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Summary: This is the story of seven strangers picked to live in a house, work together, and have their lives taped. Find out what happens when people stop being nice and start getting real. Set in Pittsburgh

Characters: Trish Stratus, Amy Dumas, Stephanie McMahon, Chris Jericho, Randy Orton, Adam Copeland, and John Cena

Rating: T, but may change to M in later chapters

I don't own anything affiliated with the WWE or the Real World... though I wish I did

Chapter One: Getting to Know Each Other

Standing in front of Mellon Arena stood a tall redhead in black jeans and a red tube top with a fishnet long sleeved shirt over it. She leaned against her suitcases and looked around the almost deserted parking lot. She heaved a loud sigh and began to walk only to see someone with two suitcases rolling behind them coming her way.

"Are you my roomate?" The small blonde asked. The redhead stared at the girl in torn jeans and pink shirt before shrugging.

"Are you on the Real World?" Amy Dumas questioned as she looked over the girl standing before her.

"Yes, I'm Trish Stratus." She dropped her duffel bag she was carrying and held out her hand. Amy smiled at Trish who returned the smile.

"I guess we should get going then... I bet this house is going to rock." Amy tried to sound enthusiastic about this situation, but she was unnerved by the fact that she'd be away from Matt, her long time boyfriend, for so long.

"So... where are you from?" Amy asked, breaking the silence between the two as they sat in the back of a cab.

"Toronto. What about you?" Trish looked over at Amy and smiled. She didn't know what it was, but she felt a connection between them.

"I moved to Georgia about a year ago." The cab pulled to a stop in front of a large white building, and the girls hurried out of the car. They grabbed their things, with Trish having more than Amy, and walked up to the front door.

"I'm kinda nervous..." Trish mumbled as Amy fumbled with the key. Once the door was open they stood there in awe at the inside of the house.


A blonde haired guy sat on a bench in the park, looking around curiously. He had never been in Pittsburgh before, let alone the United States. Behind him a throat cleared and he jumped slightly, spinning to see who it was.

"Roomie!" He asked, jumping off the bench to face the brunette woman. She gave him a slightly scared look but nodded.

"Yes, I'm Stephanie McMahon." he held out her hand which Chris Jericho clasped inside of his hands and shook quickly.

"I'm so excited about this! I've never been t the United States before..." Chris looked around at the people and grinned happily.

"Congratulations..." Stephanie remarked. "What did you say your name was?"

"Oh, sorry! I'm just so happy to be here. I'm Chris Jericho from Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada." He grabbed his bags and slung his bookbag over his shoulder.

"Shall we?" He asked, holding out his arm to her. Stephanie stared at it for a second before they began to walk off towards the bus stop.

"...and when I find that groupie I'm gonna..."

"Just... stop, okay? This is very gross on my part, and I do not want to listen to you talk about how you're going to bang some random chick..." Stephanie held up her manicured hand with a disgusted look.

"Well So-orry" Chris apologized. "Are you rich? Because if youare, do you think you could lend me a few bucks?"

"Excuse me! I will not give you a few dollars! I don't know you, and frankly, I don't want to get to know you, you pig!" Stephanie huffed, turning away from him. Chris came up behind her and rested his head on her shoulder with a wide grin.

"Well, I think you are, because those," Chris pointed towards her chest, "look mighty expensive."

"I can't deal with this!" Stephanie shreiked before moving up a few seats on the bus. Chris furrowed his eyebrows and wondered what he did but decided to leave her alone before he got castrated by the infuriated brunette.


"Dammit, where the hell are my roomates?" Randy Orton growled from his spot in a barstool. He sat in a small diner and had a cup of Coke sitting in front of him. He took a sip and swallowed hard, tasting the watered down drink.

"Yo! Is you my roomie?" Randy heard a voice call. As he turned her knocked over his Coke which spilled onto th counter and floor.

"Fuck!" Randy grabbed a bunch of napkins and began to wipe up the spilled soda.

"Well, it looks like you is."

"ARE. It looks like you are." A tall blonde haired man said, walking up next to John.

"Who ARE you?" John annunciated on 'are', which caused the long haired guy to smirk.

