Little Black Death Note

This is a Death Note Crossover with Harry Potter. Harry's finally up against Voldemort, face to face. Then, suddenly, the Dark Lord falls... Dead. Heart attack. Nobody can explain it. Not the Death Eaters, not Harry Potter, who was supposed to kill his nemesis... But he didn't do it. Who, then? It's not as if such a powerful wizard was gonna die just like that... In the aftermath, Harry's still wondering about Voldemort's unusual and unexplainable death, and Hogwarts gets a new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. He's young, handsome and charming, cunning and serious, cold and mischievous, mysterious and powerful. His name's Raito Yagami. A japanese young man. With a Shinigami following him around. And with three black notebooks... Three Death Notes... What is he doing in such prestigious wizardry school, and what exactly is he planning? And why is that that criminals won't stop dropping dead? Out of heart attacks, just like Voldemort, no less?

PS: Sorry in advance for spelling and grammar mistakes along the fic!

PS2: Pairing... Harry/Draco, Raito/Remus (one–sided), Remus/Sirius and others, don't know.

PS3: Spoilers up until fifth book.

PS4: DN spoilers up until chapter 59 or so – before Near and Mello.

PS5: Spells and other stuff magically – related? Oh, yeah, I'm making a lot of it up.

PS6: Slash. Don't like it, out.


"Words" – regular conversation in English

Words – regular conversation in Japanese

'Words' – quotations and such, including mouthing, and also Shinigami talk, and thoughts too

Chapter 0020: Parli Morbidamente (Speak Softly)

"I hate you"

"No you don't, now hush"

"Zabini, should I remind you that–"

"No, you shouldn't. Now, where were we again?" – Blaise clapped his hands together and rubbed them against the other before looking at their map again – "Alright, now we go... South? Or West? Oh, no, no, the map's upside down again! Okay, there you go now. So... Hum, West?"

Draco groaned and slapped the other teen in the arm.

"Ow! What did I ever do to you!"

"What did you ever do to me! I'll tell you what you ever did to me! WE GOT SENT TO THE BLOODY ALPES! WHILE WE WERE AT AN ITALIAN MONASTERY! AND WE CAN'T USE MAGIC BECAUSE OF THE FUCKING BLOODY BIG FEET DAMNED CREATURES WHO FEED ON MAGIC AND WE CAN'T APPARATE AWAY BECAUSE WE CAN'T! AND YOU GOT US LOST IN THE MIDDLE OF A BLOODY FREEZING COLD SNOWSTORM!" – Draco yelled from the top of his lungs. His cheeks were blotched red from cold and anger and hate, his nose was running, he felt freezing cold, his hands were frozen as well as his feet, and he had as only company one Blaise Zabini. The latter, in fact, was enough to make him want to roll down the mountain and just die already.

Oh, and things had started off, oh so nicely too.

"Look on the bright side, Draco" – Blaise said with a smile – "If I survive this, I swear that no matter what, I'll tell everyone what a brave person you were 'til the very end"

"I so hate you" – Draco spat at him.


And in fact, things had started off nicely enough for the two.

Classes ended rather swiftly. The two Slytherins passed all of their NEWTS (and, naturally, did spectacularly well), Marukai left about a week after the two teens talked to their Head about him stalking Luna Lovegood, Raito hadn't done anything unusual, Luna was still a bit paranoid, but it stopped a little before the end of the year, Harry was a little frisky, since he knew Draco would be 'travelling with his mother' for the entire Summer except for a couple of weeks they would spend together.

All in all, it was wonderfully calm.

Naturally, things couldn't stay that way forever.

Exactly ten days after leaving Hogwarts, Draco left Harry at Grimmauld's Place and went to 'meet his mother'. Of course, he went to his Head's Italian family house rather than to meet his mother, who thought he was going to spend the Summer with his dearest professor learning about who–knew–what. Narcissa would spent the Summer travelling lightly, trying to find some way to fill her empty, husband–less, childless life. It made Draco a bit upset he couldn't be there for her, but this was much more important, or so it felt.

"This is a map to many of the oldest Italian monasteries" – Severus said quietly, spreading a big map of the Italian countryside on the dining table. Blaise and Draco looked at it with chilling soberness – "Some have been around since the fourteenth century, some are a few centuries older. But, nonetheless, we cannot afford to skip any. We do not know anything about Antonio La Grazia, not his birth date or place, not his appearance, not where he lived, in any time of his life. Nothing except his name and that he came in contact with some sort of dark magic"

"And somehow..." – Draco started softly – "He did something good, bad or merely powerful enough to live on until this century" – his eyes glowed in excitement, as did Blaise's. Severus's weren't as bright, but he felt something akin to anticipation in him as well. There was something in the air, something they could almost taste.

Antonio La Grazia. Akihito Marukai. Hondo Marukai. Raito Yagami. There was a thread connecting them all, and the three Slytherins just had to find out where to find the beginning of it.

Too bad for them, they never once thought that the one who could unravel the mystery between Antonio La Grazia and Raito Yagami was many miles away in England, sulking because his boyfriend wasn't around.

Yes, the very one and only Harry Potter.


Severus sat in his living room, waiting for Draco Malfoy to arrive. Since the blond was taking ten days 'off', Blaise Zabini decided he should get ten days also before starting on their little excursion. Thus, he spent ten days doing Merlin–only–knows–what, and had arrived at Severus's family house in Italy, bouncing off the walls with more energy than the Potions Master had ever seen on any person of any given age, EVER. He didn't comment on what had gotten him so off the hook, which Severus was quite glad about, but he was very much energetic still for a long while, and so he let the teen on the gardens to burn some of his energy off.

