Little Black Death Note

This is a Death Note Crossover with Harry Potter. Harry's finally up against Voldemort, face to face. Then, suddenly, the Dark Lord falls... Dead. Heart attack. Nobody can explain it. Not the Death Eaters, not Harry Potter, who was supposed to kill his nemesis... But he didn't do it. Who, then? It's not as if such a powerful wizard was gonna die just like that... In the aftermath, Harry's still wondering about Voldemort's unusual and unexplainable death, and Hogwarts gets a new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. He's young, handsome and charming, cunning and serious, cold and mischievous, mysterious and powerful. His name's Raito Yagami. A japanese young man. With a Shinigami following him around. And with three black notebooks... Three Death Notes... What is he doing in such prestigious wizardry school, and what exactly is he planning? And why is that that criminals won't stop dropping dead? Out of heart attacks, just like Voldemort, no less?

PS: Sorry in advance for spelling and grammar mistakes along the fic!

PS2: Pairing... Harry/Draco, Raito/Remus (one–sided), Remus/Sirius and others, don't know.

PS3: Spoilers up until fifth book.

PS4: DN spoilers up until chapter 59 or so – before Near and Mello.

PS5: Spells and other stuff magically – related? Oh, yeah, I'm making a lot of it up.

PS6: Slash. Don't like it, out.


"Words" – regular conversation in English

$Words$ – regular conversation in Japanese

'Words' – quotations and such, including mouthing, and also Shinigami talk, and thoughts too

Chapter 0001: Heart Attack

It was a dark and stormy day, the day of the last battle.

Light versus Dark.

Order of the Phoenix versus Death Eaters.

Harry Potter versus Voldemort.

Good versus Evil.

Harry versus once upon a time Tom.

The Boy–Who–Lived versus You–Know–Who.

It was a bloody fight. Many, so many, died. So many. Some had bloody deaths, some others, it took only a few murmured words, and they perished.

But not those two enemies, nemesis. Not them.

"I'll kill you, Tom. For my parents, for Sirius, for everyone you've killed or ruined"

"Don't call me that filthy name, boy. And, well... Come on"

Harry Potter had grown since the end of his fifth year, in which he watched his godfather, his father, in many ways, fall and go through a veil from which there was no coming back. He was a tall and strong sixteen year old, approaching seventeen. Approaching his last year in Hogwarts.

But instead of worrying about his tests, Harry had to worry about death. His friends', his family's, everyone else's. Voldemort's. His own.

His eyes, green as the light that took his parents' lives, widened, as he watched the body of the Dark Lord fall to the ground.

"Wha... What...?"

"H–Harry..." – Voldemort gasped, clutching his chest with his wand hand. The piece of wood was forgotten in the tainted floor. His snake – like eyes, red as the blood he had countless times spilled with his own hands or the ones of those he controlled, were darkening in rage and loss of senses.

"What's going on...?"

"No... Not like th–" – The Dark Lord widened his eyes in strange surprise, his expression freezing.

And he died.

Green eyes stared at the dead body. What happened...?

"Tom...? Voldemort?" – slowly, he reached the body of his greatest enemy. He hesitated, and touched it. He shook him.


Harry Potter started to laugh. He hadn't laughed in the longest time. So long... And now, he couldn't help but laugh and laugh.

His laughter reached the ears of the ones fighting outside, who were wining the battle.

Light versus Dark.

Light was wining.

Dark's leader had fallen.

"He's dead!" – he screamed on the top of his lungs – "Tom Marvolo Riddle is dead! Dead! You hear me out there?! Voldemort is fucking dead!"

Death Eaters stopped for only a moment, but enough to allow the Light to take them all down. Some died, some didn't. These were fully paralyzed, and left to be taken cared of later.


"He's dead, Remus... I... I don't know what happened... He just... He just fell... Dead..."

"How can this be...?"

"I don't know... All I know is that... Voldemort... No, Tom Marvolo Riddle, is dead. And that's that"


"Let's go. We've got work to do, no? The Death Eaters are our first concern. Find the filthy rat?"

"Killed. By Lucius"

"Ah... Lucius can do something right, then... Who could've known...?"

"Peter started to say he was under the curse for all this years, which's why he did all the things he did... Lucius got sick of it, and used the Killing one"

"Ah... I see..."

"Let's go, Harry..."

"The body. We gotta take... The body"

"Yes... We have to. But let's let the aurors do it. Kingsley's here"

"Kingsley's alive?"

