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Summary: When Lord Voldemort looks down at baby Harry in his crib, he finds he cannot kill the small boy. So he decides to take the boy with him and raise Harry as his heir. But when he brings the baby with him to his hiding place, he discovers something. Harry is actually a girl! Riana Potter-Riddle: raised by Lord Voldemort, very skilled witch. What will Hogwarts make of her? Dark!Riana Evil!Riana

Pairings: various, no permanent Riana/Draco (sorry!)

I'm sorry! I should be writing the second chapter of The Storm! This story just came to me though, and I can't think of anything for that other one! I'm not sure I'll continue it The Storm. You all decide if I should.

A Father's Pride

A black-hooded figure suddenly appeared on the corner of Godric's Hollow. The person, called Lord Voldemort, smiled in the darkness of the night. Around him, a dozen other people also appeared. They all crowded around him, eerily quiet.

"My Lord," whispered another man. "The Potters are all home. They are in the living room." Voldemort nodded. "Well done, Lucius," he praised. "It's time."

The men and women crowded around Voldemort all moved back a little so that he had more space. They formed a round circle surrounding the leader. "Go," commanded Voldemort, and the circle started walking silently down the street.

They reached the home that they were searching for and stopped. Voldemort whispered a spell and the front door opened. Inside, shouting and screaming started. Voldemort and two others entered the home. In the hallway, they met a breathless James Potter.

"Lily!" he called. "Go! Take the baby!"

Voldemort smiled and raised his wand to James' heart. "Goodbye, Potter," he whispered. "Avada Kedevra!"

Upstairs, Lily was running down the hallway quickly, clutching the baby to her chest. She entered her child's bedroom and searched for the portkey that she and Dumbledore had set up in case this happened. She finally found the small blanket with blue horses on it and walked over to the crib, laying he baby in it. Downstairs, she heard someone shout and a large bang. "James!" she wept.

She could here something coming down the hallway. Quickly, she wrapped the blanket around her child and laid it back down in the crib. Suddenly, the doors to the bedroom burst open and Lily turned around to meet the face of Lord Voldemort. He smiled.

"Hello, Lily," he said softly, almost caringly. "Move aside."

Lily shook her head and moved closer to her child. "Please don't," she whispered.

Voldemort sighed, and then flicked his wand. "Avada Kedevra!" he cried. Before Lily could utter a sound, she was engulfed in green light and fell to the ground, dead.

Voldemort smiled and moved over to the crib. He looked down at the little figure laying in it. The child was smiling innocently at him, and for a moment, he felt his heart stir with something almost like love. He shook himself, and then pointed his wand to the child. "Avada Kedevra!" he roared.

The child was surrounded by green light. Voldemort started when the energy of the curse gathered up and rebounded back to him. He was just able to duck before getting hit. He looked at the child again. Hidden under a nest of black hair was a scar, shaped like a lightning bolt. He gasped, then backed away from the child and thought for a moment.

This child was very powerful to have not been killed by THE killing curse. Voldemort thought of how he could use the child's power in his favor. He then made his decision, and decided to take the child as his new heir.

Moving back to the child, he gathered it in his arms and looked down at it. "Sleep now," he whispered, touching a finger to the child's forehead. Brilliant green eyes shut sleepily.

Voldemort whispered a few words, and with a pop, he appeared in the Serpent Manor, as he called it, where he lived. He was in his bedroom. Decorated extravagantly in blacks and greens, it was fit for a king.

Voldemort went over to his bed and sat down. "Stelly!" he called.

A pop was heard and a houself appeared by Voldemort. She wrung her hands cautiously. "Yes, Master?" she asked, and was handed the baby.

"Fix him up. Give him proper clothes, and change his diaper, if you please," Voldemort said, wrinkling his nose. Stelly nodded and disappeared.

Voldemort, or Tom as only his closest followers knew him, sighed and took his cape off. Under it he wore a black robes that billowed around him nicely. He started to pull off his robes to change into nightclothes (Dark Lords are human also!) when a pop announced that Stelly had returned.

"Master Lord!" she cried, clutching the baby to her chest. "The baby is a girl, sir, not boy!" Tom sprung up and walked over to Stelly. He grabbed the baby and looked into her diaper. Sure enough, it seemed this was a feminine baby.

"Well this changes things," he muttered, handing the baby back to Stelly. "Alright, change her into proper nightclothes and put her to bed. We'll work out other things tomorrow." Stelly nodded and left again. Tom sighed to himself.

"A girl, huh?" he whispered. "Tom, what is wrong with you? Go read for once!" He walked over to his dresser and pulled out a book. The Potter Line, it was called. He flipped through it until he found what he was looking for. "Okay, Lily and James Potter gave birth to a baby girl on July 31st. The girl was christened Riana Amerie Potter." He shut the book and sighed yet again. He seemed to be doing a lot of that lately.

"Okay, Riana Amerie Potter," he whispered. "This will be strange Tom. Can you handle a baby girl? This has to be the ultimate strength challenge." Then he fell asleep in his large comfy bed.

The next morning, Tom was woken up rudely by a shrill wailing. He cursed viciously and sat up in bed, only to see a quivering Stelly holding a crying Riana and staring at her master. The poor houself seemed to be near tears.