Draco came from the fireplace looking as regal as he should. He nodded at his professor, offering a small smile.


"Mister Malfoy. Leave your belongings, my elves will take care of them" – he started walking away and the blond followed suit – "Mister Zabini has already arrived. He is in the gardens" – Draco couldn't see his teacher's face, so naturally he wasn't very concerned about his Housemate. He should've been.

"DRACO!" – Blaise screamed, and dropped from somewhere Draco couldn't tell, and next thing he knew, he was engulfed in a tight hug – "So good to see you, buddy! Now the trio is ON!" – he said loudly, and started laughing. Draco backed away from him as soon as he managed, eyes wide.

"Professor...?" – he almost squeaked at the man.

"Yes, mister Malfoy?"

"What in Merlin's name is wrong with Zabini?" – he asked as he watched the other teen running around the garden in a very disturbing glee.

"I do not know" – 'Nor do I really want to...'

"He's really... Really..."

"I realize"

"But he's...!"

"I know"

"Professor, we–"

"I recognize we need to do something about him, but– Mister Zabini, do come down from there" – he said with a mental eye roll as he chastised the boy for going up the biggest tree in the yard.

"But it's fun!" – he all but whined.

"Get down, you bloody wanker!" – Draco screamed suddenly, startling his professor slightly. Apparently, the blond was on edge and not in the mood.

"Cool it, Draco! We're about to go on a possibly suicidal mission! I'm just enjoying myself while I can!" – the handsome teen yelled back. The other two sobered instantly, not really listening to his words, but his tone, far from playful and crazy. They had both thought that their little mission might as well take them to much darker places than they would ever imagine, but had never spoken about it. Apparently, Blaise was braver than them both, for he could say all that weighted in his heart.

"Are you hungry, mister Malfoy?" – Severus asked softly.

"A little, sir" – Draco replied quietly, even though he wasn't really.

"Well, then, come along. He'll come inside soon enough"

They wondered over a cup of tea, if they could let go of themselves and join Blaise outside. They didn't go through with it, though.



"Shut up, mister Malfoy" – Severus said softly and harshly. They were inside a monastery deep in Italy, at three twelve in the morning, trying not to be noticed, but since this monastery in particular had been charmed by a wizard who was raised there a good half a century previously, they could not do any sort of magic inside without waking up all of the monks who resided there.

"But Zabini–" – he said softer, looking over his shoulder and glaring at the other teen, who was, though silently, running around the halls. The blond and his professor rolled their eyes in exasperation. They had started their journey but three days before, and the teen was still as hyper as just before they left. Maybe he really was like that all the time during the Holidays. No wonder he couldn't keep a stepfather.

"Just be quiet" – Severus warned, eyes expressing how much he was not up for jokes from anyone other than Blaise. Poor Draco.

They walked silently, moving as fast as they could, which naturally was a hassle, especially with a nearly bouncing Zabini trailing them, making the Malfoy heir want to snap his neck right there and then, and the Potions master had half a mind to just call off the whole thing, go home and sleep cuddling a bottle of firewhiskey.

Alas, neither wish was going to be come true.

"That way" – Severus whispered, and they went down the hall. The man noticed that both of his students were now completely silent. It seemed they had both felt something strange in the air.

They walked gently through the halls, navigating swiftly. It was difficult not to use their innate magic, since it was something so natural to them – to use it in every situation. And here they were, unable to use what was rightfully theirs, being made into muggles.

Muggles! Them!

As they walked, the sense of strangeness continued to make them walk carefully. The need to use magic became even more pronounced, and they held tight to their wands. Should anything happen, they would not hesitate to use them. To hell with waking up an entire monastery – it wasn't like any of them were wizards (or so they hoped).

There was a door that emanated a strong pulse of magic. Maybe the core of the spell was in there? They nodded to one another, thinking the same, and at once, they kicked the door open, not even thinking it might just be the thing to awake all of the monks. It was not important to them right then and there; they were itching from not using magic, and if this room held magic, then so be it.

What they found, however, was not what they expected.

At all.

"Oh, geez!" – Draco exclaimed, covering his poor, so innocent eyes. Severus couldn't stop a shudder, and Blaise started laughing maniacally.

"Go at it! Spank him, yeah!" – the excited teen said with a hoot, much to his companions' embarrassment and exasperation.

The scene in front of them was of a monk and something that resembled another human being (but it was far too deformed to be called so, even if it was alive) – and yes, they were engaging in sex. Rough and naked and sweaty, sex. And they were completely ignoring the wizards, so... Absorbed they were in their, er, activity.

"Where the hell is it coming from?" – Draco hissed, disgusted.

"The beast" – Severus said, not adverting his dark eyes. It was not human, for sure. What could it be?

"Hey" – Blaise said, suddenly solemn – "It kinda looks like... Oh, shit, can't be"

"What!" – Draco snapped.

"Isn't it... I mean. It kinda resembles a Veela, doesn't it?" – the other two stared at him – "Oh, what? It does too!"

And, indeed, excluding the facts that it was ugly and wingless, the creature did kind of look like a Veela. How Blaise had come to see the resemblance, neither wizard knew nor wanted to know.

"Why is it so bizarre?" – Draco said bluntly.

"There is something in the room" – Severus said slowly. The teens quieted. They closed their eyes and focused on the feeling of magic. They opened them with a start, looking at the floor – "Took you two long enough" – he said without a sneer – "The floor holds the magic. I do not know whether the magic in it is what holds the spell, but it might as well be"

"So...?" – Blaise started, staring at the floor – "What? We smash it with our own hands?"

