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Summary: Meet Syaoran, a 22 year-old wanting a date. Now he gets his chance. He has to date three different moms and find the right daughter. Will he pick the right one? Or will he end up dateless again?

IMPORTANT: The CCS characters are OOC and it's AU. That means Nadeshiko is alive.

Mini Intro

Today's the big day.

Today's the day I pick the girl for me.

To say I'm not nervous would be an understatement.

I know the girls I don't get picked would get pissed off but that really and I mean really isn't my fault.

I want the perfect girl, I want things in common and at the same time, things not in common.

That is why, after a long and hard night, I came to the conclusion that I wanted her.

Who is she you might ask?


Her name is…

I Pick Her

Dressed in black slacks, green button up, and dress shoes, Syaoran is just made for perfection. Standing in front of his mirror, he checked to make sure that everything was in place and nothing was out. Nodding in approval, he walked out of his room and headed towards the door, not before stopping and grabbing his keys, then headed out and aiming straight for his destiny.

His destiny with her of course.

About 25 minutes of driving, Syaoran pulled over to a flower shop. Stepping out of his car and walking over to the door, ignoring all the sighs, whispers, looks and giggling thrown at him, he walked into the shop and released a breath he didn't know he was holding in.

"Meiling!" He called out looking for his raven headed cousin.

"Coming!" A feminine voiced answered before rushing to the front and nearly pouncing on her hot cousin.

"Syaoran! Woooow! You look hot! And just for me? Awwwe! That's so nice!" She teased with twinkling eyes.

Syaoran blushed and grunted in annoyance. "Meiling, you know why I'm hear so cut it out." He glared at her.

Meiling brushed his glare away with her "I'm-just-kidding-god" look causing her cousin to sweat drop and his blush to deepen. She squealed and bear hugged him. "You're soooo KAWAIII!!!"

He glared at his perky cousin and pushed her gently. Pushing all playfulness aside, he asked, "Did you get the flowers ready?"

She nodded and smiled, "One minute Syao-kuuuun!!" Then disappeared into the back of the store leaving Syaoran to glare at her retreating back and mumble something about "annoying sick too perky friggen cousin."

Moments later, Meiling appeared holding three bouquets of roses with a big grin on her face. "I took extra care with these here babies. I put my heart and soul in them." She nodded to herself in approve of her actions causing Syaoran to grin at his cousin.

He stepped up, took the bouquets of flowers of her and hugged her. "Thanks Mei. I owe you." He smiled.

Meiling nodded repeatedly with agreement. "Just come home with a date to introduce to us. And she better be pretty." She huffed and turned her head away snobbishly.

Syaoran laughed then grinned at her, waving good-bye he stepped out of the store with an aura of confidence.

"It's time." He whispered to himself as he drove away.


About an hour or so, Syaoran arrived at his final destination. Stepping out of the car he was greeted with a burst of welcoming air. Staring out he saw the blue ocean and colorful sky. A soft smile graced his face as he looked on. Seconds later that smile vanished and a frown was replaced. "What if she's not the one I want?" "What if she's nothing like her mother said?" "What if….?" What if thoughts probed his mind as he started to pace nervously.

A black limo pulled up causing Syaoran to snap out of his thoughts and inhale a shaky breath. Straightening up, he ran a hand over his messy hair causing it to become even more messier. Glancing at the calming ocean, he took another breath in and slightly forced a smile on his face.

One by one, three beautiful young women stepped out dressed in beautiful and possibly expensive dresses. One was dressed in a long silvery-blue dress, another in a soft emerald short, a few inches above the knee dress and finally another one in a red ankle length dress.

They stoop facing him with elegance and posture, soft smiles on their lips, nervousness all over their faces and bright eyes. Syaoran's forced smile disappeared as a true smile resurfaced. "Hey." He said causally.