"I is sorry master!" she squeaked. "The Little Mistress is not being calmed down by me!" Tom sighed and shot Stelly an evil glare. He wasn't nearly as cruel as the world made him to be. He didn't always hurt others who were innocent, especially not women or children, unless he was seriously angry, and he knew that Stelly had not done anything. Sighing, he took Riana from her hands and held the child carefully.

The little girl stopped crying and looked up at Tom, who smiled at her softly. "You are crazy," he murmured, and Riana giggled.

"Stelly, please go prepare breakfast and bring it up here. And bring some applesauce and milk for Riana." Stelly nodded, smiled at the baby, and disappeared.

Tom looked back at Riana. The little girl wore some small black robes that were lined with emerald green that matched her eyes. Stelly had given her a beautiful diamond headband to hold her hair back. The lightning-scar stared up at Tom hauntingly. He had always wanted a family. He always dreamed of what it would be like to have a child; someone he could care for, and could care for him. After all, he was only twenty! (I'm tweaking things up a lot, because I want Riana to have a young father.) In reality, he had been alive longer, but a very strange spell that he had once been hit with caused him to start aging more slowly when he had reached his eighteenth birthday.

Stelly returned and handed Tom a tray, holding pancakes and orange juice for him and some mushy applesauce and lukewarm milk for Riana. He thanked her, and then started to feed Riana. She was very cooperative and didn't fuss at all. Tom then ate his food, and since he wasn't going to get any more sleep, he got out of bed and got dressed.

"Well little Riana," Tom sighed. "I guess you'll stay with Stelly during the day, okay? The others can't know about you yet." Riana just gurgled. Tom shook his head, smiled at the baby, and let Stelly take care of her while he went to talk to his followers.

The next two years passed just like that. Tom fed Riana in the morning, let Stelly take care of her in the day, and fed her again at night. He got a black crib to put in his room for her.

Nearing her third birthday, Tom began to notice some changes in Riana. Whenever she was with him, small explosions seemed to happen, and Tom soon figured out that her magical ability was developing. This excited him, as it meant that Riana could soon take classes studying the magical world. He figured it was time to get Riana a teacher.

It was the night of Riana's third birthday. The entire day Tom had stayed with her in her new room, which was decorated in blacks and silvers and was very spacious. The little girl had been spoiled by her father today, receiving many new clothes, toys, and books. Riana had been able to read since she was two-in-a-half, and could read small chapter books and long picture books.

That night, there was a Death Eater meeting. Today was the day that Riana would be showed to his Death Eaters. Tom had Riana dressed in her finest black robes with a blood-red collar, and her hair had been washed so that it shined. It was currently hanging straight down behind her, glittering in some spots from the special shampoo Stelly had used.

At the meeting, Voldemort sat in his throne-like chair, and Riana stood as straight as a three-year-old could beside him. There was a swish of robes and a dozen Death Eaters appeared in a semi-circle in front of Voldemort. They each bowed to him deeply, many of them sneaking looks at Riana with curiosity.

"My Loyal followers," Voldemort said quietly, "today I have an announcement to make." The Death Eaters were silent. Voldemort smiled inwardly.

"I would like to introduce Riana Amerie Potter-Riddle, my adoptive daughter." Many of the Death Eaters gasped. This was certainly a surprise.

"Today is her third birthday, and as a treat, I thought she might receive her first wizard teachers. I assure you she is very capable of handling whatever tasks you put in front of her. Will any of you be volunteering to teach her?" Six people stepped forward; Bellatrix Black, Rudolphus Lestrange, Severus Snape, Lucius Malfoy, Anthony Crabbe, and Gregory Goyle Senior. Voldemort smiled.

"Excellent. Crabbe, Goyle, you both will teach her Healing. Severus, you will guide her in Potions. Lucius, Transfiguration. Rudolphus, Charms. And Bellatrix, I would like you to teach her Beginner's Dark Arts, and when she's older, Divination and other things I will tell you of. All of you others, you will be in charge of making sure nobody catches sight of Riana out of the castle, and guard her when she does go out. You are dismissed. Severus, Lucius, Bellatrix, stay behind." Those three nodded and stayed while the other Death Eaters left again. They moved closer to Voldemort after he beckoned them.

"Riana," Voldemort called softly. "Please go meet your major teachers."

Riana moved away from her father's side and down to where three of her teachers stood. She observed each one for a moment. Lucius Malfoy's long silvery hair and blue eyes made him look like a nice, but important man. Severus looked like someone always hungry for knowledge. He would probably be good at teaching Potions. His long black hair was pulled back by an elastic band, and his dark eyes swirled with something almost like awe.

Bellatrix Black was different from her partners. Her long, pale blonde hair went past her shoulders, and her light blue eyes were filled with love. She looked like a very kind woman to friends, but Riana had a child suspicion that she could be a nasty enemy, despite her appearance.

"Hello," Riana said politely, "I'm Riana Riddle. When do we start lessons?" Lucius and Severus shared a glance, but Bellatrix just smiled and knelt down to the child's height. "Hi Riana. I'm Bella. I'm very sure we'll start classes soon. I look forward to teaching you." Riana smiled back. She liked this woman.