"Of course not. We find the place where it is most concentrated. It is unlikely the core of the spell will be in the floor itself. Probably on one of the stones" – they looked down at all the small little stones, and sighed.

They were in for a long night.

Meanwhile, the bizarre couple continued to have wild, gross sex.

"Go, mate, go" – Blaise cheered quietly, and got a slap on the head from both his companions. He whined, but started looking for the core–stone.


Three hours and too many shivers and cheers later, a ticking–bomb–Draco found the stone, maybe a little too close to the couple. He wondered how they didn't seem to notice him as he slipped behind them (ew) to grab a stone just ten centimeters from the creature's bottom (ew, ew). He got it, shivering all the way, and made it to Severus and Blaise.

"What now? Do we–" – but a loud shriek stopped his words. They turned to the couple and, finally, they seemed to notice them. Shit.

The creature screeched without stopping for air, and the monk stumbled to gather his clothes. Like the wizards hadn't seen everything underneath his garments already, too many (disgusting) times to count, doing all kinda of (horrible) things with the (Veela?) creature. The beast looked enraged (although it was difficult to tell, considering its face was twisted in such a way not one of them could determine its exact feelings).

And then it leaped at them. Cursing the beast, Draco threw the stone as hard as he could against one of the walls, and watched it smash in a millions pieces. The creature stopped and dropped, apparently dead. Severus checked her with his wand (and no horde of monks came through the door) and confirmed her death. Next they looked at the monk, who was passed out on the floor, clothes not put on properly.

"Oh, for Merlin's sake" – Draco said in annoyance – "And not a word, Zabini" – he warned the other teen, who pouted.

"I wasn't going to say anything" – he whined, but it was an obvious lie. He said nothing, though.

And so they searched the monastery – with magic now – for clues of Antonio La Grazia (leaving the past out monk in the room they found him in, the dead creature there as well). Alas, they found nothing. They left as the sun rose, and no monk discovered their being there.

"That was useless" – Blaise commented after the Apparated to Severus's house.

"That, mister Zabini, was a start" – the Potions master replied evenly – "And we continue tonight"

They all went to rest for a few hours, but just as he fell asleep, Draco wondered...

'What in the bloody hell WAS that beast anyway?'

His momentary curiosity would not be satisfied, however.


For the next sixteen days, they were forced to go up and down Italy, going through the oldest monasteries ('Hey, professor, is that–?' 'Yes, it is, mister Zabini, and stay away from it') to the newer ones ('Look, look!' 'Shut up, Zabini!'), passing through those made of stone ('Looks like Hogwarts, don't you agree?') as well as wood ('A bit wobbling in my opinion. Muggles really will live anywhere, I mean really'), and encountering friendly ('Ah, a journey! Ah, to be young and full of joy' 'You said it mate'), unfriendly ('Get out before I grab my shotgun, now' 'What is a 'shotgun', anyway?' grab and load 'This is' 'Ah. Hey, shouldn't you be all into peace?' 'Not really. Now get out'), perverted ('Hum, I DO like blonds...' 'Zabini, stop pushing me, bloody hell!') and even the odd wizard monk ('My oh my! British wizards, oh my, oh my!' 'Is he strange or is it just me?' 'It's always just you, Zabini. But yes, that man is absolutely loony').

Fourteen days after starting their quest, they gave up on Italy and decided to move on, but not before on last stop.

"This is the closest monastery to the Northwest border with France" – Severus said, a long finger over a particular point on the large map. Blaise and Draco looked on seriously – "It is the furthest from here, and one of the smallest of all we'll been to. It isn't very old, but not quite young. If La Grazia were to have lived in an Italian monastery at all, it will have to be this one" – the two students brightened up.

"Finally" – Draco said, almost angry.

"Can't even wait" – Blaise said, his excitement obvious to all.

"We leave in five minutes" – the Professor announced, and they moved to get ready.


"Professor!" – Draco yelped as he slipped. The man rolled his eyes and helped him up with a stern glare.

"Be careful, mister Malfoy. What shall I do if you break your neck in such a pathetic way?" – the blond went red.

"Yeah, Draco, what would I ever tell your dear boyfriend if you broke your neck in Italy and not while travelling with your lovely mother?" – Draco sent Blaise an irate look, but it was easily overlooked – "And then I would have to comfort him... And teach him how much being a bottom can be absolutely wonderful, and how to really give a blowjob, because honestly, Draco, the way you're always prissy, one would assume Potter's never given you one nice, mouthful– Ow, sir!" – annoyed by his perversion, Severus hit him at the back of the neck. Blaise pouted.

"And if you must know" – Draco started – "Potter can give the best blowjobs in the world!" – he exclaimed, and was met with a smirk from his colleague and an exasperated roll of eye from his teacher.

"I'll take your word for it" – Blaise oh, so innocently said. Draco went red again. Damn Zabini!

They kept quiet and entered the empty monastery. Apparently, the monks that lived there had deserted the place a good century prior, leaving it in all its stony glory. It was a pretty building, albeit uncared for. But it was of no matter. For the best, really, since what they wanted was difficult to accomplish with people around (as it had been in the other monasteries).

The place was eerily quiet and dead, no animals (dead or alive) around, the smell more of plants and fresh air than decomposing bodies and animal crap. Nonetheless, the three navigated through the empty halls, wands in place.

"There is nothing here" – Draco complained under his breath after an hour searching and coming up with nothing.