"Yeap. He managed"

"I did"

"Hey, take care of the body, will you?"

"Sure, Potter"


"Let's go, Harry... Are you alright? Can you stand?"

"I... I just... He's dead, but I... I didn't... I didn't even do anything, Remus... The prophecy..."

"Doesn't matter now. Let's talk 'bout this later. Come on, now"


Harry looked over his shoulder one last time, just to see Kingsley turn over the body of Voldemort. On his horribly inhuman face, the young man noted, there was a struggled and sick expression. One he never thought he would see on his face. After all... It was such a human expression...

At least he had died in deep pain...

Harry Potter left the place of death of the Dark Lord, forever.


"Heart attack"

"What? That's impossible"

"No, Remus, it's... Strange"

"Albus, come on... There's no way he would've died... Of a heart attack, in the middle of the battle of his life"

"I know..." – the old man sighed – "I cannot understand it myself... It's very peculiar"

"Indeed, it is. What... What're they doing with the body?"

"Cremation. The ashes shall be given to Harry"


"Yes. It was his request, after all"

"What...? What could Harry possibly wanna do with the ashes of that..."

"I'm not sure. Perhaps he only wants to dispose of 'him' himself"

"Well, I can understand that, but..."

"But, nothing. He's earned the right to ask for such a thing. It's best than to leave his body behind"

"And the spirit?"

"We have dealt with it. This time, we had the chance to"

"I see..."

"Well, Remus, if you would only excuse me... I must start my interviews for the DADA position"


"Once you'll be busy being my new Transfiguration teacher, of course" – Remus chuckled.

"I still can't believe you actually got Minerva to quit"

"She didn't quit, Remus. She only retired"

"Yeah... And now, I'm gonna be the new Head of Gryffindor... Oh, boy... Sirius and James would've made fun of me had they known this would ever happen..." – he spoke in soft nostalgia.

"I know... But you have surely earned. I would give you the DADA position, but..."

"I kinda prefer being the Transfiguration teacher. And Head of Gryffindor, mustn't forget. Severus will surely be soar about it, for the rest of our lives"

"Yes, he will..." – both men laughed softly.

Someone knocked on the door. Minerva Mcgonagall.

"Albus? Someone's here for the DADA position. Raito Yagami"

"Ah, yes, yes. Let him in. Would you like to stay, Remus?"

"Hum... Sure. I've got nothing much to do, anyway... Except prepare myself for my new charges, that is" – he mockingly winked at Minerva, who glared lightly, but smiled nonetheless.

"Come in, mister Yagami" – Minerva said, and left.

Remus was surprised by the young man's appearance. He was tall and imposing. He had light brown hair, though there were many shades to it. His eyes were dark, probably brown. He had a serious, yet easy – going face, that clearly showed confidence and intelligence. His skin was tanned, as a Japanese's, and he was dressed, though casually, very elegantly.

"Raito Yagami" – he said. His voice was like silk.

"Albus Dumbledore" – the old man was also impressed by the young man.

"Remus Lupin" – Raito turned to the werewolf, and smiled. It was a truly disarming smile. Girls probably fell for it in the spot.

"Very nice to meet you two"

"I'm the Headmaster, and Remus here is our new Transfiguration teacher, as well as Gryffindor's Head"


"But, sit, sit"

"Thank you, sir"

"You don't have an accent, I see" – Albus noted.

"Ah, yes... I've been having English lessons ever since I was very young. My teacher happened to be half English, so I supposed I picked his way of speaking"

"I see... Well, mister Yagami, why do you believe you're fit to be a professor here at Hogwarts?"

"Well, sir, I must admit I'm not exactly formally, if at all, educated magically. After my father passed away, my mother died as well. Shortly after, my little sister did as well. I was alone in the world, and I was twenty, old enough to do as I pleased. I discovered my mother was actually a squib, but her family had a long line of wizards and witches. She was an only child, and, as she had no magical powers, she slowly forgot about it, as her parents died when she was very young, and she was left in the care of their friends, who knew nothing about magic. Once I had magic running in the family for generations, even if only in one side of my blood, I thought it would be a good idea to rediscover this heritage. So, I did. I went to a retired professor from a magical school in Japan, and learned all I could from him. He taught me everything he could and knew for six months. After that, I thought I should travel and discover more about wizardry. So, I did. I traveled for one year or so, and then... I thought I was good enough when I came across a few Death Eaters in Northern France, and defeated them easily. Later, I came to England, and heard of the curse on the Defense Against the Dark Arts position..." – Remus and Albus chuckled, and Raito smiled – "So I thought that, maybe, the position would be open, as the end of the year was approaching. So, I sent an application. And here I am, now"

"If you don't get this position... What will you do, mister Yagami?" – Remus asked.