Voldemort cleared his throat. "Riana, you will start your lessons tomorrow. You're teachers will meet you in the library every morning, and you'll start out with half an hour of each class. After that, you'll have lunch with your teachers, and then have the afternoons off. You're classes will grow longer over time. Now, hurry off to bed." Riana nodded, gave her father a quick hug, and then left the room.

Voldemort turned to his three most loyal followers. "You all will not go easy on her just because she is young. I assure you, Riana is beyond capable of whatever a child thrice her age can do. Dismissed." The three Death Eaters nodded. They each disappeared with a small pop.

Voldemort sighed and looked at his beautiful snake Nagini, who was curled around his shoulder. "You do think she's ready for them, right?" he hissed worriedly. Nagini just smiled.

The next morning, Riana woke up early and got out of bed. She took a quick shower, something very few three-year-olds could do by themselves, and dressed in her daily black robes. Today's robes had a green collar.

Riana walked over to her bed, where Stelly had laid breakfast when she had been in the shower. Wolfing down some waffles and downing a glass of apple juice, she wiped her face clean and walked to the library.

Riana walked into the large library, shutting the heavy doors behind her. She walked to the back of the library, where she saw Crabbe and Goyle waiting for her. Both were tall and slightly bulky, though Riana had a feeling that they both were smarter than they looked.

"Hello, Young Mistress. Please come and sit down," Goyle said, motioning to a soft rug that was lying on the ground. Riana took a seat apprehensively, staring at the two men in front of her. Crabbe smiled at her to soothe her fears.

"Don't worry, Mistress. Today we're going to go a little slow." Riana nodded, and smiled when the men sat down across from her.

"Okay, the first thing you need to learn to do when healing is clear your mind. Try and draw all of your close memories to the back of your head. Leave your mind completely blank," Goyle commanded. Riana nodded and shut her eyes. She tried to force all of her memories behind her. She soon had mastered it, and could clear her mind on a whim. Goyle nodded approvingly.

"Okay, now we're going to see where your abilities are. Here," Crabbe cut himself on the palm of his hand with a small knife, then moved his hand over to Riana, "Focus on trying to mend this cut with your mind. Try to imagine it sewing back together. Put a little of your energy into it, but not too much."

Riana nodded and stared at the cut. She imagined the blood going away and the skin mending together. After about a minute in a half, she saw the blood flow begin to slow down and the cut start to pull together. After another minute, the cut was healed, leaving only a faint scar.

Goyle whistled. "Riana, you have a very powerful gift. I couldn't heal it that quickly until I was eight." Crabbe nodded, and Riana blushed. "Thank you," she whispered. The lesson continued like that, Crabbe and Goyle testing Riana's raw healing abilities, until half-past ten and Rudolphus appeared beside the others. "My turn," he said in his deep, calm voice. Goyle and Crabbe both nodded to Riana and left the room.

Rudolphus stared at the little girl in front of him. She stared back up at him coolly, her small figure about the size of an ant compared to his booming 6' 4". After a few minutes, he spoke.

"Well little one, I have to say that I am surprised our Lord decided to get a daughter. You must have exceptional skills to be praised so highly by him." Riana blushed yet again and looked down at her feet. "Thank you," she whispered. "What are we going to learn today?" Rudolphus smiled.

"I think that we'll start with something fun and simple today. Bubbilio!" Out of Rudolphus' wand floated about four hundred bubbles of different sizes, the largest ones being big enough for Riana to fit inside. The girl squealed with delight, and her teacher smiled.

"I thought you might like it. Your father provided this wand for you to use on beginning spells." Rudolphus pulled a wand out of his cloak and handed it to Riana. The girl grabbed it and could feel the controlled magic vibrate inside of it. She smiled.

"Okay, now you try the spell," Rudolphus commanded. Riana nodded and flicked her wand. "Bubbilio!" she cried. Many bubbles flew out of her wand, but not quite how many Rudolphus had produced. The man smiled anyway.

"Excellent, Mistress. You've mastered the theory of it on your first go. Keep trying."

After the lesson was over, Riana had managed to produce about six hundred bubbles in each go. She was very proud of herself.

A swish of cloaks announced that Lucius Malfoy had appeared. He nodded to Rudolphus. The taller man bowed respectably to Riana before disappearing.

"Hello Young Mistress," Lucius said carefully, looking down at the tiny girl in front of him. She groaned. "Can't anyone actually call me by my first name? Mistress makes me sound old." Lucius smiled.

"Okay then. Hello Riana, I am Lucius Malfoy, your Transfiguration teacher. Today we will start on something rather easy." Lucius laid a small blue bird on the ground. It appeared that the bird couldn't move. "Can you try and change this into a music box? Imagine it turning into the box, then point your wand at it and say, 'Sarimulia!'

Riana nodded. She concentrated on the music box. "Sarimulia!" The bird started cheeping and transformed into a feather-covered music box. Lucius laughed.

"Let's try it again," he said. Riana nodded and said the spell again. This time it turned into a perfect music box, though it played when it was closed and was silent when it was open.

The little girl kept on trying until she finally managed to get it. "Yes!" she cried, and was allowed to keep the beautiful sapphire-encrusted music box for her hard work.

Lucius disappeared after bowing to Riana. A moment later, Severus appeared. Riana studied him again as he walked towards her. "Hello Riana," he said softly. The girl nodded.