"Oh, I wouldn't say that quite yet, Draco" – Blaise said with mischievousness in his voice. His companions turned to see him twirling his wand and leaning against a wall, and motioning at it with his head – "Notice the tiny, little inscription?" – Severus and Draco looked at each other before walking close to the wall and leaning to see what Blaise had found. They backed away with grins, although the man's was much smaller and more smug.

On the stone wall, it said in a small handwriting, 'Qui si trova Antonio, il grazioso'. 'Here lies Antonio, the graceful'.

"That word... 'Grazioso'..." – Draco wondered with his smile growing.

"Yes, mister Malfoy. It means 'graceful'. Indeed, 'La Grazia' means 'The Grace'"

"And nothing says the name of the man was really 'Antonio La Grazia'. It might have been a translation" – Blaise concluded with a smirk – "And so, the village idiot finds the dragon's treasure"

"At least you own up to it" – Draco snorted. Blaise continued smirking.

"Now, wands, gentlemen?" – the handsome black teen proposed. The three wizards prepared themselves, positioned in front of the wall. They could now feel a very small thread of magic coming from behind the wall.

At once, they uttered the words to destroy the wall, and were surprised, annoyed and pissed off at being pulled into a whirlwind of colors.

Had they been a little more intelligent, they might have noticed the thread of supernatural power behind the wall was nothing less than a mere distraction, an illusion for foolish people.

A trap, if you will.

Severus opened his eyes and found himself outside of the monastery, but his students were nowhere in sight. If he weren't so dignified, he would have hollered their names. However, he was a dignified man, and so he just stood there, feeling helpless after a long time without feeling like that.

Their quest was over. They had found Antonio La Grazia's monastery. But his students were gone.



"Draco, wake up" – Blaise tried to wake his companion. The blond stirred and opened his eyes.

"Wha...?" – he got up slowly and looked around – "What happened?"

"I'm not sure, but... When we tried to blow up the wall, remember, from the monastery? We kind of got... Apparated away. I'm not sure how, but we were, and Professor Snape doesn't seem to be anywhere near here. We're on our own"

"Bloody hell. And where are we?" – there was snow all around them, and nothing else.

"I would say the Alpes, I'm not sure. There's nothing to help us locate ourselves. But here" – he showed a large map – "Enchanted to show us where we are. Now, I just– Did you hear that?"

"What?" – something wailed and both paled.

"That!" – Blaise screamed unnecessarily.

"Be quiet, Zabini!" – Draco hissed and looked around as the wailing was heard again.

"Now what?"

"Shit, what did that giant oaf say about the Alpes?"

"I don't take that class, I don't know!"

"Hell! The bloody Big Feet!"

"Wha? Big– Oh, no. Don't they hate magic?"

"They do!"

"Er, so now...?"

"I don't know!"

"Well... At least the map, though it runs on magic, stops using it once we are settled on a single location, and something tells me we are not leaving for quite a while" – he looked down at his clothes – "What do you wager, Draco? Should we risk it and summon some nice, warm clothes?" – Draco looked down at his own clothes, much like Blaise's – absolutely unfit for the freezing weather they found themselves in.

"Bloody hell"


Severus thought long and hard about what kind of spells he could use to locate his missing students. They were nowhere near him – he had checked that first –, and they could be just about anywhere in Italy, in Europe, in the world. Anywhere. They could be dead for all he knew. They could be– No, he would not be a loser – or worse, a Gryffindor –, and worry without need. Or worry at all. They were Slytherins, they knew how to take care of themselves. They had their wands (he checked it too) and they fully capable wizards. They would be just fine. Or so he hoped in his tiny little light part of his darkened heart.

'Bloody hell' – he thought with a vengeance. Why had he even conceded to come along? Now he was responsible for them – and their disappearance. What would he tell Narcissa? Or worse, Zabini's mother. That would not do, no, it would not. She would murder him. With Narcissa, things would go badly enough, but Zabini's mother was an evil woman – she had had as many husbands as she had for a reason. He would not allow himself to fall in her hands. Not if he could help it.

And so, he sat on the damn grass and continued thinking of ways to find the missing teens.

After twenty minutes or so of hard thinking, he checked his pocket watch, that showed not the time but the status of whoever he chose, and at the moment it showed himself ('Safe') and his students ('In dire danger'). He uncharacteristically sighed. At least it wasn't 'In mortal danger'. He cursed under his breath just when the thought passed his head and the little hand with 'Blaise Zabini' on it changed to 'In mortal danger' and Draco's continued where it was.



"Hey, Draco, what do you reckon? Will the professor save our arses?" – Blaise asked, trying to add humor to the horrible situation they were in. It didn't work, and the blond sent him a glare as he tried to stay as warm as possible in the clothes they had managed to quickly summon before drawing the Big Feet to them.

"Shut up, Zabini"

"I mean really, we don't know where he could possibly be, and he can't know where we are anyway. What do you think? We'll have to save ourselves? Or will he save us?"

"Shut–up–Zabini" – Draco said angrily.

"I will not, Draco dear. Oh my. I'm going to die in the Tibetan Alpes with Draco Malfoy. Oh well, I suppose it could be worse. I could die in the Tibetan Alpes with Weasley. Can you imagine?" – he shuddered, and not out of cold – "Awful to even consider. Hey, do you want to shag?" – Draco gave him a horrified and startled look.

"What?!" – he managed to say.