He was greeted with a "hello," "hi" and a nod. Scratching the back of his head nervously, he said, "Well, I really don't know how to do this so please bare with me." After getting the responses he wanted, he continued, "As you may already know, my name is Li Syaoran. For the past days, I've been on dates with your mothers to see which one of you is the right one for me. I'm not trying to disappoint any of you who I don't pick because it was a hard choice even for me." The girls nodded in understanding yet their anxious faces stood still.

Taking a deep breath he turned to the woman with the long blue dress. "You must be Ally Smith." Ally nodded in excitement. "Your mom, Kelli Smith was my first date. We had a great time together. I got to know a little bit about you." He paused and took a shaky breath in, look up he saw Ally's anxious face, frowning inwardly he stated the best he can, "I'm sorry to say that you're not the one for me…" Ally's icy eyes widened as tears instantly formed and slowly made their way towards her cheeks. Syaoran winced and said softly, "I'm not the guy for you, trust me. Go find someone who can do better then me."

Sobbing, Ally nodded and ran to the awaiting limo. Syaoran sighed and looked at the two now frozen females. Running a hand through his hair again he started looking at the both of them. After what seemed like an eternity, his eyes landed on a pair of emerald eyes earning a gasp from her. Tears instantly formed as she stood there scared.

Looking her straight in the eyes, he said, "I'm sorry." Knowing exactly what he meant she took a step back in horror and made a mad dash to the limo tears streaking her cheeks.



OMG!!! Who is it??? Sakura or Jade??

-shakes head- Im sorry loyal SxS fans…

but it's Jade.


The final pair of eyes started back at him with wide eyes and a pale face. Syaoran glanced at disappearing red-clothed female and sighed before muttering, "Why is this so hard?"

A giggle interrupted his thoughts causing him to look up and meet with, surprisingly, another pair of emerald eyes. Auburn hair swaying with the wind and a soft smile on her pink lips. "Did I win?" She asked innocently.

Syaoran's breath got caught in his throat as he stared at the female in front of him. Nodding mutely, he reached for the forgotten roses and walked up towards her, handing her the roses, he smiled. "You're my date Sakura."

Squealing, Sakura nearly pounced at him, her eyes turning glassy as she tried to calm her furiously beating heart. Syaoran stood there with a surprised look before returning the hug willingly.

Nadeshiko popped out of nowhere and couldn't help but squeal. Startled the new couple pulled apart and found her staring at them with starry eyes. She ran up to Sakura and gushed, "My baby won!" Sakura blushed as her mother squealed again hugging her.

Syaoran chuckled at the sight before him making Nadeshiko turn her attention to him. Breaking the hug, she walked up to Syaoran elegantly and drew him in a hug. "Thank you Li-san for picking Sakura." She whispered. Smiling, Syaoran returned the hug and whispered, "Thank you for being my date."

Laughing out loud, Nadeshiko pulled away and smiled at the two. "I hope the best for the both of you. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a date." Sakura stared at her mom with horror making her giggle. "With your dad silly." Sakura released the breath she was holding in and glared at her mother who in return, walked away to an awaiting car laughing. Watching the car disappear from their sight and into the horizon.

The sun was setting causing a beautiful glow over the shimmering blue ocean. The couple turned around to watch the beautiful scene. Syaoran's eyes strayed from the scene and onto the female in front of him. Taking a chance, he moved closer to Sakura making her stare at him in confusion. Wrapping his arms around her petite waist, he drew her in closer and leaned towards her inviting lips. Sakura, in a daze, completely lost in his burning amber eyes, tilted her head up and met his lips in a soft and innocent first kiss.

Warm wind blew on the couple as if to encourage them. Water splashed as if it's excited and the sun casted a beautiful glow for them adding in a romantic atmosphere.

It started out as innocent dates with three mothers who where willing to take a risk and possibly gain something from it. Today two mothers and daughters went home in disappointment while the lucky one gets her first kiss taken from a man her mother approved off. Maybe it was fate. Maybe it was luck. It doesn't matter. Syaoran got the girl he was looking for and Sakura found someone interesting in looking for love.

What about you?

Have you found your love interest?



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