Luffy and his crew were all bored. Then they landed on Myaski Village.

"Where the hell are we?" Shouted Luffy

"Why don't you read that sign you dumb ass" Zoro asked

"I can't read!" Yelled Luffy

Why'll Zoro reads: Myaski VILLAGE

"It's the Myaski village" Said Zoro

"what's going on?" Asked Nami

"We landed in a Fucking village" Said Zoro

"What village?"


"Myaski?" Questioned Nami

"Yes" Answerd Zoro

"Ok" flutterd Nami

When they reached the Village and got out of the ship…Zoro and Nami go to a quiet place…

Nami hides in the trees

"Hey Sexy Beast" Said Nami to Zoro

"Who said that?" Asked Zoro

"Me, Tiger"

Zoro grabs Nami out of the tree…

"It's you hottie!" Said Zoro Sweetly

They both got closer and closer to eachother

"Your as hott as hell" said nami

" No ,You are" Zoro said

Zoro and Nami start to kiss….

"Wow" Said Zoro

"What?" asked Nami

"your kisses"


"Yes" Said Zoro

" Why do u say that?" asked nami

"I don't know" said zoro

" oh" said nami

They both sit by a tree and talk…

At the village…

"Im board" said Luffy

"Im gonna look for some pretty ladies" Said Sanji in a lovely voice

"Ok well good luck with that!" Said Luffy

"I WILL" Yelled Sanji

Zoro and Nami

Nami's POV

"It was Saturday December 10, When Zoro holded my waist and kissed me" I said

"Sunday :I lay down on the ground then when I woke up Zoro was on top of me with his shirt off"

"Then I started to move then he grabbed me and put his hand on my cheek and kissed me, How his sexy body was against my body"

" Then he kissed me in the neck an I felt a slivery felt on my tounge before I knew it Zoro was french kissing me"

" I went into the ship and then I changed into my outfit, then Zoro opened the door"

"He then grabbed my body against his an threw me on the bed"

"Then I was on top of him facing him, then he was French kissing me again"

" Then I ripped open his shirt"

"Then next I felt him laying against me and holding my breasts then slowly taking of my shirt"

"Then I knew it before"

This is sex

Me and Zoro are having Sex

"Before I knew it he took off my clothes and I took off his"

"Then I can feel me pushing against his body and he pushing against mine"

"This was sex it thought"