"I think I will simply turn around and go around the world again, for another year. And come back then" – the three laughed softly.

"I see... Well, I've checked your background, mister Yagami. Your father was a chief of police?"

"Ah, yes... He died when he was after a serial killer, Kira"


"Kira, Killer"


"He killed my father. Then, my mother and sister. I went after Kira. It was a young woman. She was arrested and then executed. And that's the story of my life" – he finished, with a sad little smile.

"I'm sorry" – Remus said softly. The young man looked at him, and smiled a little more.

"Well, mister Yagami, you would be very much surprised to hear there aren't all that many applications to this position"


"Ah... There seems to be a lack of teachers this days, especially DADA. Probably because most have fallen during the war. In one way or another. So, we don't have all that many talented people laying around..."

"I see"

"So, I do believe that, after a simple test, you may chosen to be our new DADA professor, mister Yagami"

"What kind of test, sir?"

"Oh, a simple duel with Remus here. What do you find of this, Remus?"

"I think I would be quite interesting, Albus"

"Well, then, shall we? Let's go to the Great Hall. There, we can have a nice and proper duel between you two"

"What are your qualification on dueling, sir?" – Raito asked Remus. This one smirked a bit.

"I was the DADA professor a few years back"

"Ah..." – in his eyes, there was something the werewolf simply couldn't figure out what it was. Raito Yagami was a real mystery...

"Well, how about we have something to eat before you two duel? I always thought I dueled better after eating a very nice meal. And I believe the food here at Hogwarts will be of your tastes, mister Yagami"

"Thank you very much, sir"

'Such a strange boy he is...' – Albus thought lightly. He eyed Raito Yagami wryly. The look in the young man's eyes was very disturbing. He couldn't read him.

As Remus tried to strike up a conversation with Raito, Albus led the way the to Great Hall. Raito seemed quite unfazed by the moving and talking portraits, ghosts that passed by them on the way, and even Peeves, who made an appearance, but he just took one look at the young man, and sprint. Albus and Remus both seemed intrigued by it, but Raito only smirked to himself.


Raito said nothing, and continued to talk friendly to Remus.

'Raito...! I want apples! Ah, forget this wizard and talk to me!'

"Is that so, mister Lupin? Very interesting..."

"Don't have to call me 'mister' or 'sir', Raito... It makes me feel very old"

"I see. What shall I call you, then?"

"Remus is fine by me"

"Then, call me Raito, Remus" – the Japanese youngster said in a tone that asked for a wink, though he didn't do it, but he did smile. The werewolf hesitated at it. He had a dazzling smile...

When they reached the Great Hall, there was only Minerva and Severus Snape, Potions master, eating. The latter looked at the young man with narrowed and glaring eyes.

"Ah, Severus! You mustn't have had the chance to meet our new applicant to the DADA position. This young man right here is Raito Yagami. Mister Yagami, that's Severus Snape, our Potions professor"

"Very nice to meet you, sir" – Raito said to Snape, sending him a kind smile. If possible, this only made the Potions master angrier.

"Albus! He's too young!" – Remus, Albus and Raito started to move to the Staff Table, Raito sitting right next to Remus, who sat next to Albus.

"He is not inexperienced, however, Severus" – Albus spoke in a soft tone. Snape rolled his eyes slightly, but said nothing more on the subject – for the moment, anyway.

Raito smiled ever so softly when he saw the Japanese food appearing on the few plates in front of him. Albus chuckled.

"Hope it is of your tastes, mister Yagami. Shall I call you Raito?"

"Yes, sir, do so. And... Yes. It had been quite some time since I last had some real Japanese food..." – his tone was polite, and a bit dreamy. He was probably remembering his mother's cooking or something of the sort, Albus and Remus thought.

As the lunch went on, Remus kept on speaking to Raito, quietly, the younger one replying in a politer tone than before. A bit more restrained. He supposed it was all because of Severus and his coldness, clear to anyone, even without glancing a single time to him, which was Raito's reaction.

'These... Wizards... They're interesting, Raito'

"So, Remus, shall we?" – Raito said. The werewolf stared at the young man's plate, seeing not a spot of dirt.

"Of course. If Minerva, Severus and Albus are done, that is"

"We all are, Remus" – Albus said, eyes twinkling.

