I was always a dreamer always the one wondering when my fairy tale would begin and my horrid reality would end. That's why I have decided I will kill myself. Dominic loves that rich bitch Porter and who is yet to love me? I sometimes don't even believe my own parents do. Not even my sisters for that matter. Luxie is so concerned about Kevin Haynes the garbage man she lost it over about a month ago. She gets up at the crack of dawn and waits on the front steps just to see him. For him to see her. As if it was oh so casual to sit on the steps at 4 o'clock in the morning. Mary is so social and concerned with friends and cheerleading. But if they only knew she chipped her tooth on the monkey bars and had a fake tooth would they still like her? I would. Bonnie always the one to lecture. But I think she is desperately trying to get mother to love her just a little bit more the rest of us. And Therese so afraid but yet wise. The one I can tolerate the most. She was accepted to college last month. Yet she won't show mom and dad. That's cowardice for you. The escapades of my sisters are many im just caught in the middle.