"Oh, what. I certainly want to have a nice, good shag before dying, don't you? C'mon now, you know I'm good, and I'm sure you must be good to have ensnared Potter. Are you too tight? I don't like bottoms too tight, just enough. Uh, uh, want to see if I'm bigger than Potter? Let me just– Hey!" – Draco threw a snowball at him before he could drop his trousers. The black teen shot him a fake hurt look – "Don't you love me anymore, Draco? I'm offering the way to go from this world to the next! Sex, with me! No, scratch that – MIND BLOWING sex with a sex GOD, because let's face it – I am a sex God"

"You are a God of something, but it ain't of sex" – the blond replied dryly – "You absolute ass. We are trapped in the Tibetan Alpes. And I refuse to die here. This is a horrible hole in the world! I refuse to die with YOU of all people, and I certainly refuse to have sex with YOU of all people in the world to die shagging! I'd much rather shag professor Snape than shag you to death, you BLOODY JACKASS! I HATE YOUR GUTS SO SHUT UP!"

Blaise blinked at him and smirked.

"So you fancy the professor, do you?" – Draco groaned and dropped his head to his hand.

It would be a long journey.

"I suppose he IS hot in an old man kind of way, but do you truly think he has the stamina to keep you satisfied?"

It would be a LONG journey.

"But there must be potions to work around that, I suppose. Good thing he's a Potions Master"

LONG, LONG journey.

"How big do you think the professor is? I'd be willing to give him a try or two if he were good in bed and big enough"

Oh, bloody hell.

"Uh, uh, we could have a threesome! Or a foursome! Get Potter! How big is HE? You've never said anything"

Draco closed his eyes, willing Blaise to disappeared, be eaten by a wild Big Foot, be taken away by the wind, anything.

"A foursome! Draco, imagine! The professor and his hated student going at it! We would be going at it too, naturally, but–"

"SHUT UP!" – Draco screamed, and even the soft wailing stopped. Blaise looked at him impassively.

"Why, Draco, I'm sorry if the image disturbs you. I'll stop talking about it" – the teen said somberly.


"You're right. We should try doing a train thing, if you catch my meaning. Potter on you, me on Potter and the professor on me! I'd be willing to make an exception for the professor, you know I hate being a bottom. But how's that sound? Rather kinky and hot, don't you think so too? Draco? Are you alive?"

"... Shut up, please, Zabini, I beg you"

"Huh. Never thought you'd be one to beg, Draco. Is that what Potter sees in you?"

Draco willed Blaise away.

Didn't work, but it was a good try as any, nevertheless.


Three hours had passed. Severus was getting impatient.

He had returned home and searched everywhere on his books for a way to locate them. He found nothing and was now distressed. Of course he found nothing – if it were that easy, the Dark Lord would have killed many more than he had.

The professor wondered for a fleeting moment if he should ask for help. But who would he ask? Dumbledore? Certainly not. Lucius was dead, and most of his Death Eaters companions were as well, after the strange sweep of DEs in the past year. The Dark Lord was dead (not that he would resort to asking HIM for help). So, he had no one. He had nothing.

Without anyone around to see him, he sighed loudly and groaned.

Damn this quest. Damn Potter. Damn Yagami. Damn Antonio La Grazia. Damn that monastery. Damn his students. Damn himself. Damn everyone and everything and the entire Universe at once!

Now enraged, the Potions Master was left with no choice but to search his brain for an answer, as well as his extensive library. He needed to find them, because if they had not contacted him as of yet, they were either dead, incapacitated or just out of reach (he hoped it was the latter), and so he had to go get them.



It had been three hours since they were transported into the hellhole Draco called 'Merlin's way of telling us not to be stupid', and he was hungry.

Sadly for him, Blaise was not. And he was determined to get, well, somewhere, on their own and not wait for the professor, something quite stupid if you asked Draco, but then again, he was all alone with Blaise Zabini; like hell he would ask the blond about anything, at least anything relevant (asking about his favorite positions in bed was neither helpful nor relevant not even small talk).

"I hate you"

"No you don't, now hush"

"Zabini, should I remind you that–"

"No, you shouldn't. Now, where were we again? Alright, now we go... South? Or West? Oh, no, no, the map's upside down again! Okay, there you go now. So... Hum, West?"

Draco groaned and slapped him in the arm. Hard.

"Ow! What did I ever do to you!"

"What did you ever do to me! I'll tell you what you ever did to me!" – and he did, screaming from the top of his lungs. Blaise just irritatingly smiled back at him.

"Look on the bright side, Draco. If I survive this," – and he had the gull to say 'I'! – "I swear that no matter what, I'll tell everyone what a brave person you were 'til the very end"

"I so hate you" – Draco said spitefully. The other teen just continued smiling that annoying smile.

"You love me, admit it"

"Don't even start, Zabini"

"We're probably going to die anyway, Draco, so why not call me by name just this once?"

"Shut up"

"I most certainly will not! Who do you think you are? Not my father, unless you shagged my mother before you were even born, which is bizarre to even imagine, and not my boyfriend, which I wouldn't mind though I would most like it have to share you with Potter, and that is not something I'm quite looking forward to, to tell you the truth, darling, so– Draco, you put that down now. Violence solves nothing, haven't you ever heard the muggles say? Draco, put that rock down. I know we're in the middle of nowhere, but really. Someone is bound to miss me. My mother, my many lovers... Draco, put it down" – the blond was almost blind with rage, famine and cold; none of Blaise's words were getting to him.

"No one will ever know" – he said softly.

"Draco!" – Blaise yelped and throttled the blond, throwing both of them on the snow. The Malfoy boy blinked away his daze and glared at the teen on top of him.

"Only Potter has the honor of being able to lie on top of me, Zabini" – he hissed. The other teen got up slowly, staring at him and the vicinity, looking out for any rocks around.

