As she walked down the halls, she berated herself silently for leaving him. After all, he had theoretically given her the exclamation of love she had longed for all these years. Images of the dream were flooding her mind, pictures of how wonderful their lives could be, if they lived them together.

She reached her chambers in a daze, not quite sure how she got there. Not even bothering to undress properly, she just discarded of her robes and threw herself on her four-poster bed.

She didn't know what time it was or how long she'd been asleep when she woke up. Opening her eyes slowly, she could make out the outline of a figure, sitting on the edge of her bed, much like she had done in Albus' bedroom earlier.

"I didn't mean to wake you up," a voice whispered. Minerva smiled uncertainly in the dark.

"What are you doing here?"

"I'm actually not quite sure. I just wanted to… be near you," he said, and Minerva could almost see the crooked smile splitting his beard. "Lumos," he whispered and his wand lit up so she could see his face. He looked on the verge of tears and pink streaks on what was exposed of his cheeks were the telltale that it wasn't the first time since she left his domain.

"Why, Albus? Why? After what happened earlier, I would think that you'd want to stay as far away from me as possible. After all, I overstepped my boundaries grossly." She looked away, trying to hide the tears which were forming in her eyes.

"I would never want to stay away from you, Minerva. I'm sorry about what I said earlier. I think… I think I have some explaining to do."

Minerva turned back to him. "I believe that so do I," she said softly. Albus smiled.

"Please allow me to begin," he said. At Minerva's nod, he continued, "What you saw in my Pensieve tonight was a dream, as you've surely figured out. I wanted to store it forever in my memory and I wanted to be able to go back and experience it again and again, knowing it could never happen in reality. We've been friends for many years, Minerva," he ended with a little smile.

"Albus, I'm really sorry for invading your Pensieve like I did, it was rude of me and I apologise. But, my dear, I am not sorry for finding out what you dream about. I was so afraid to see whom you'd been dreaming about marrying and when I saw myself walk down the aisle, I had a sense of Déjà vu, because that has happened so many times in my own dreams." Sometime during her speech, she had sat up in bed and was now looking eye to eye with him, literally and figuratively. She reached out and caressed his cheek softly. "But I've always been afraid that if I tried to realize my dreams, they would turn into nightmares. It scared me off because I already had more with you than most other women." She didn't lower her eyes, however much she wanted to. His hand covered hers on his cheek and he squeezed it.

"My dear, you have more with me than any other woman," he whispered, leaning closer, and kissed the corner of her mouth tentatively. As he pulled back, green eyes locked with blue before they leaned into each other in a warm embrace. Minerva smiled into Albus' beard.

"Is this a dream then?"

"Yes," he chuckled. "A very beautiful dream."


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