'This old man's screwed up, Raito... Kill 'im already. Too weird. And powerful...'

"Let's start, then" – Raito said with a slightly screwed up smile. Severus saw something on this smile, but said nor did nothing. He looked sideways to Albus as they all stood, but the old man didn't grace him a single glance. Instead, he focused on the young Japanese man. Severus knew Albus was suspicious of the 'boy'. Why shouldn't he be, even now, that the Dark Lord had fallen?

The teachers and Raito got off of the Staff Table and stood as Albus waved his wand and made the table and chairs move around to give more than plenty of space for Raito and Remus to be able to duel.

"Be nice, Raito" – Remus said with a hint of a smirk. The young man smiled harmlessly.

'I smell... Dark creature, Raito... Watch out...'

"Be nice yourself, Remus" – his lips were curled up in a wannabe of a smirk.

'Don't kill 'im with your own bare hands, Raito... that would be very bad... Killing off on your first day here...'

"Ready, gentlemen?" – Albus said, hands behind him – "And, begin"

The trade of spells and hexes and curses was immediate, and fast. Not even Albus, nor Severus, could make up each and every one of them. Remus seemed to be worn out after only a minute. Raito, on the other hand, seemed to be coldly gloating.

'Very good, Raito... He's tired already... All the hard work and training was worth after all, huh? To get a probably strong wizard on his feet, sweating, almost not able to hold his lunch... The old man's mad... Eating before a duel does no good... Finish him off, already, and gimme apples!'

"You're... Very... Good... Raito" – Remus said in between his heavy panting.

"Thank you very much, Remus" – the young man replied, his stance absolutely flawless in terms of wizards duels – "You too are very good" – all were surprised by the young man's words, because he was obviously wining, but, even so, his tone was not the least arrogant.

Raito Yagami really was an incredible person...

'They're really buying it, Raito... You're really a great actor... You should be on TV rather than here...'

"Well, shall we end this... Raito?" – Remus said, a little less worn out. Raito's grin, he could swear, went a bit too wicked for a second split.

"Absolutely, Remus"

The two men stared at each other with no coldness, no hardness, no malice. Only with the feeling of competition.

Remus raised a shield when Raito sent him quite a powerful spell, but didn't expect the younger one to jump and kick him, as the shield broke easily. He was sent back, and Raito straightened up.

"I believe we have a winner" – Albus said, amused. Remus accepted Raito's helping hand, and got back on his feet.

"Never would have thought you would attack me physically, Raito" – Remus commented, a hand over his stomach. Raito was sure stronger than he looked. He must have had lots of training.

"Ah. Yes, I thought so. Most wizards never expect the one they are dueling to go at them with an actual attack" – Raito responded, with a calm and knowing smile.

"I sure didn't" – Remus said, chuckling.

'You've got 'im good, Raito... He's fallen for ya... In the good way, that is'

"Well, then, I do believe we can say we have a new DADA teacher" – Albus said. Severus snapped his head to him.


"I know, I know, Severus. He is very young, but this single duel has proved that he has lots of talent, and much more to teach his students, of any age"

"Albus..." – Severus tried, but knew it was a lost battle.

"Well, then, welcome to Hogwarts, professor Yagami" – Remus said, happily, and extending his hand.

"Thank you, professor Lupin" – Raito replied, his lips not smiling, but his eyes danced with amusement.

"Hope you do good here, professor Yagami" – Minerva said, eyes stony – "And try to stay more than one year" – she added, mirth in her words.

"I sure will, professor McGonagall" – Raito said, idly looking up, to the enchanted ceiling – "It's a very nice day..."


Wow! And here it is, my very first Death Note/Harry Potter crossover! And, hopefully, the world's first. At least that I know of.

As for the "plot", as usual, there isn't much of it. I go with the flow, as always, putting in here and there something I find interesting. My BETA (Uhu! I have one now!!! Go Ma!!! Her nick here on FF is MaiMo. She doesn't have stories posted, but whatever, she's my BETA and friend) seems to like this story quite a lot (at least she did when I first showed it to her, which was quite a while ago (around July, just so you see)). I have two more chapters quite ready to be posted, and in the beginning of the forth, although the story is starting to get to me, which means I'll be posting VERY slowly, sadly. And there's no point in shouting in written at me, 'cause creativity and flow of words comes and goes, more this than that, so, can never rush it. Besides, I have college to worry about, and MANY others fics to think about, so, sorry, and PLEASE be patient.


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