"So, what do you already know abut Potions?" Severus asked, fully expecting the girl to not know a thing about the class. Riana however, surprised him. She started on a long, interesting speech about the theory of making potions, how many ingredients had to be added a certain way, and what kinds of potions she already knew of. Severus was, to put it lightly, impressed.

"Very good," he said to the girl. "Since it seems that you already know a lot of potions, why don't you choose the one you want to make today out of this book?" He handed Riana a large book filled with children-interesting potions to make. Finally, the little girl chose a potion that changed a person's hair color to the opposite of what it was now. For instance, if a person's hair were black, it would turn white. The spell only lasted a few days, though.

Severus nodded at Riana's choice. He conjured a cauldron and a burner under it, then all of the ingredients that Riana would need. "Okay, if you need help then ask me," he said, then sat back to allow the girl to begin.

Riana looked at the book. The first thing to do was turn the burner on low. She did this, and then started on step two. For fifteen minutes, she worked silently, working through all the directions. When she was finally done, she turned and looked at Severus expectantly.

The man had been watching Riana in awe. Quickly he shook himself of his stupor and went over to observe the girl's potion. It looked nearly perfect, only a tad off in color. He smiled and bottled some up for the little girl. "Here, you can keep this," he said, and Riana squealed and hugged Severus. The man, although first in shock, slowly moved to hug the girl back. After a dew seconds they were interrupted by a stifled laugh.

Bellatrix Black moved from behind the bookshelves where she had been spying on the other two. "Hello Severus. I never thought I'd see the day when you gave a child a hug," she smirked. Severus turned red. He cleaned up the potions stuff, bowed goodbye to Riana, and disappeared.

Bellatrix smiled at Riana. "I've been sitting behind those books all day watching you and your teachers, and I have to say that you must be the first person who Severus has hugged in twenty years. Quite astounding." Riana smiled. She already liked this woman.

Bellatrix stretched and yawned. "Okay. Today we're actually going to do something. Since I'm supposed to teach you the Dark Arts, we'll start with defensive curses against the Dark Arts, and then go deeper. How's that?" Riana nodded. "Sounds cool," she replied. Bellatrix grinned.

"Okay then. The first spell you are going to learn is a very simple, yet useful spell. Expelliarmous!" Riana's wand fell out of her hand. She gasped. Bellatrix threw the extra wand that she now held back to Riana. "Now you try," she commanded.

Riana concentrated hard. "Expelliarmous!" she shouted. Bellatrix's wand shook slightly, but didn't move out of its owner's hand. Bellatrix smiled evilly, and Riana just tried harder.

By the end of the lesson, Riana had perfected Expelliarmous, Reducto, and Stupefy. Bellatrix gave the little girl a lollypop. "Here you go, a chocopop. Changes from chocolate to cherry with every other lick." Riana took it gratefully and began sucking on it. "Thank you," she said sweetly, and Bellatrix laughed again.

"No problem my dear. Now, your father will be here soon and I'm sure he will be eager to here what you learned today. Farewell!" With a pop, Bellatrix disappeared. After a few moments, Tom appeared in her place. "Let's go out to the gardens, and you can tell me about your day," the man suggested. Riana nodded, and the two walked out to the back of the castle into the gardens. They sat down on the edge of a large fountain decorated to be a snake. Over sandwiches, Riana described her day to her father. He nodded at her accomplishments.

"I'm very proud of you," he said when the three-year-old had finished. "Now, what are you going to call your teachers? I'm sure you'll get fed up with always saying Professor." Riana thought for a moment. Her eyes lit up.

"How about Uncle Crabbe, Uncle Goyle, Uncle Rudolph, Uncle Luci, Uncle Sevvie, and Aunt Bella," the girl suggested. Tom smiled, imagining what his supporters, especially Severus, would think of those names. "That sounds good," he said, and they finished up their lunches in a comfortable silence.

The next eight years past quickly. When Riana was ten-and-a-half, she was able to perform seventh year spells and potions, and some more advanced than that. Thanks to Bellatrix, she could also perform Occlumency, Legilency, Divination, and could Apparate. She was studying the theory of being an Animagus, and would hopefully be able to manage it by the time Christmas came around. She had grown up to be gorgeous, with long black hair that went down to her waist with silver highlights, bright green eyes, and small pink lips.

On the day of her eleventh birthday, Riana woke up early and got out of bed to take a quick shower. After that, she dressed in her special silver robes, pulled her hair back into a ponytail, and walked to the library.

Riana entered the library and stopped. Waiting for her their were not her two healing uncles, but Aunt Bellatrix. The woman smiled and opened her arms, which Riana leapt into happily. "Aunt Bella!" she cried, and Bellatrix laughed.

"Happy Birthday, dear. Now, your father told me that we're to eat breakfast, then go out shopping, as you're supposed to be receiving a certain letter today." Bellatrix smiled as an owl soared through the open window in the library and fluttered over to Riana. The girl took the scrolls from the owl's leg and transfigured some bacon rinds for the owl to munch on. She opened the letter and began to read:



Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore

(Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc., Chf. Warlock,

Supreme Mugwump, International Confed. of Wizards

Dear Ms. Potter

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

Term begins on September 1. We await your owl by no later than July 31.

