Title: Snapshots

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Notes: Snapshot Fifteen

Snapshot Title: Remembering


Sirius flopped back on his bed and listened to the two muffled voices coming from Harry's room.

He couldn't do this, he could not do this, but he couldn't not do this either. Moony had made that very clear. He had to tell Harry everything, including Peter's betrayal. Leaving Lily's trunk in Harry's room and handing Harry the key was the coward's way out, but Sirius was at his wit's end. Three weeks of planning and brainstorming had left him with the same idea he had started with. The only change was Atsuko suddenly showing up with Yusuke and an overnight bag, but Sirius hadn't been able to tell her it wasn't a good night for Yusuke to stay. He had been where Atsuko was, and he had to give her responsible points for putting Yusuke first for once.

"Your parent's school had a weird dress code. They're in dresses."

Sirius snorted softly, remembering Alice trying to shush Lily when she saw Dumbledore in all his purple moon and stars glory for the first time. Lily's opinion hadn't been all that different from Yusuke's. Even after seven years at Hogwarts and four years living in the wizarding world fulltime, it had taken James agreeing in advance to take Harry to a muggle zoo for his third birthday before Lily put the boy in a robe for the first time. Lily had hated doing it, too, but James had grinned for a week, finally recovering his manly wizard points once his son was free from the fluffy baby outfits in public. The most embarrassing one in Sirius's opinion wasn't the one James had hated, the onesie with rabbit ears and cotton tail, but the orange felt jumper with the hood and lion ears and tail, all charmed to move in accordance to how smelly Harry's diaper was. It had been a sad day for all Gryffindors when Lily brought it home and James loved it.

"Don't make fun of Hogwarts. I'm going there one day."

He hoped Lily had been paying attention when he had taken Harry to the zoo as a late fourth birthday present. The trip hadn't been anywhere near as fun as it could have been—without James and, although Sirius hated to admit it, Peter there, there were far fewer jokes. Sirius had pictured that day happening. Remus, Lily and Alice would have led the group, carrying the boys with them, while James, Frank, Peter and he would have followed. The proud fathers would have stopped every now and then to take pictures of their boys, but they would have also hung out with Sirius and Peter, making crude jokes about monkeys, poop flinging, and Snape's hair.

And the snakes. Oh Merlin, the snakes. Sirius had always imagined a mass sneering at the snakes, and once the wives and kids were gone, possibly a few notice not charms, someone being dared to moon the snakes, and the lot of them pretending to be innocent when Lily and Alice came back to check on them. He hadn't pictured finding out Harry could talk to snakes, and that the large cobra wanted to see his homeland. It had taken all of Sirius's will power not to immediately apparate to Moony's, drop Harry off, and go get rip-roaring drunk. Instead, he had pretended everything was normal and finished carrying Harry to all the animals the boy had wanted to see.

"Ch. You wouldn't be stupid enough to go to a school that makes kids wear dresses."

"They aren't dresses!"

Oh Merlin, he wanted a beer now, or a shot of Firewhiskey, but he couldn't. He hadn't been able to have one drink since the first time he had brought beer home, back when they were still living in a flat in London. Harry had taken one look at the beer and hid in his room for the rest of the night. Even after Sirius had tossed the beer, taking the full case outside and dumping it into the dumpster a few floors under Harry's window so the boy could see him do it, Harry hadn't come out of his room. Sirius suspected Harry had actually been in his closet by that point, but Harry had locked his door and Sirius had stuck to his promise not to enter Harry's room, even with magic, if Harry locked the door. Sirius still didn't know exactly why Harry disliked people drinking around him, but he knew it involved Vernon's sister and her dog, and after the one disastrous night last month of Moony staying with Harry while he went out to get Harry a last minute birthday gift and Dumbledore showing up, Sirius couldn't rationalize leaving Harry with anyone so he could go drink.

Sirius chuckled mirthlessly. His godson, at four years old, had done what Dumbledore in a fury and Sirius's disgust at his own stupidity of almost killing Snape by telling where Moony went every full moon, hadn't done. Harry had made Sirius sober. Some days, days like this one, Sirius wished he could be like Atsuko and give into that urge, no matter what the consequences, but he didn't. He had promised James he would keep Harry safe, that he would be Harry's family if James and Lily couldn't, and he couldn't do that if Harry didn't trust him. Loving someone was easy, but being a family required trust.

"He's my dad, that's Moony, she's my mum, and you know that's Sirius."

"Who is that?"

"Don't know."

Sirius closed his eyes, bracing himself for the question Harry was going to ask. He had been expecting it hours ago when he first said the boys could go through Lily's old school things, and only Lily's since Petunia had burned anything blatantly magical of Lily's before Lily moved out of their parent's house. Harry had expressed his unhappiness with his trademark stubborn pout and asked to look through James's things as well, but Sirius had been adamant. He couldn't deal with explaining magic to Yusuke and who Peter was to Harry in the same day. If he had his way, he would never, ever tell Harry anything about Peter, but Moony insisted.

Sirius had to admit Remus had point when he said Peter had been a good friend once, and James had called the rat brother once. Harry deserved to know everything Sirius could tell him about his parents, and good bit of it included the rat. He just wished Harry hadn't wanted to do this with Yusuke here. Sirius didn't have a clue how to handle things if Harry completely lost control and had a magical accident. At this age, a child's magic was closely tied to their emotions, and Harry had been so angry when he and Remus first explained how the James and Lily had died, he had blown two windows out of Remus's cottage. Remus's reassurances Harry would be calm by now didn't mean squat when Sirius pictured himself attempting to explain to the Japanese Ministry his godson had blown up their apartment building because he had gone through his mother's things.

"Let's go ask!"

"Give me back my Mum's photos!"

There was the sound of two sets of feet running towards his bedroom, followed the thumps and muffled swears from the 'discussion' over who would open the door. These discussions usually left one of the boys with a bruised cheek and the other with a scraped shin and Sirius a little more knowledgeable about their latest favorite insults, and Sirius wasn't going to stop them. Sirius could be just as Slytherin as the next Black, and Harry would need the edge of knowing how to fight someone stronger than him, even if it was just from playful fights with Yusuke.

Sirius sat up and tossed the porno magazine he still hadn't read back in his bedside table drawer. He left the drawer slightly cracked so Yusuke could see the magazine was rumbled. Yusuke had searched his room once and, disappointed Sirius didn't have any wanking material on hand, swiped one from a local shop and hidden it for Sirius to find. Sirius didn't have the heart to tell the kid after wizard porn, muggle porn, even some of the out there things in Japanese porn, didn't hold a candle to what he was used to. But since Yusuke was only seven and still unaware of magic, Sirius couldn't explain the joy of moving pictures to him without coming off like a pervert, nor could he explain why using a wank magazine a kid had chosen gave him the willies. All he had been able to do was ask Yusuke not to steal him anymore magazines and deny it when Yusuke asked for it back. Sirius appreciated the thought behind it, though; it had been Yusuke's way of saying thanks for letting him hang out and giving him a key to the apartment in case Atsuko was out or had 'company'.

There was a knock on the door (meaning Harry had won), before Harry poked his head in. Seconds later, Harry tumbled into the room, and Yusuke stepped over him. Sirius just rolled his eyes and helped Harry up, giving Yusuke the time to see if his magazine was still there. Once Harry was on his feet and holding out a group photo with Peter in it, Yusuke had a shit eating grin and the drawer was shut. Sirius mentally rolled his eyes—the kid was a budding miniature pervert.

Sirius ruffled Harry's hair and forced out a smile. Oh Merlin, he was not ready for this. "What do you need, kiddo?"

"Sirius, who is this?"