"Adam Copeland, who are you?" He said, waiting for Randy to finish cleaning up the mess.

"John Cena, aspiring rapper." He then broke into a rhyme about how the Real World was going to be so much fun.

"Please, just STOP!" Randy begged. John gave im a "who the hell do you think you are" look.

"I'm Randy Orton, by the way." He introduced, grabbing his suitcae handle. He looked from Adam to John before smiling slightly.

"Let's go. I wanna get to this house, yo!" John ran outside, hopping around for a second before waiting for them.

"This is going to be a long three months..." Randy mumbled to Adam. They laughed before walking outside with their suitcases in hand. They began to walk down the street and saw the house coming into view. John ran ahead, pulling out a key as he went. Randy and Adam caught up and they all stood there for a moment before walking inside.

The house was two stories. It had a blue living room that was to the right of the door. On the far left was the kitchen. Next to the kitchen was stairs and a sign that said "CONFESSIONAL" hung above it. The kitchen was red and it had three stoves and a huge refrigerator. The sitting room was lime green with a pool table and Pac Man game in it. The room next to it had a door and inside was a jaccuzzi and a small pool. Upstairs there were three bedrooms. One was a hot pink, one was black, and the other was orange. There was also the phone room which was different shades of yellow.

"Is that our roomates!" They hears someone call. Then two women appeared from the stairs.

"It is!" Trish exclaimed, running over to them. Amy followed close behind, though not as excited. Trish went around and hugged every guy, a huge grin on her face.

"I'm Trish!" She waved and stepped back to look over them. First her eyes looked over Adam, then John, and then Randy.

"I'm Amy." She shook each of their hands, knowing that Matt would get pissed if she hugged them. After the introductions the two girls who were becoming friends showed the guys around.

Just as they were walking upstairs to the bedrooms Chris and Stephanie walked in. Stephanie looked disgruntled, while Chris was in shock. His mouth hung open and he ran around, jumping on the couches and chairs.

"Look at this!" He exclaimed, bouncing on the couch. Stephanie saw her roomates and waved.

"Hi, I'm Stephanie." She introduced shyly. They all went around saying their names before Chris joined them.

"I'm Chris from Winnepeg, Manitoba! I've never been to the United States before!" He then ran upstairs and gasped at the hot pink room.

"I want this one!" They heard him yell. Trish and Amy had claimed the orange room, saying it fit them well. Hearing that Chris had picked the pink room, the rest of the guys chpse the black room. That left Stephanie to room with Chris.

"I won't be in there anyway... I'll be with some chick!" He exclaimed when Stephanie yelled she couldn't. This seemed to calm her slightly and she went t put her things in her room.

"So... what do we do now?" Adam asked sa they sat around the living room. Amy and Trish had taken a seat on the love seat and were talking about lif back home. The more they talked the more they realized how much they had alike. Stephanie was sitting in a chair staring at the hideous carpet.

"We could go around and tell everyone about themselves." Randy suggested. Everyone agreed, figuring it was the best way to get to know each other.

"I'll go first." Amy cleared her throat and clasped her hands in her lap. "I'm Amy from Georgia. I have a boyfriend, his name is Matt, and we've been together for five years now. Um..." She looked at Trish who urged her to go on, "and I'm kinda nervous to be here, but I want to have fun so... yeah..." She felt the blush rising in her cheeks and ducked her head.

"My turn!" Trish called in a sing song voice. "I'm Trish from Toronto and I have two younger sisters. I kinda have a boyfriend, but not really. We're more "freinds with benefits" than boyfriend and girlfriend. Anyway, I'm twenty two and went to college and have a degree in interior design. Okay, who's next?" She asked, looking around the circle.

"I'll go." Stephanie said quietly. "I'm Stephanie, and I'm from Connecticut. My dad owns the WWE, and I have one younger brother. I'm twenty one, but I was married for a year. I divorced him because he was having an affair with my best friend." She looked down and felt someone patting her back. Looking over at Trish she gave her a smile and looked to the guys who hadn't said a thing.