Yours Sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress

Riana grinned. "Awesome!" she cried. "Are we going to Diagon Alley?" Bellatrix nodded. "Yes. Hang on. First we have to send the owl back." Riana made some ink and a quill appear out of thin air. She scribbled onto the paper that she would be going to Hogwarts, sent off the letter with the owl, and conjured some breakfast bars for herself and Bellatrix. Munching on those, the two changed magically into black robes with hoods, which they pulled up to hide their faces. Then they apparated to the edge of Diagon Alley.

Riana and Bellatrix quickly hurried to Gringotts. They entered the large building and hurried up to the front desk where they met with a goblin. "Hello. We would like to access the Riddle vault," Bellatrix hissed from under her cloak. The goblin showed a flash of shock and fear before taking the key that the woman gave him. "Certainly, right this way. GRIPHOOK!" he called.

Another goblin walked up and led Riana and Bellatrix to a side door. They entered and climbed into a mine cart- with a small whistle from Griphook, they were off.

Riana and Bellatrix kept their heads covered during the trip. Riana, in addition to wearing the hood, had the bottom half of her face covered with a black scarf. It was a wizard tradition that Bellatrix told her meant the girl behind the scarf was skilled at the use of magic.

After going through a wild maze of twisting passages, they were at the vault. Bellatrix and Riana followed Griphook out of the cart. They stood back as he opened up the vault with the key, and both gasped at its contents.

The vault had to be at least a hundred by a hundred feet large, and was filled with piles and piles of gold. There were plenty of other items also, which Riana saw were all Dark items. Bellatrix motioned Riana to enter the vault, which the little girl did. She filled up her bag with handfuls of gold coins, then shrunk it and stuck it in her pocket.

They exited the vault and got back into the cart. One wild ride later, they were standing back in the sunlight outside of Gringotts.

Riana pulled out the list of supplies she needed for school. She looked it over, and then grimaced. Bellatrix laughed. "Alright. I'll meet you at Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor in three hours, okay?" Riana nodded, and the two females separated.

Riana headed to Madam Malkin's Robes and entered the small store. She wrinkled her nose at the full cheeriness of it, and then walked up to the counter. "Hello, I would like to purchase a set of school robes."

The woman behind the desk smiled at Riana. "Certainly dear, follow me." The two walked to the back, where another child was already being fitted. "Hop onto the stool dear," the woman commanded, and Riana obeyed, listening to the boy beside her.

"Hello. Are you going to Hogwarts also?" Riana nodded. This boy looked like trouble. His red hair was stuck up everywhere, and his face was covered in spots of dirt.

"I do hope that I don't get into Slytherin, don't you?" the boy asked lazily. Riana stiffened. "Don't you think that's being a little prejudicial?" she asked quietly. The boy just looked at her. "You can't be sticking up for Slytherins, can you? There isn't a bad witch or wizard out there who wasn't in Slytherin."

"All done, dear," the woman said, and Riana hopped off the stool, right before she could've throttled that boy. "Thank you ma'm," she said politely, and handed the lady some galleons when she was handed her new clothes. She glared at the boy, and then walked out of the shop quickly.

"Yuck. Stupid Redheads," she muttered under her breath as she shrunk the robes and stuck them in her bag. Then she looked at her list again. "Alright, I need to head to Flourish and Blotts," she muttered, then headed for the bookshop. Once there, she bought all of her books and a few of the higher-priced books on Dark Magic.

Once she was done with that, she walked into another shop and purchased an enchanted silver cauldron that was non-flammable up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, a nice set of scales for weighing potions ingredients, and a collapsible gold telescope. Then she visited the apothecary, which smelled like bad eggs and rotten cabbage mixed. In there, she met Severus.

"Hello Sev," Riana said softly to the back of the man. Severus turned around quickly, but seeing only Riana, he relaxed. "Merlin Ri, don't do that," he whispered. Riana grinned.

"What are you doing?" she asked, staring at the string of dragon teeth that Severus had in his hand. He grimaced. "I'm making potions for Albus and Poppy," he said, sounding very much unwilling. Riana shrugged. "Have fun. I've got to get my potions ingredients. Excuse me, I need a few of those." As Riana gently grabbed two unicorn horns, Severus stared at her. "What do you need those for? Those aren't on your list." Riana smiled.

"I just want to have a little fun at my first potions class. You know, just to welcome the other students to the beautiful world of potions." Severus stared at the girl, and then shook his head. "As long as it doesn't ruin any equipment," h muttered. "Honestly, you're just like your father."

"Which one?" Riana asked innocently. Severus shuddered. "Both!" he cried, then hurried to the checkout counter. Riana laughed after him.

Once she had gotten everything she needed, Riana hurried to Florean Fortescue's ice cream. Bellatrix stood outside, slowly licking a chocolate cone. She handed Riana a strawberry one. "Hurry up, we need to get your wand," she instructed. When they had both finished their ice cream, they quietly slipped down a side street that was much darker and lonelier. Knockturn Alley, it was called.

"Come on dear," Bellatrix commanded, and they entered a small shop labeled Anita's Specialty Wands. They hurried up to the counter, Riana looking around curiously. "This is strange," she muttered to herself.

