TRY ON MY WORLD Author: Lu Main Characters: Buffy/Spike

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Setting: Season 6, during " Life Serial" (I just borrowed few quotes, thanks to the writer of the episode!)

IMPORTANT: In this story Angel keeps the Gem of Amarra, instead of destroying as he does at the end of " In the Dark".

Summary: It's the scene at Spike's crypt, but things go differently…


" This is gonna be great!" Buffy exclaimed, holding up a shot-glass full of liquor, pouring the shot down her throat.

" Blaaah!" she made a horrible face, shaking her head.

Spike lifted his own shot shot-glass to his mouth, slamming it down.

" Life is stupid!" she complained.

" I have a dim memory of that, yeah. And I didn't figure you were there cadging my whiskey 'cause life is all full of blood and peaches …"

" No. There's this thing… someone's doing stuff to me. Messing up my life, except that it was kind of pre-messed already. You know, with school and jobs… pretty bad even without the evil…"

" So, you uh, just what? Gonna let this whoever play you 'till it figures out what kills you?"

Her only answer, she shrugged, putting down her glass.

" Giles is working on it."

Spike laughed.

" Oh, good, 'cause Giles wields the mighty force of library books!"

" You'd do better?"

" Damn right! I'd hit the demon world…"

Buffy refilled the two glasses, while Spike straddled the coffin where they were sat on.

" Ask questions, throw punches, find out what's in the air. Hmm? It's fun, too!" he kept talking.

" S not my kind of fun.." she slurred, screwing cup back onto the flash.

" Yeah. It is."

Buffy looked at him.

" And your life is gonna get a lot less confusing when you figure that out…" he explained quietly.

" Ya had so too much drink at this point, I'm cutting ya off!" she slurred.

They both emptied their glasses again. Buffy made her ' alcohol face ' again.

" Blaaah!" she shook her head.

Spike watched that with a smile.

" You're not a schoolgirl. You're not a shop girl." he commented, as she poured from the flask into her glass again, emptying it in one go.

" You are a creature of the darkness. Like me "

Buffy looked at him again.

" Try on my world, see how good it feels" he invited her.

" Are there drinks in your world?"

" All the ones you want. Just let me take ya in my world.." he slurred.

" Yeah… just as if ya could…" she teased him, filling again their glasses, drinking hers quickly; but this time she didn't grimace much.

" Sssure I can!" he protested, slamming down his throat his.

" Ya can't even begin to hurt me without your head exploding in pain. Ah-Ah. Chippy Boy can't do anything!" she sing-sang chuckling, pointing at him.

" I'll show ya who can't harm whom!" he growled, approaching her in a threatening way; but she didn't care much, too worried for the fact that the flask was nearly empty.

" Oh-Oh. This issh the last glass!" she exclaimed, bringing it to her mouth, but Spike snatched it abruptly from her hand, swallowing it all.

" Heeey! It was mine!" she pouted.

" Well, this will teach you not to make ever fun of me!" he struck back, while a drop of liquor was slipping down his chin.

Buffy noticed that, approaching him more.

" It wasss mine n I'm gonna take it back!" she slurred, grasping his shoulders to pull him to her, licking the drop of whiskey from his chin to the corner of his mouth.

After a second, her lips were pressed on his, demanding entrance. He was more than happy to please her.

Buffy explored his cold mouth, tasting the liquor. Just when he decided to kiss her back, she opened her eyes and noticed another flask behind the coffin.

She parted from Spike and went to catch it.

" Second round!" she exclaimed triumphantly.

Spike said nothing, too confused because off both of the kiss and the alcohol. He confined himself to open the bottle, filling the glasses again.

" If only I saw it befoooore.. just look what I've brought myself to do just to tassste a little more liquor again.." she muttered.

" According to your moans, it didn't seem a soooo big sacrifice to ya!" he slurred.

" I wasn't moaning!" she clarified, emptying the glass.

" You were!" he insisted, following her example.

" Wasn't!"


" Wasn't!"

" Were!"

" Wa.."

She was interrupted by Spike, which crushed his lips with hers, and this time he had a more active role in the kiss, so it took just a bunch of seconds to hear Buffy moaning in pleasure.

He stopped, sneering satisfied.

" Ha-Ha: Buffy 's moans!" he pointed at her, grabbing the flask and drinking directly from it.

" I was just tasting the alcohol…" she justified, stealing the flask from him, mirroring his actions.

He snatched it from her roughly.

" Shtop hiding behind lame excuses and bloooody admit ya feel somethin' for me!" he summoned her, slurring.

She stole the flask from him again, emptying it.

" Bite meeee!" she slurred, sticking her tongue to him.

" As ya wishhh… " he sneered, bringing his mouth to her neck, without any reaction from her, too drunken to do anything; neither when he slipped to his game-face, ready to bite.

His fangs sank in her tender flesh and she dropped the glass she still held for the surprise, breaking it in thousands pieces.

She gave out a small cry for the pain mixed and oddly overwhelmed by the pleasure.

After tasting few drops, he stopped shocked, his human face coming back.

"I-I've …just bitten ya… and ya cried.. but chip didn't work…" he commented, watching her confused.

" Oh.. Sure, I got it!" she exclaimed too enthused.

" I'm dreaming, it's only that: ya biting me, chipless… S typical of my dreams…" she explained, puzzling him more.

" Ya dream 'bout me? 'Bout me biting ya!"

" S not only the bite… usually, it comes to play after a huge amount of savage sex, or before it… or meantime, it depends…" she said quietly, as it was the most normal thing to say.

Spike was dumbfounded: Buffy was confessing to have fantasies, erotic fantasies, about him; no matter if she was under the effect of the alcohol. He was happy as never before; it was what he had dreamt about for so long… Here is the keyword: dreaming.

" I start to believe in your theory, pet! I must be dreaming too, ya sound a bit too unreal…" he slurred.

" We ssshould take advantage of it before we wake uup… " she suggested, folding her arms 'round his neck.

" If S just a dream, I'd better do what I always do to ya in every of my dreams…" he murmured.

" And what it would be?"

" What I told ya before this dream… or maybe.. it was already a dream even before… whatever! I wanna bring ya to my world!" he smiled, amazed when he saw her baring her neck with a smile.

" I would have bet it was that! Anyway… I also dreamt 'bout it once or twiiiice, so I'm getting used to that. Once more can't be bad, can it?"

" Nope. After all, S another bloody dream… jus more realistic than usual, don't know why. I think we should try… Then, ya 're the one who said life issh stupid…" he slurred, approaching to the two little wounds on her neck, already healing.

" Still think life issh ssstupid!" she slurred, grasping his shoulders.

" So, pet, let's enjoy this dream!" he whispered, licking the punctures, as she closed her eyes, waiting for his change. When he did it, she abandoned herself in his arms serenely.

" Ya drinking from mee…definitely my dream…" she moaned.

" Mee drinking from ya… S just my dream!" he slurred as he drained her.

" Here's the moment I go limp…" she whispered weakly.

" Here's the part I prefer: the one where I bind ya to mee eternally!" he said, pulling himself from her, supporting her with an arm, picking a piece of glass from the ground, which he used to cut his chest, after rolling up his T-shirt.

He brought her close to his wound, with extreme tenderness.

" It's my fave part, tooo… " she admitted with a faint voice, drinking for few minutes, starting to regain energy.

Overwhelmed by the alcohol, by the loss of blood and by the deepness of the experience they shared; they both fell into a deep asleep.


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