Pleasure. Blinding Pleasure. Complete Bliss. It's frightening. I am drowning. Here I am lying face down in the sand. Maybe two inches of water are actually here. All I have to do is move. Then I can breath again. But I don't want to do that. I will never be able to pull myself away despite my physical strength to do so. I can't mentally.

Waves lap over my body. I don't breathe at all. Wait. There is breath. My heavy panting is in tune with the waves. In when the waves come, out as they recede. Oh god! The pleasure is overwhelming me. I could pass out from it all. I'd miss it though. In and out. Out and in.

The water fills my lungs as this continues. Slowly. The sun on the other side of the world cries out. He says that I am in love with the devil. If only he knew what I feel now. It is his sister, the Moon, which brings me these waves. I turn from the sun. Turn my back on the light. Drowning still, I don't know if I can hold out much longer.

The water laps over my body still, slowly but with force. My heart beat and pleasure-blinded gasps are the only thing I can hear. The silence is somewhat unnerving. So I moan. I moan into water so it comes out gurgled. And the water surges in and out, in and out.

And cool hand brushes a strand of wet hair out of my face.

"Open your eyes," a sultry voice commands.

All I can see is blue. Spots flash in my eyes from the mind-numbing bliss I am receiving. Yet all I can see it blue. I arch my back and give into the feelings. Lust. Passion. And above all. Love.

And all he sees is me, as we both find our release.

We shift and he lies next to me. Wrapping our arms around each other in exhaustion. He nuzzles my neck and purrs softly. I bury my face into his shoulder. The silence is broken with the most silent whisper of truth.

"I love you, Xander."

"I love you, Spike."

We curl around each other under the sheet. We breath in each other's scent and slowly drift off to sleep in our bed.

And even long after our completion, the waves continue, crashing.