Out of the shadows stepped a woman that looked to be a little younger than Bellatrix, with black hair and light eyes. "Good afternoon," she said softly. "I'm Anita. You must be Riana Riddle. I was expecting you." Riana nodded nervously, and moved forward when the woman gestured her to. A wand was placed in her hand, and she gave it a flick, but nothing happened. "That's all right dear, try this one," the woman said. Riana tried again, and this time a shower of pink sparks came out. With a small shriek, Riana dropped the wand. "What's wrong?" Bellatrix asked quickly, and Riana shuddered. "It was pink," she moaned.

The woman just shook her head and handed Riana a final wand. "Here you go dear, the third time is always the charm." Riana took the wand. Instantly she felt warmth coursing through her fingers. She brought the wand up, and then brought it down again. A fountain of glittering gold and silver sparks flew out, and Riana smiled. The woman nodded and took the wand to wrap it up. "Ah yes. This is interesting," she muttered to herself, and Riana decided not to ask why.

When they had exited the shop, Bellatrix turned to Riana. "Eleven and a half inches, made of crystal bark, with the strand of a magical leopard inside. Riana dear, I think that's the strangest wand I've ever heard of." Riana nodded. "Me too. Hey, can we go into the pet shop? I want to see what there is." Bellatrix nodded, and they walked into a shop called Gregory's Magical Creatures. Riana smiled when she walked up to the front desk and saw Gregory Goyle standing there. "Uncle Goyle!" she cried out softly. The man smiled.

"Well, Hello Riana. You here to get a pet?" Riana nodded. "Yeah, I want something different, but not too big. What do you have?" Gregory thought to himself, and then disappeared down a row of shelves. He reappeared a few moments later, holding a covered cage. "This might be good for you," he decided, and pulled off the cover. Riana squealed excitedly.

Inside was a baby cheetah cub. It was about a foot wide and a foot high, and was peering at Riana sleepily. The girl carefully placed her hand up to the cheetah's nose, and he sniffed it for a moment. Finally deciding she was okay, he licked her hand a couple of times.

"He's so cute!" Riana cried. "How much for him?" Gregory thought for a moment. "How about he's free. This is your present from me and Uncle Crabbe." Riana smiled and gave her god-uncle a big hug. "Thank you," she said softly, and then moved back to Bellatrix. With a pop, both girls disappeared.

A few moments later, Riana and Bellatrix appeared in the library of Riddle Manor. Riana took all of her items and gave her aunt a hug. "I'm going to go put this all away," she decided. "Bye, Aunt Bella!" The woman waved goodbye to Riana as the girl walked back to her own room.

Riana reached her room and put away all of her stuff. When she was finished, she took the cage holding her new pet and opened it. "Come on out," she said softly.

The baby cheetah slowly walked out of the cage. He crawled into Riana's arms, purring softly. Riana laughed. "I'm going to name you Valiant," she decided. "You're very brave." Valiant purred as Riana scratched his head. The two walked out of the room and went to find Riana's father.

Tom was sitting in the garden again. It was his favorite spot. His dark hair framed his face nicely, and his dark eyes, flecked with red, held joy. He could hear his daughter looking for him. "By the fountain, Riana," he called out softly.

Riana appeared from behind some bushes and smiled at her father. She had changed back into her silver robes. Tom smiled when he saw the cheetah cub nestled in her arms. "He's wonderful," the man said. "Why don't you let him explore the gardens?"

Riana understood the hidden meaning. She put Valiant on the ground gently, and he scampered off into some other part of the garden. Riana walked over to her adoptive father. She sat beside him on the edge of the fountain, dipping her bare feet into the water.

"What's wrong?" she asked him. He sighed.

"I'm going to miss you so much," he said sadly. "I always tried not to think of the time that you would actually be leaving me." Riana looked into the water, her face holding a slight frown. "Daddy, please stop it. I don't want to leave either. But the world needs to learn that I am here. I'm not dead. Which probably isn't a good thing for them," she added thoughtfully. Tom laughed softly.

"Riana, please tell me the truth. Are you upset that I killed your real parents? Or that I brought you here?" Riana looked up at Tom. "I've told you before, I'm happy here. Here I can be my dark, evil witch self. Out there, I would have to pretend to love the light side. It's disgusting! I mean, they think that you're some kind of maniac who only enjoys going out and killing thousands of people! They're so wrong!"

Tom smiled down at his daughter. "Come here," he commanded softly. Riana obeyed and moved closer to her father so that she was leaning against his chest. Tom pulled a small box out of his pocket. "This is for you," he said softly.

Riana opened the small box and gasped. Inside lay two black diamond earrings, cut into stars. There were also two bracelets, made of star-shaped black pearls. And finally, there was a necklace made of silver, holding a star-shaped black diamond.

Riana squealed. "Thank you Daddy!" she cried, and gave her father a large hug. He smiled. "You're welcome. Now, it was your choice not to have a party, but I do have to show you something. Come with me." Voldemort drew up his hood and made his eyes turn red. Riana called to Valiant and gathered him in her arms before following her father.

They walked through the castle to the meeting room where Voldemort always talked to his Death Eaters. "Come on, Dark Lady," he called behind him. Riana confusedly followed him into the room and smiled. "Uncle Lucius!" she cried.