"You won't try to kill me anymore, will you?" – Blaise asked quietly.

"No, why would I attempt to murder you?"

"Er, because you just did?"

"I did not. I attempted to hurt you" – the blond said, eerily calm – "And if I were to kill you, which has a high possibility of happening especially now that we are in the middle of nowhere, in the snow, practically incapable of doing magic, unable to Apparate for some reason... In any case, if I wanted you lying in the snow dead, you would be and there would be nothing you could do about it, trust me, Zabini. Now, shall we continue walking? We should find somewhere to spend the night, don't you agree? And some food and water" – the other teen grimaced and nodded.

"Sure, Draco, whatever you say" – he quietly followed the blond.

"Oh, and Zabini?"


"I think I'll call you by your first name from now on" – Blaise smiled a little.


"Yes. Blaise" – the black teen's smile widened and they walked the deep snowstorm.


Severus returned to the monastery at night to investigate. The wind was strong, but it not stop the Potions Master in the least. He had a mission.

He touched the cold stone wall where the inscription of what they assumed was Antonio La Grazia's resting place. He touched the words slowly and felt the power behind them; literally behind them. And so, closing his eyes for a moment, he tried to think of his students, how they looked the last time he saw them. Zabini twirling his wand, calling himself 'the village idiot', Draco smirking at the end of their search. The three with their wands to the wall.

If he were a muggle, he might have been tempted to say a little prayer. Since he was not, he just cursed himself and the Universe under his breath and pointed his wand at the wall.

A millisecond later, he found himself in the middle of a desert. A man on a camel came about near him and asked him something in a language Severus could not make out. He ignored the man and Apparated away, leaving behind a very confused man and his camel.

'Well, that was a waste of–' – Severus stopped his thought short when he felt himself being pulled by a strange force just as he was about to land on the nearest Intercontinental Apparating Point, and ended up in the very same spot from before. The man and his camel blinked at him and watched the Potions Master almost throw a fit.

The camel attempted to eat Severus's hair, and the man slapped it on the nuzzle. The animal did not care for it and tried to bite him, but his master did not allow it and just gave Severus a look. The Potions Master decided to leave the man and the animal and start walking.

Now, if only he could find out where he was...

It was the Wadi Rum, in Jordan.

He had an idea, but did not know just how far from home he was.


"I'm starving"

"Shut up"

"But I am!"

"And I said I do not care to hear about it, Zabini"

"Hey, now, whatever happened to calling me by name, huh?"

"You started talking about food every two seconds, and I just want to wring your neck"

"Oh, boo hoo. Then kill me already. You're turning into an annoying little twat, Draco"

"Into a what?"

"'Twat'. What? You've never heard it before? It means I think you are a big, walking, talking and complaining vagina!" – Draco blinked.

"Excuse me? You called me a vagina?"

"Yes! Now you're bloody pissing me off, Draco!"

"I am not. I am far too–"

"Oh, what. Slytherin? Malfoy? Pretty? What, what!"

"I will kill you in your sleep"

"You will not, you're a little twat, you will do no such thing"

"Stop calling me that already!"

"I will not!" – with an indignant and out of character little scream, Draco leaped and tackled Blaise, who yelped when the blond attacked him.

"I hate you!"

"I hate you more!"

They rolled around the floor trying to hurt the other and not themselves, all the while not really doing any damage. They were wizards, and Purebloods also, so it was only natural they did not know quite well how to throw a good punch. Hell, using their fists was frowned upon in their circles, and what they were doing right now? Awful.

Their mothers would weep at their lack of manners, while their (dead) fathers would just shake their heads and deem them unworthy of their family names, although there was nothing to do about since they were only children and thus only choice at heirs. That and their fathers were dead anyway.

The two tired of their little squabble soon enough and panted side by side, though Blaise was far too tired to even think about making a dirty remark about their current condition.



"You don't think we'll die out here, do you?"

"... We better not"

"Hope the professor finds us soon. You think he's still in Italy?"

"Don't know"

"Too bad about the damn Big Feet. If not for them..."

Blaise stayed quiet, and Draco merely closed his eyes, tired as hell.

"Who the fuck was La Grazia?" – Blaise asked softly.

"Fuck Antonio La Grazia" – Draco said back, falling asleep. His companion looked at him and after a few moments, he closed his eyes as well.


Meanwhile, Severus Snape stared at a camel. The camel stared back at the man. The man frowned and the camel licked his face for the fourth time in two minutes. The man growled and the camel licked him again.

Five licks, two minutes and no magic. Severus was going to commit suicide. Or just camel–cide. Whatever.

"You will obey me for I have purchased you" – Severus said forcefully to the animal that did nothing but stare at him.

It was a hot day, he had a licking camel as his mode of transportation, apparently flying carpets weren't available anywhere in that Merlin–forsaken hellhole, and his magic was pretty much useless. He could cool himself, sure, but he wanted to leave that place, not cool himself. Well, fine, cooling himself was more important at the moment, but leaving and finding his wayward students were much more... Except for the camel. He had to kill it, it was the only way he was going to leave that place with his mind roughly intact.

"Stop doing that!" – he snapped at the animal when it tried to lick him again. The camel then tried for the first time to eat his hair. Annoyed, Severus ignored the animal and jumped on its back, placing some spells all around them so he would not fall and the animal would not go off on its own, or make a mad dash somewhere. He had learned that with his first camel of the day.

The Potions Master and his camel walked through the desert, the man with a scowl and the camel with a blank face, and eventually they reached...

Well, nowhere.

