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Summary: Meet Syaoran, a 22 year-old wanting a date. Now he gets his chance. He has to date three different moms and find the right daughter. Will he pick the right one? Or will he end up dateless again?

IMPORTANT: The CCS characters are OOC and it's AU. That means Nadeshiko is alive.

Mini Intro

"Last night was good. But my opinion on Kellie's daughter is not a good one. She sounds cute, but I strongly dislike the 'quiet' part. Anyways, today is day two and I'm pumped up for the next mom. Let's get the show on the road."

Second Mom

"How are you feeling?" Asked Sakura Kinomoto.

"Wonderful!" Her mother, Nadeshiko exclaimed.

Kinomoto Nadeshiko is 43 years old and still beautiful. She has bright emerald eyes full of life and long wavy purplish-grayish hair. She is the top model at Enchanted Dreams Studios with her daughter following her steps. Nadeshiko is the proud mother of two kids and has a loving husband. But, for now, she wants to get her daughter a boyfriend that she approves of.

"I have no idea why I agreed to this." Sakura sighed.

Nadeshiko sighed, "Sakura, sweetie, you're 20 and still single." She mother said.

Sakura shrugged, "So?" She asked.

"Sakura! Your pretty, athletic, smart, nice, neat and not to mention you have that wild side." She said while smiling at the 'wild side'.

Sakura groaned, "MOM! I love my bike, that doesn't mean I have a 'wild side.'" She stated.

Nadeshiko snorted, "Please honey, I saw you ride that thing. Crazy. You're lucky I didn't take it away from you." She said while having a battle with her hair.

Sakura stood up and went to her mother, and started fixing her hair for her.

"What kind of man do you want, honey?" her mother asked.

"I want him to be a hot, smart, strong, caring and if we have a relationship, I don't want him playing, using or cheating on me, then we end breaking up." She answered as she fixed her mother's hair.

"Wow. You have taste." Nadeshiko winked at her daughter.

"MOM!" She yelled as she turned red from embarrassment.

"What? I'm only being truthful.' Her mother said innocently.

Sakura just groaned again.

"So, do you have any questions from Mr. Mysterious?" Her mother asked.

"Yeah." Sakura said with a hair band in her teeth as she pulled her mother's hair.

"What is it?" Her mother looked at her in the mirror.

Sakura put the hair band in her mother's hair and grabbed the spray.

"I want to know, if he had a previous relationship, if not why?"

"If we do get into a relationship, will that get into the way if his things?"

"Does he have a wild side?"

At that question, Nadeshiko laughed.

"Does he ride?"

"You know what mom?" She asked her mother.

"What dear?" She asked getting worried.

"Now, that I think about it, I have a MILLION questions!" Sakura exclaimed with a panicky-angry look on her face. Then she groaned…again.

Her mother laughed at her daughter's expression.

"What happened to 'I have no idea why I agreed to this', hmm?" She asked with a mischievous look in her eyes. "It sounds like your VERY interested honey!" She said happily.

"Yeah I am- WHAT? HAPPY?" Sakura yelled.

Nadeshiko just laughed at her daughter and took the hair spray from her. Then the doorbell rang.

"MAN!" Sakura screamed.

"It looks like that my date is here." Her mother said in a singsong voice, with a taunting look on her face that says, "I have a date and you don't!"

Sakura screamed at her mom, then ended up laughing.

"Bye mom." She hugged her mother.

"Bye sweetie." Nadeshiko said as she returned the hug. Then before she walked out she said, "I'm gonna win my baby a boyfriend!" Then she closed the door laughing.

"MOM!" Sakura screamed at her mother and thought to herself, "Good luck mom, and win me a boyfriend." She giggled at that thought and left to go to the pool.


Nadeshiko came out laughing as Syaoran stared at her with a confused expression.

"I'm sorry, but I was making fun of my daughter. I'm Kinomoto Nadeshiko by the way." Nadeshiko said with a warm smile and her hand out.

"Li Syaoran, nice to meet you." He said with a grin as he shook her hand.

"So, where are we going?" Nadeshiko asked with the smile still on her face.

"We're going bike riding." He said with a smirk.

"Bike riding? You mean motorcycle, right?" She asked as she got in Syaoran's Lexus.

"Yup. Can you ride?" He asked as he drove.

"Yes, my daughter taught me." She said as she remembered her riding lessons with Sakura.

Syaoran only raised an eyebrow, but continued driving.

She taught her, huh? Interesting.

After thirty minutes, they arrived at the "Cycle Extreme Riding" bike center. Syaoran parked his car, and the both of them got out, picked a bike, and got their gear.

After about an hour of riding, they stopped to take a break. It's time to get to know the daughter.