The silver-blonde haired man smiled and put his hand on the shoulder of a boy right beside him. The boy looked to be an exact replica of the man, except his eyes were dark blue. He stood quietly, seemingly intimidated by the presence of both Riana and Voldemort.

Lucius bowed swiftly to Voldemort. "Hello, Master," he said, and then turned to Riana. "Young Mistress, this is my son Draco. He will be joining you at Hogwarts this year. He is going to be your partner." Riana nodded and turned to Draco. He bowed slightly, and she smiled. "Master Draco, I look forward to having your presence in school. Are you good at magic?" The boy nodded. "My specialty is Transfiguration," he said.

Riana nodded and smiled down at her pet. "This is Valiant. He's going to be joining us at school. Would you like to pet him?" Draco moved forward slightly and rubbed Valiant behind the ears. The cheetah cub purred.

Riana looked at Tom. "So father, are there any more surprises I should be cautious of?" she asked lightly. The man smiled and lowered his hood. Riana heard Draco gasp slightly at seeing the Dark Lord's true face, but she didn't comment on it.

"Well little snake, you still have to receive your Dark Mark. Maybe the Malfoys would like to join us during the ceremony," he said. Riana turned to Lucius, who nodded. "We would love to," he announced. The four walked out of the room and down the hall to another one. This room was empty except for a large bowl standing on a pedestal in the center, and a small shelf that held a large variety of things in one corner. "Go pick out your ingredients, Riana," Tom said softly.

Riana walked over to the shelf. She stared at it's contents for a few moments, then got a small bowl and put two gold unicorn hairs, a dragon nail, fairy dust, a green snake scale, and some vampire blood into it. She got a spoon and mashed it all together, then returned to the center of the room and poured the contents into the large bowl.

Voldemort moved forward to the bowl and looked into the light blue potion. He muttered a few words, cast his hand over the bowl, and then gently grabbed Riana's arm and stuck it into the now boiling potion. The girl hissed but otherwise didn't do anything that signaled she was in pain. After a few moments, Voldemort released her and Riana pulled her hand back quickly, looking at her right wrist. She gasped.

Now engraved on her wrist, in a dark blue, was a picture of a star with a magical creature on the edge of each of the points: a unicorn, a dragon, a sphinx, a snake, and a phoenix. She smiled, admiring the mark.

Voldemort looked at the mark. "Very nice," he said. "If you push this mark, it signals my top six Death Eaters, and myself, that you are in trouble." Voldemort muttered, "Disappera," and the mark disappeared. He placed a strong charm on it that made others think there was no mark at all. Then he turned to Riana.

"Dark Lady, I think that you and Master Draco should go into the gardens," he said. Riana knew that it was a command. She and Draco walked out of the room quickly. When Voldemort was sure they were both very far away, he turned to Lucius.

"Lucius, I will just warn you. Riana is the most precious thing to me in the world. I would go a prisoner to the light if it meant that she could stay alive. If she is harmed at all and you knew of it, you will be severely punished." Lucius nodded and the two men walked out of the room in search of their children.

Draco and Riana were wandering through the garden, following a scampering Valiant. Draco was slightly nervous. He was, after all, alone with the Dark Lord's daughter. However, his fears disappeared when Riana smiled at him.

"It's okay, Draco. My father's not here right now. We can talk." Draco nodded. He thought about what he wanted to ask. He was not sure if it would be too bold. "My Lady?" he started. Riana just nodded. "Yes?" she answered.

Draco took a deep breath, and then continued. "H-have you ever killed anybody?" he asked quickly.

Riana stopped walking and turned to Draco. She stared at him deeply, like she was trying to look into his soul. "My fifth birthday. I was in the woods. Someone tried to attack me. I was alone. I had no choice. I stuck a knife in his heart." She began walking again, and so did Draco, once he had gotten over him momentary shock.

A few moments later, both children's parents found them. Draco and Lucius both said goodbye to the Riddles and apparated away. Riana, after calling to Valiant, took her father's hand and they walked back up to the castle together.

"So, what did you and Draco talk about?" Tom asked. Riana smiled. "Daddy, don't worry. He just asked me a question." Tom laughed.

They reached the castle and entered. Tom turned to Riana. "Well little snake, I think it's best if you went and studied over your books. I've got some business to attend to in America. I'll be back tomorrow." Riana nodded and kissed her father before he apparated away, then went up to her room. "I can't wait to go to school," she whispered to herself.

The next month passed uneventfully. Riana reviewed all of her books, even though she had already done everything in them. By the end of August, Valiant had grown slightly bigger, so that now he was almost too big for Riana to hold. However, Riana knew a spell that could shrink him whenever he got too big, and she had started to teach it to the cheetah so he could change his own size.

When September 1 came around, Riana was ready. She wore a set of emerald robes, covered by her plainest black cape. Her long hair was flowing out in curls behind her. Valiant was in his cage, and growling very loudly about it.

"I'll let you out on the train," Riana whispered as she levitated all of her luggage down the stairs. When they reached the ground, the trunks all disappeared and Riana knew they had been magically transferred to the trunk of the limo waiting outside. She walked out the front door, greeting her father who was waiting for her. His clothes were normal looking, if a little dark, and his eyes were not red. He smiled at Riana. "Shall we go?" he asked. The girl nodded, and they climbed into the limo and drove off down the quiet road.