"Okay... I'm Adam and I live in Tampa, but I was raised in Orangeville, Ontario. I got a degree in journalism and I was going to intern for the Tampa Times, but I chose to come here to Pittsburgh. My girlfriend Alanah and I are taking a break while I'm out here. Um... I'm twenty three and... yeah, go Randy." He smiled and leaned back in the couch, the neves in his stomach relaxing.

"I'm Randy Orton from St. Louis, Missouri. I have two younger siblings, and my dad as a profesional wrestler. I went to school for law enforcment and I've taken time away from working on the St. Louis Police to be here. I was engaged to a girl named Samantha, but we called it off about a month afterwards for reason I don't want to talk about..." He looked over at John whow as dozing off. "JOHN!" He yelled. John's eyes snapped open and he looked around, slightly dazed.

"Oh! Okay, um... I'm John from West Newbury, Massachusetts. Representin' the MA!" John then gets a confused look on his face. "Is it MA? It might me MS, or MO, or..."

"We don't care!" Chris yelled.

"Okay, okay, sheesh! Calm your ass down! Anyway, I wanna be a rapper, and my cousin Tha Trademark has got some nice ass rhymes for me... I haven't dated anyone since lat year, but I go around and find girls." He winked at the three girls sitting on the couch. "And I'm here to PARTAY!" He jumped up and did a little dance.

"Okay, okay, enough of that. I'm Chris, and you all know where I'm from because I told you. I didn't go to college, and I'm twenty two. I work at a auto mechanice shop fixing cars up, and I don't have a girlfriend or anything. I'm not into getting attached to anyone..." He then cleared his throat, signaling the end of their "getting to know eahc other" session.

They sat around and talked about pointless things for a while before Trih stood and stretched. She lookd around at everyone who had abruptyl stopped talking and stared at her.

"I'm going to bed... I'm really tired. Jet lag sucks..." She yawned and bid good night to everyone before trudging her way upstairs.

"Damn, that girl is FIIIINE!" John exclaimed when he heard the door shut quietly. Randy gave him an "are you serious" look and turned away from him. He began to yawn as well and almost fell asleep once.

"Okay, I think I'll head to bed too." He then walked upstairs and passed Trish's room, peaking through the crack and not seeing her in there. He walked down the hall towards the phone room and saw her seated in the chair, talking quietly to someone.

"No, Jason, shut up and stop this. NO!" She looked around and Randy presed against the wall so he wouldn't be seen. "Jason, please don't do this. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to yell. Dammit why don't you fucking understand! I'm trying to make this work and..." Her voice cracked and she nodded furiously. "Okay... I understand. Yeah, I'll talk to you... you're not going to call? Okay... bye." She hung up and pulled her knees up to her chest, resting her head on her knees.

"Trish? Are you in there?" Randy whispered, pushing the door open slowly. Trish wiped at her face and nodded.

"Yeah..." Tears filled her voice and she had to blink a few times to keep the tears from falling down her already tear stained cheeks.

"Are you okay?"

"Uh... yeah, I was just calling Jason." She replied, standing and rushing passed him to the door. Randy turned his head and watched her walk into the room and shut the door. He didn't know what was wrong, or if they had broken up, but he felt bad for her. Just as he was going after her Amy came up the stairs.

"Hey, I thought you were going to bed." She said, twisting the doorknob to her door.

"Yeah, I was just...um... going to take a shower first." He pointed towards the bathroom and hurried off. Amy walked inside to find Trish laying with her back towards the door, breathing slowly.

Later that night after everyone had fallen asleep one person was awake. She lay on her back staring at the ceiling with tears in her eyes. Trish got out of bed and looked over at Amy who was sleeping soundly. She tiptoes out of the room and looked in on Stephanie. She found Stephanie fast asleep, a small smile on her face. Trish didn't want to wake her and talk to her about her problems, so she pulled on a cotton jacket over her cami and walked outside onto the front poch, forgetting not to let the door close loudly. She sat on the top step, looking down at her bare legs. Tears fell onto them as she thought about the fight she and Jaosn had earlier that night, and how he had said things were over between them, even though they weren't together. She sat there thinking about it when the door opened and someone peeked their head out.

"Trish? What are you doing out here?"

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