"So, what's your daughter's name Kinomoto-san?" Syaoran asked.

"It's Nadeshiko, Li-san. Sakura Kinomoto, and she's 20." She said proudly.

"What's she like?" He asked, surprised that this women actually let him call her by her first name.

"Well, she has bright emerald eyes, long auburn hair, a model body." She said proudly and thinking "This man is right for my Sakura." She smiled.

"Model-like body?" He asked raising his eyebrow. "She probably doesn't." He thought.

Nadeshiko laughed at the disbelieving look on Syaoran's face.

"It's true, I'm a model, and my daughter is a model. She followed my footsteps. I'm proud of her." Nadeshiko sighed happily.

Syaoran nodded, accepting that answer but he still had his doubts.

"What's her personality?" He asked.

"Well, Sakura is very sweet. She's pretty, athletic, smart, nice, neat, VERY caring and not to mention she has a wild side." She giggled at the mention of wild side.

"Wild side?" Syaoran asked.

"Yes. You see, she can be a tomboy or girly-girl if she wanted." Nadeshiko laughed, while Syaoran chuckled.

"You see, Sakura is exactly like me, except for the tomboy part." She added.

"You mentioned that she taught you to ride. What's with that?" He asked remembering their mini conversation in the car.

"Yup. She has a bike at home. Custom designed. If I want anything from her and she declines, then I blackmail her with her bike." She laughed.

Syaoran couldn't help but laugh.

She sounds awesome.

"Is there anything you, or your daughter want to know about me?" He asked after he finished.

"Actually, now that you mention it, she had a couple of questions." Nadeshiko nodded.

"Then ask away." He said clearly interest written over his face.

"She wanted to know, if you had a previous relationship, if not why?" Nadeshiko said remembering her daughter's question.

Now, Syaoran was surprised. No other girl had asked him that before. Nadeshiko smiled at his expression and thinking, "Way to go Sakura."

"No, I come from Hong Kong, I was trained all my childhood through my teenage life, so basically I never had time for a relationship. But now that I own my company, I have time." He explained.

Nadeshiko nodded taking in the information given to her.

"She also asked, 'if we do get into a relationship, will that get into the way if his things?'"

Syaoran was surprised once again.

"No, like I told you before, I own my company, so I have more time." He stated again.

Nadeshiko shook her head.

"No, she meant, what if you suddenly get an important client on your date, what do you do?"

Syaoran was silent for a couple of minutes and once again Nadeshiko smiled.

"Well, that will be up to your daughter, I suppose, if she wants me to go or not, is up entirely to her." He finally said and was still unsure of that answer.

..: Whoa… I think I found my girl. :..

Nadeshiko giggled, "You're unsure, huh?" She asked.

Syaoran sighed, "Yeah. Sorry." He said.

"Don't be, I'm sure you'll figure it out when you get your girl." She said with a warm smile.

"Moving on, she asked, 'Does he have a wild side?' And 'Does he ride?"

Syaoran laughed at the fist question, but nodded.

"When it's a party, or when I'm having fun, then yes. As for the riding, yes, I love riding, as you saw today. But I ride in my free time, all the time." He said with a smile.

"Do you have any question for my daughter?" Nadeshiko asked politely.

"Yeah. What does she want in a boyfriend? I mean, what does she like as boyfriend material?" He asked finding a great interest in Nadeshiko's daughter.

"She said, and I quote her, 'I want him to be a hot, smart, strong, caring and if we have a relationship, I don't want him playing, using or cheating on me, then we end breaking up.' Personally, I'd say that's deep, I told her she has taste, but she only yelled at me with her red face." Nadeshiko and Syaoran both laughed.

"That is deep." Syaoran said smiling and thinking, "So, far, she's my number one choice."

Nadeshiko giggled and nodded.

"Well, I'd better get you home." Syaoran said while getting up and offering Nadeshiko his hand, which she accepted.


Syaoran walked Nadeshiko to her front entrance.

"I had a great time, and not to mention, I don't remember the last time I laughed that much." He said while smiling.

"No prob!" Nadeshiko waved her hand.

"But, if you're looking for a girl whose cute, caring and has that wild side to her, then I suggest you pick my daughter." She said when the garage door opened.

"Sakura?" Her mother called.


"YES! BUT COME BACK HOME SAFE AND EARLY!" Her mother yelled back. She turned back to Syaoran who had an interesting expression on his face.

"I suggest that you go now, before you see my daughter." She said with a smile, which was supposed to be a smirk in truth.

Syaoran only nodded dumbly and shot her a final smile and left.


With Syaoran

"Whoa…And I thought she was making up the modeling thing. But then again… she probably told her daughter to say that." Sigh. "I don't know what to think. Just one more date, then I pick her."


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