When they reached he train station, Tom and Riana got out and put the baggage on a trolley. Valiant was thankfully silent. They wheeled the trolley to the barrier between platforms 9 and 10. With a quick glance to make sure no one was watching, they walked through the solid wall.

The Hogwarts Express was not that big of a deal. Riana got onto the train and put her trunks in an empty compartment, then got back off and headed to her father standing near a large family of redheads. She heard the one about her age telling his mother to leave him alone and inwardly smirked.

"I'll miss you," Riana said as she hugged her father goodbye. He held on tightly, and Riana saw that he had a few tears trickling down his face. "Be smart, and don't let others intimidate you. Also Riana, I want you to tell the school that I am here, and that you live with me. That's an order."

Riana nodded, a little confused, and kissed her father goodbye before getting back onto the train. She went back to her compartment and stared out of it as the train began to move. Tom had already gone.

Riana sighed, then looked up when the compartment door opened and someone walked in quietly. She smiled. It was Draco.

"Hello, Drake," Riana said softly. The boy nodded and sat down across from her, his eyes never leaving the mark on her right arm. "You put it back on visible, then?" he asked. The girl nodded and looked down at her own Dark Mark. It really was beautiful.

Another knock was heard and a tall boy with red hair and freckles walked into the room. "Malfoy," he growled out, but then he caught sight of Riana. His breathing hitched.

"Hello Beautiful, Do you remember me? I'm Ronald Weasley," he said, trying to act sexy.

Riana stifled a laugh as she stood up and walked over to Ronald. "Hello, I'm Riana Riddle. You're in my compartment," she smirked. Ron just had a moment to glance around before he was hurled out of the compartment by Riana's own hands. Draco whistled. "Wandless magic. Impressive." Riana smiled and nodded.

The girl went and sat back down across from Draco. They sat in a comfortable silence for a while. Draco began to read a book, while Riana took to staring out the window intently. They stayed like that for a few hours, until a little after noon the compartment door opened again and a smiling woman stuck her head in. "Anything off the trolley, dears?" she asked.

Riana jumped up and walked to the cart. She picked out a large heap of everything and brought it all into the compartment, then paid the woman two gold galleons, letting her keep the change. Draco watched this all in shock.

"Wow. I guess you're pretty hungry, huh?" he asked dryly, as the girl began popping Bertie Botts Every Flavored Beans into her mouth. She grinned. "Kind of. I'm going to keep a lot of this for the school year, because you can't get this stuff at school and if I get my father to send me some, he could be tracked and located. He could put a spell on the owl to prevent that, but it takes awhile and I won't get any mail for at least a week. And I love candy." Draco just shook his head.

A few seconds later, there was a knock on their compartment door and a round-faced boy staring at Riana dejectedly walked into the room. His eyes were quivering with tears.

"I'm sorry, but have you seen a toad at all?" he asked. Draco opened his mouth to reply, but Riana beat him to it. "No, but how about I go look for it? I want to go explore the train, and you look beat." The boy gratefully entered the compartment and sat down where Riana had just been sitting.

"Thank you very much. My toad's name is Trevor," he added. Riana nodded, raising her hood on her cloak. It made her look older, and more dangerous. "You can eat some of those snacks. Oh, and could you please let Valiant out of his cage, Draco? He seems to be getting restless. I'll be back in a little bit." With that, Riana left the compartment, leaving two confused boys and one irritable cheetah cub behind.

Riana walked down the empty train corridor, glancing through various windows. The younger children were sitting in their seats stiffly, staring out the windows, while the older ones were standing up and chatting with their friends enthusiastically. Riana paused outside one compartment, which was filled with older boys dressed in Slytherin robes and chatting quietly. Making up her mind, she silently opened up the door and stepped into the compartment.

The boys turned quickly when they heard the compartment door slam. Glancing around, they spotted Riana, who was smiling at them shyly. She had pulled down her hood. One of the boys smiled back.

"What do you want, little girl?" he asked. His four companions snickered. Riana stopped smiling. "I want to know something. Do you all follow Voldemort?" The boys stopped laughing at once. All of them narrowed there eyes. "Why do you ask?" another boy questioned.

Riana sighed, then rolled up her right sleeve, showing off her splendid mark. "Because, he's my father!" she said with irritation.

The boys all gasped. The tallest one moved closer, reaching out to touch the mark. Riana yanked her arm away. "I wouldn't do that. That is, if you don't want ten Death Eaters pointing their wands at you." The boy pulled his arm back immediately.

The boy that seemed to be in charge glanced at the others, then nodded. Looking back at Riana, he kneeled down. "Yes, we follow Lord Voldemort, my lady. My father is Numain. These are the children of Granther, Smith, Polene, and Follew." The boys nodded in turn as their surnames were called. Riana smiled at each one.

"Excellent. I know them all. Polene in particular interests me. Your mother is very…different." The boy nodded.

Riana smiled at the boys again. "Well then, it will please you all to know that my father is indeed alive and strong, so you can tell your friends that little piece of information." The boys nodded and Riana left the room, shutting the door softly behind her.

Once in the corridor, she knelt and pulled out her wand. "Accio Trevor," she whispered. In a few seconds, she held a squiggling, fat toad in her hands. She smiled, then walked back to her compartment. When she entered it, she groaned.

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