A long day it was, but it was an even longer night, for although there seemed to be little magic around him, Severus heard, the entire night, animals fighting and crying out. Magical creatures that were among the deadliest in the world and just happened to be fond of the desert and the night.

Just his luck.

He wondered for the millionth time that day – was it all worth it? No, it was not. But it was his duty and, hell, he was going through with it. If he was stuck in a desert, who knew where his students could have been thrown? The middle of the sea, a volcano, a jungle... Anywhere! And they were moronic, to say the least. If he was having trouble, what were they having?


In fact, Draco and Blaise were having... Well, they were taking a nap. But it was soon not so because they were starving. Their hunger woke then both around the same time they heard wailing very close to them. They snapped their eyes open and frantically searched for the origin of the animalistic sound. They gulped and looked at one another when the sound became closer. They quickly threw as much snow as they could manage into the fire, extinguishing it at once. They ran to the end of the cave, and waited, their senses heightened by fear.

They could not use magic, they were stuck in a cave with no other way out, and some sort of animal was close to them. What the hell was going to happen! Were they to die just like this? And no one would ever find their bodies! How would they ever be able to? If the professor couldn't locate them alive, how could anyone find them dead? There was just no way around it! They were going to die, and they were going to die with each other. To Draco, it was one of the worst ways to die. For Blaise, well, it wasn't the worst way to go, but it wasn't in the least nice or pleasant either.

"Draco..." – Blaise whispered as low as he could. The blond said nothing and Blaise took it as a 'just say it!' – "If we die, I want you to know. You're not such an ass. You're not a great friend, but I like you. I would not die for you, but I would kill for you" – the blond gripped Blaise's shoulder and squeezed a little. The black young man smiled in the dark, even if the blond proceeded to poke him on the ribs. He could tell Draco was smiling and was glad for it. If they were to die right there and then, at least he had said all he wanted to his companion.

"I love Harry Potter" – Draco whispered into the darkness. Blaise wished he could see his face – "And I don't hate you. I love my mother, and my father... I didn't hate him. I didn't love him, but... I like professor Snape more than I liked my father. And I love Harry, fuck, I–" – Blaise hugged the blond and the two remained like that for a long time. Draco did not cry, but he did hold onto Blaise tightly.

"Mother killed every single one of her husbands, but she loves me. And I love her. And I like the professor even when he's being a git, and I always had a thing for Wood. Always wanted to have a go with him but I guess I was way too young for 'im, I was a third year when he left, and–"

"Shut up, Blaise, Merlin, just shut up" – Draco murmured.

The wailing continued and they somehow managed to fall asleep, still hugging each other. The following morning they would wake and the blond would push the other one, and neither would speak of it.

At least not until they left.


Blaise grinned at the blond as he dug snow for them to drink – somehow. The blond rolled his eyes and continued searching for something – anything – to use as cup or anything of the sort so he and Blaise could drink some water. They were still inside the cave, and doing everything quietly, or as quietly as they could manage, and whatever animal was still out there had not stopped howling every now and then.

Draco was still searching when he came across a smooth stone of odd coloring. He picked it up, curious, and blinked when he turned it. There was a long, straight line carved in it. He traced it with his thumb and turned to Blaise, who stopped digging.

"Draco?" – he asked, following the blond's eyes to the stone.

"I found this. It seems rather... Man made" – he answered slowly. He looked up to his companion – "What do you reckon?" – Blaise squatted near him.

"Give it" – he did and Blaise stared at it closely – "It's very simple and yet quite complex. Quite hard to do without a wand, and even then, it's not always this... Precise" – he also traced it – "Feels... Deep and perfectly straight. Looks like it too" – he continued to pick at it.

"Let me see if..." – Draco mumbled, and started searching in the snow. He then found two more, both with different symbols, one more swirly, the other one with more lines. He nudged Blaise and handed him the stone – "That makes a pattern. Carved stones in the middle of snow? Not possible it's a coincidence"

"Definitely not" – the other teen agreed, looking at the two new stones just as closely as the first – "They are rather strange. Unlike anything I've ever..." – he paused, frowning further. Draco widened his eyes, his quick mind putting things together.

"You took Ancient Runes, no?"

"Yes. Top of the class, better than Granger, in fact"


"Quite. And these are not runes I've ever studied in class or outside. They don't seem to follow much of a pattern. Let's find more, are you hungry or thirsty now?" – Draco shook his head, feeling glad he, they, had something more interesting to do there than wallow, shake in fear, hide, and search for food and water.

A good few minutes later, they moved on back to the cave. The stones they found had different kinds of symbols on them; some were recognizable to Blaise, most were not. And they led them back to the case. Inside, they searched more, and more they found. Some stones were dark, some lighter, some small, some bigger but never bigger than their fists, and all were smooth, not a sharp edge or imperfection.

They found twenty seven stones, total.

Blaise, being the knowledgeable on runes, studied each and ever line and curve of the stones while Draco watched him on. The two remained quiet for a long time before Blaise started to put down the stones in a pattern. The blond got closer, though he said nothing.

"There is little pattern among the runes, but, there is a pattern nonetheless. It's like... There are pieces missing" – he closed a circle with the stones. He looked up at Draco – "I think... I can't be sure, but it sure looks like a–"

Whatever he was going to say was cut short by a long wail. Both teen widened their eyes.

"Fuck!" – Blaise exclaimed. He looked outside, and sure enough, it was much darker than any of them thought. They had spent too much time thinking of the stones, and now it was dark, and they hadn't eaten or drunk anything – "Fucking stones" – he snapped, and slammed his fist in the middle of the circle. Light evolved him and he was gone. Draco widened his eyes and when the creature outside wailed closer, he didn't think straight and just slammed his hand in the middle of the circle as well. He too disappeared.

