopped. Tommy walked up behind her and took his hand off her eyes. Jude couldn't believe what she saw. She looked at him, he nodded.

Jude: "Oh my God, you're serious?"

Tommy shrugged: "They say 'home is where the heart is' and our heart is at the studio so I thought why not kill two birds with one stone and buy a house close to work?" he said pointing to a beautiful two story house. It resembled Jude's old home. She couldn't believe it. He had bought a house, for them. He reached into his pocket and handed Jude a pair of keys. She smiled at him and overwhelmed him with kisses. Then ran to the door and burse inside. It was beautiful. Old cherry wood made up the floor. Jude stepped further inside. Two huge windows lookout out at the blue sky. A fireplace was to the right of her. She couldn't believe she was this happy. She walked up and down, left and right. Tommy watched her in bewilderment. He had never seen her this excited.

Two weeks later Jude's and Tommy's house was fully furnished and they were back at work. Jude sat on the couch trying to compose a decent song, Kwest tried helping Tommy with a new beat but was fed up and threw his hands in the air.

Kwest: "I quit, man."

Jude and Tommy both snapped their heads towards Kwest. Tommy looked puzzled.

Kwest: "You have no idea what you're doing, do you?"

Tommy looked at Kwest as if he had three heads.

Kwest: "Man, we've been in this studio for three straight hours and we're got nothing done. Wanna know why? Cuz all you've been doing is looking at Jude."

Jude smiled to herself and turned back to her notebook. Tommy smiled.

Tommy: "I can't help it." he said and walked over to his wife. The two of them started to cuddle. Kwest just walked out and left them alone. They both broke out in laughter. Tommy kissed Jude lightly and stroked her hair.

Tommy: "When are you meeting Kat?"

Jude looked at her watch: "20 minutes ago. I have to run." she said, jumped to her feet, kissed Tommy and ran out. Tommy's gaze followed her until she was out of sight.

Tommy: "Kwest, you can come back in. She left." he yelled.

Jude arrived at Kat's. The house was empty. Kat was sitting in the back yard. Jude looked at her best friend and nodded. Kat jumped to her feet and threw her arms around Jude. Both woman screamed, laughed and cried.

Kat: "And you're sure?"

Jude: "Yes, I'm 100 pregnant."

Kat: "Oh my God this is so exciting. Have you told Tommy, yet?"

Jude: "No, I was going to do it tonight which is why you can't tell anyone until he knows."

The two of them once again screamed and laughed. Hours later Jude made her way home. She knew Tommy was home already. When she entered through the doors she felt a pair of hands surround her and pick her up off the floor. She giggled as Tommy turned her around and kissed her softly.

Tommy: "I missed you." he whispered and carried her over to the couch by the fireplace. Jude noticed all the lights were turned off and only the fireplace was lit.

Jude: "I missed you too." she said and kissed him as he climbed on top of her. His lips moved down to her neck and Jude remembered what she had to tell him. She pushed herself up a little. Tommy was looking at her right now, confusion in his eyes.

Jude: "Tommy, there's something I have to tell you."

Tommy: "What? Are you Ok?"

Jude: "Yes, I'm fine."

Tommy kissed her once more: "Than what is it?"

Jude didn't know how to tell him, instead she took one of his hands and placed it over her stomach. Tommy looked at her puzzled until the light bulb above his head went on.

Tommy: "Jude, you're-" she nodded. There was silence. Jude anticipated his reaction. She shifted a little in order to be able to see his face better. When he came into view she saw tears leaving his eyes. He kissed her passionately never taking his hand off her belly. She felt overjoyed and loved. They both cried in each others arms.

Tommy: "Judeā€¦.I-"

Jude: "I know. I'm scared too, but we're together."

Tommy: "Nothing else matters. I will always be here for you."

Jude: "I know. I trust you." she whispered. They both stayed quiet until Tommy broke the silence.

Tommy: "I'm going to be a father." he whispered.

Jude: "Yeah, and I'm going to be a mom." she said smiling. They kissed and Tommy lowered himself down to Jude's belly. He put his hand on her stomach and closed his eyes. It was dark and quiet. The fire was burning and it was warm. Tommy's heart was racing although everything was calm. This was what he had always wanted, a family. A real family with Jude. Here he was after all the years and turbulences, they had survived and they were still standing. Happy. Together. For the first time in her life, Jude felt contend. This was the place where she was meant to be. In Tommy's arms, for now and forever.

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