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Summary: Meet Syaoran, a 22 year-old wanting a date. Now he gets his chance. He has to date three different moms and find the right daughter. Will he pick the right one? Or will he end up dateless again?

IMPORTANT: The CCS characters are OOC and it's AU. That means Nadeshiko is alive.

Mini Intro

"Last night was…wordless. I had a lot of fun with Nadeshiko and I got to know a lot about her daughter Sakura. I also managed to get a sneak peek, if you want to call it that, of her. But you know what they say, you can't judge a book by it's cover so I'm not saying anything…yet. Today's my last date so I'll find out soon who I'm aiming for. Wish me luck!"

Third Mom

"Mom?" Asked a nineteen year old brunette with bright green eyes.

"Yes?" Replied a look-a-like who was frowning, busy debating on what's cuter, the pink shirt or beige tank.

"Can you please explain to me why you're doing this again?" Her daughter asked with a confused look for the umpteenth time this morning.

Her mother sighed and laid the article of clothes down on the bed and looked at her daughter who was laying on her stomach with arms and legs crossed and a slight pout on her strawberry colored lips.

"Honey…" Her mother replied in that soft tone that made her pout even more. "You're nineteen, all you worry about is the books. You're in a great college, you have great friends and I know you want to become something big…but this is you're time to shine brightly. Jade, I know you want to focus on school work, it's important I know, but you have to let it go for a bit and relax. Enjoy life the way it is. This is why I signed up for this. I heard the guy's a hunk." She winked at her daughter, Jade, and smiled innocently.

Her daughter sighed and nodded in understanding then got up and hugged her mother tightly, whispering a soft, "thank you mommy" and smiled brightly, making her eyes shine even brighter.

The sound of the door bell ringing interrupted the mother-daughter moment. Both females pulled apart with wide smiles on their faces then suddenly squealed with excitement. Jade pecked her mom on the cheek as her mother turned towards the door heading out. As she reached the handle, she stopped and asked, "Sweetie…what do you want in a man?"

"I want him to be FUN!" Jade managed to get out with all her unkept excitement.

Her mother laughed as she nodded her head, shot her beaming daughter a wink and sly smile then headed out with her head held high and on a mission.

A mission…to bring her baby a date…

…That she approves of course.


Syaoran stood outside in front of the door waiting for her date to come out patiently in his this rather…stylish choice of clothing. Today he wore a green stripped button up with the all buttons opened to reveal a wife beater underneath and sleeves rolled up to his elbows showing off his nice tan and great arms. Dark and faded jeans adored his long legs and a nice pair of shoes to top it off giving him a crisp, sexy look that makes all females, no matter the age, swoon at his mercy.

After a minute or two, his date appeared. A women around the age of forty with brunette hair and sparkling green eyes, making them look almost lime colored. She smiled warmly and held her hand out towards him, her eyes seeming to sparkle even brighter, if possible.

"Emerald Yin." She said pleasantly her smile never faltering.

"Syaoran Li." He replied as he shook hands with her with a grin.

She nodded and asked, "And where are we going today?"

Syaoran paused for a second before answering with a grin, "Soccer."

Emerald clapped her hands and nodded now grinning wide. "Let's do it!" She exclaimed.

Syaoran couldn't help but chuckle at her enthusiasm, leading her to his awaiting car.


…For the date of course.


After approximately, 30 minutes of driving, Syaoran pulled over, turned off the engine and stepped out. Emerald peered through her window first before stepping out of the car. She started looking around and saw that they were at a stadium before breaking into a grin.

"Ready?" Syaoran asked his date almost cautiously.

"More then ever!" Emerald beamed as they started walking towards the open stadium for an interesting "workout."

The couple played for an hour, competing against each other at the sametime having a blast.

All good things must come to an end.

…After all, it's time to get to know the daughter!

…NOT the mom.


"So, what's your daughter's name?" Syaoran asked, getting right down to business.

"Jade Yin." Emerald answered pleasantly taking a sip of her drink.

"What's she like?" Continued Syaoran, leaning back into his chair.

"Well," She paused for a bit then, "Jade is wild. She's a real fun person to hang out with. Jade is mature for her age, she's 19 and into her college studies. She prefers to deal with business first then have fun knowing nothings going to pull her back. Jade's got my eyes and hair and well younger body. People say that we're twins when we're out shopping" She finished with a smile.

Syaoran nodded, keeping everything said in mind. "Work then play. I like that in a girl." He said approving."

Emerald nodded with enthusiasm and flashed him a grin. "When I had asked her what she wanted in a man, she nearly screamed out 'FUN' at me!" She laughed at the incident only hours ago.

Syaoran couldn't help but chuckle, nodding to himself. He found his girl.

It was clear.

As her laughter died away, she give Syaoran the look-over and said, "It's rather shocking to hear you're single Li."

Syaoran blushed in embarrassment and managed to say, "I work all the time, so it's kinda hard to be in a relationship right then. But I have free time now so I'm trying to find myself a sweet girl." Without stuttering, surprisingly.

Emerald laughed again but nodded at his clear answer. "I understand, my husband is the same. He's on a business trip right now but will be coming home shortly so we can vacation." She finished with a wicked grin.

Syaoran chuckled at her childish behavior as she grinned in response.

He stood up and held his hand out, "Well, I should take you home before your husband kills me for stealing his lovely wife."

Emerald giggled and placed her hand on his.


They arrived in front of Emerald's house shortly.

"Well, this is were we depart. I strongly suggest you pick my daughter. She's a sweetie." Emerald said smiling warmly at the young male in front of her.

"Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. I had a great time." Syaoran stated like a true gentleman, bowing then flashing her a smile, heading towards his car, he waved before driving away.

Emerald stood in her front yard for about a good minute of two before breaking into a smirk. "I think I won him over. Tomorrow, my baby's coming home with a sexy man." she giggled, heading towards the door and her awaiting, anxious daughter.


Syaoran sat down on his bed with three files spread out labeled, Kinomoto, Yin and Smith. For the past half an hour or so, he's been flipping through the files, trying to figure out whose the best for him.



Or Jade?

Who was better?

Who did he have the most fun with?

But then again…

JUST because he had fun with the mom that doesn't mean the daughter's the same.

Syaoran groaned before tossing the files to the floor.

"What now?" He questioned himself.

More like…


Syaoran suddenly looked up and nodded to himself.

I want…her.



Errr….I'm back? ..;