An hour later, Draco was once again awakened by Blaise, who now grinned from side to side.

"Welcome to land of the living, breathing and scorching, my friend!" – he exclaimed, arms wide open. Draco sat up and looked around their surroundings. He groaned.

"Where in the bloody hell are we, anyway?" – they were in the middle of a beach, and it was boiling hot. A figure approached.

A young girl with wide red eyes blinked at them and asked something in a quick, Asian language. They blinked.

"Shit, do you know what she's saying?" – Blaise asked, confused.

"Not in the least. I think it's Chinese, though" – the girl had her long, luscious dark hair in two pigtails, and wore a red and white Chinese outfit. Indeed, Draco's assumption seemed reasonable. She blinked back at them.

"Oh, you are from England?" – she asked, rather slowly but her accent wasn't too thick. Blaise nodded with a smile.

"Quite! I am Gregory and this is Vincent" – Draco used his acting skills to the best of his skills not to react. Well, at least he didn't call him 'Ron' or something. Shudders!

"Nice to meet you, I am Meiling. Are you lost?"

"Not as such, Meiling. And what a wonderfully pretty name you have" – Blaise said, turning on his charm. Draco rolled his eyes; he was annoying, but girls loved him. Meiling blushed.

"Thank you, Gregory"

"Now, what is this beach called again? We were just walking around, felt a little dizzy from the heat and kind of laid here. Not the best thing, but we were far too tired from the walk, and hungry and all, so we weren't thinking quite right at the moment. So, do you know?" – the girl giggled at their situation.

"It's called 'Rainbow Beach'. Pretty name" – the little girl smiled up at the charming Blaise.

"What a lovely name indeed, Meiling. Now, which way to the city? My friend and I must locate a, hum, person there" – the girl nodded.

"It's that way up there, Gregory" – she pointed to the left – "It's a bit of a walk, but you should be fine, since you've rested" – Blaise nodded back.

"Of course we will be just fine, Meiling, don't worry about us" – and for the first time since they woke up, Blaise and Draco noticed the little gathering of dark haired people, all Asians, close by, most of the men looking at them menacingly, as if waiting for them to screw up to pounce. Draco decided to wrap it up himself.

"Well then, we should go, don't you think, Gregory?"

"But yes, Vincent, we should. Dear little Meiling, farewell and thank you so very much for your assistance. We will probably never meet again, but it was very nice to meet you" – the girl giggled.

"You as well, Gregory. Vincent. Bye!" – she exclaimed, and ran to the group of people, the men still looking at the British teens wryly.

"Lovely girl. She's going to be even lovelier when she grows"

"And in the meantime, you are a perverted pedophile, GREGORY"

"You are no fun in any situation, VINCENT. Let's go"

From the group, a boy taller than Meiling watched the strangers leave the beach. The boy narrowed his amber eyes.

"Very odd" – he mumbled to himself, and returned to thinking about a girl in Japan with bright green eyes.


As Draco and Blaise walked around Australia, Severus wandered around Jordan. And it might be a wild guess, but he was not enjoying himself.

His students were still quite far from him, though his watch for the two had gone to 'Safe', so maybe they had a little bit of brain in them and had adverted whatever crisis they had put themselves in. The professor just wished he could get out of the predicament he was in. His camel had run off, and no amount of magic made it return. He was stranded in the desert while trying to get to a city, and there was a long way to the nearest place with potable, drinkable water. He scowled and continued walking, because darn, he was tired and thirsty. Not to mention dusty.

Two hours later, with hardly a problem, he got to a little, tiny oasis, and gleefully used his wand to drink some nice fresh water. He rested on the small shade there. After a moment he laid, but was disturbed by a small stone. He grabbed it, but before tossing it, he glanced at it and stopped, for it was quite a distinct stone. There was a rune on it, for starters.

While Runes had never been his best subject, he was not inept or completely unknowledgeable, but he could not for the life of him identify the rune on that stone. He laid again, feeling faint from the heat, and stared at the stone. It was perfectly smooth and edgeless, and the carving of the rune was made in such a way that it was at the same time deep and fragile.

The faint trace of some sort of magical pull was difficult to ignore as well.

Trying his best to ignore his weak state, Severus followed the ever fainter pull of magic, and found twenty six more stones. He tried to think back to his Runes classes, and whether there was any significance to the number. He couldn't remember, and the heat was making him dizzy. He started to place the stones in a swirl pattern, making little mistakes in their placement, or so he thought. His mind was no longer sharp and always ready, and he had a fleeting thought that the Dark Lord should have used scorching heat to punish his traitors; it sure was punishment enough.

Shaking his head and mustering the last of his strength, Severus took a deep breath and traced a long, pale finger over the swirl, feeling the runes responding to him and his ability to put them together correctly.

His reward was a pull into the stones, and a sudden fall into an empty street. Severus looked around, head spinning, and found himself on a stone road, with many trees and tall walls. Definitely not England in any capacity. It was almost... In fact, it was completely... Asian.

"Professor Snape" – a soft, girl's voice quietly spoke from close–by. Still weakened from the time in the desert, he laid still, and waited for an attack. It never came, but the girl did. She stood over him, looming, pale blond hair falling, almost hitting him. She smiled broadly – "I thought that was you. I was wondering when you would appear" – she said, almost confidently. The man furrowed his brows.

"Miss... Lovegood...?"


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