Chapter 1

A Letter

Dear Annette,

How's living in the land of the gay? oh right, sorry. Sebastian here, just writing to see how you're doing, and sorry i was such a fag earlier, i'm really sorry. Well, this letter really sucks, I can't think of anything to's life? Sorry.

How's your boyfriend, Oliver? Is he still as whitebread as he seems?


Well, bye.

Kat says hi.

No wait, she doesn't, I said that to look polite.

I really miss you.



I really hope Annette got my message.

The one blaring COME BACK!

Ever since I tried to do her, she flew back to Kansas City, to live with her grandmother.

Greg sent me a letter as to how she was doing.

She's fine. Has a boyfriend, Oliver-fricking-Lowell.

No, she's still a virgin.

And yes, I failed.

I still feel really bad.

But Kathryn's seems to be happy.

She and Cecille have a new friendship, a kind of shitty bond they share.

She was over yesterday.

She's still been taking Kat's advice about warming up to Ronald, sleeping with every guy who would.

She's not a virgin.

I relieved her of that particular burden.

But now Ronald hates her.

No surprise there.

But, the weird thing is that Kathryn has been talking about Ronald.

A little too much.

Observe my journal entry.


Sebastian here.

Kat's been acting odd. She and Cecille are going on and on about Ronald. No, I haven't done Kat yet, but yes, I plan on doing so.

They've been so obsessive about him, Kat more than Cecille. As a matter of fact, she hasn't mentioned Court all week (even though Blaine tells me he's been hooking up with some sexy latino babe).

I wonder if she's going lesbian.

I'm picking up a lesbian vibe.

As a matter of fact, she's been chastising me for stealing Herris Fasith's girlfriend, and he's gay

This is weird, I'm telling you. Even for Kathryn.

Did you know, our parents are thinking of divorcing?

It's bad shit.


I've been calling Annette in Kansas, but I can't get her.

Once, I did.

And guess who picked up?

Oliver Lowell.

I really think I'm in trouble.

I've fallen for her so hard.

This is a distraction.

Kat bet me that i couldn't do her.

And I can't.


Great Kat, nice save.

You've just won a Camaro.

And I've got squat.


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