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Spike and Buffy were cuddled on the sofa, watching TV, when they heard the phone ring. Buffy answered, unhooking the receiver at the third ring.


"Hi, Buffy, it's me, Dawn. Sorry, I know it's too early for you, after all it's just 2:00 p.m.…" her sister apologized.

"Don't worry, Dawnie, we were already awake. Patrol's been awfully slow lately; we haven't found that many vamps and demons to slay. You know, now that I think about it, maybe they followed you to L.A.!" she teased, and realizing who it was, Spike got closer to the receiver to participate in the conversation.

"So, what's up? How is the life of an actress?" Buffy wondered.

"It's cool, but... too stressful, I saw what Cordy has to bear every time... and I don't know if I really want that!" Dawn admitted. "You should ask me about Dru, instead!" the teenager suggested.

"Fine. What about Dru? Is there any trouble with her chip?" Buffy wondered.

"You wouldn't believe me, not even if you saw her, after spending a couple of days with Cordy and Harm, they have totally brainwashed her; you wouldn't recognize her anymore. She doesn't wear long dresses anymore; for example, right now she is wearing a denim miniskirt with a bright tank top, and guess what? They convinced her to change her hair, too, so now she has purple streaks in her hair, and believe me, she looks very pretty!" she informed then and the two blondes tried to imagine her, smiling at the thought.

"Fashion and style aside, how does she feel there?"

"Oh, I'd say she's feeling right at home, maybe she has to learn how to answer to the phone a bit better, because people don't like hearing her say something like 'The wind whispered to me that Daddy will make things right for you very soon!' or sing-song something. But she already had a couple of visions and helped a lot, with Cordy's, too, they are a team. And about the chip, she's learning how to un-live with it, but if only you could see when Angel tries to make her drink pig blood... she is like a baby who refuses her milk, so much so that they had to make a deal..." Dawn explained, making the two blondes very curious.

"A deal?" they repeated at the same time.

"Yes, it's nothing bad, don't worry. Simply, if she drinks without making a fuss out of it, he buys some accessory for Miss Edith and by now, that doll has so much stuff that, compared to her, Barbie is a poor homeless!" Dawn confessed to them, making them laugh a lot.

"Still with Miss Edith? I thought that she had left her in his flat..." Buffy pointed out.

"That's right, she had, but she began whining so damn much that Angel had to come back to get her her doll..." the girl told them and that amused them. "Besides, she said that when she is a very good girl, Angel allows her to drink his blood, just sometimes, otherwise she would make him too weak. Oh, you should see how tender Angel is with her, how much he cares. They share his bedroom together and she told me that... well, let's just say that she could challenge Anya by her lack of discretion!" Dawn commented, chuckling maliciously.

"Oh, I almost forgot. Speaking of Angel, he told me to tell you that the answer to the question you made him and that by the way I don't know what was it that you asked him, but anyway the answer is 'Yes'!" Dawn added and Buffy smiled at the news, making Spike curious, but he didn't ask any questions about it.

"Fine. Anyway, am I wrong... or are Dru and you becoming best friends?" Buffy made fun of her.

"Well, she is not dangerous anymore after all. I mean, what could she do? Talk to me to death? Besides, she is so fun, much more than Janice, and she always has so many stories to tell me. By the way, tell Giles that Dru told me everything , so when I'm back, I'm gonna make fun of him for ages!" Dawn exclaimed and Buffy didn't understand what she was talking about, but Spike did, and seeing him laugh confused the blonde vampiress even more. "Now, get away from Spike's side, because I need to talk with you, from woman to ... younger woman!" the teenager announced, so Buffy made Spike go away and he came back to the sofa, resuming watching the TV.

"Do you think that Wesley is already engaged with someone?" the younger Summers asked the elder one.

"What? Dawn! Don't even think about it! He's way too old for you!" the blonde scolded her.

"I dated a two hundred year old wizard and you didn't complain!" she struck back.

"Just because he looked sixteen years old!" Buffy made her notice.

"Sooner or later I'll be eighteen years old and I'll do whatever I want, because, unlike you, I'm gonna age!" the other warned her and Buffy rolled her eyes. "Anyway, guess what? He told me he's gonna drive me back home, because he said that a young pretty girl as me shouldn't travel all alone..." she exulted happily and that made Buffy worry, but she heard the beep signalling she had another call, so she decided to leave it there.

"Dawnie, I have another call, sorry, gotta go... and please, behave with Wes!" she warned her, but Dawn had already hung up.


"Hi, Buffy, it's Will. I just hope I could warn you before it was too late..."

"What happened?" she wondered very concerned.

"Giles called us a while ago and he told us that Xander and Anya came back!"

"Well, it's wonderful!" Buffy exulted.

"Wait, it's not just that. They have a bag plenty of photos and slides from their honeymoon and they forced Giles to watch them all morning long. Plus, Anya commented every single frame with all the details she could give..."

"Oh, my God, that's terrible!"

"Yes, but he warned us in time, so we ran away as fast as we could, so be careful, because they're coming to your house now, bye!" Willow warned her friend, hanging up.

"Honey, it's an emergency, something scary is gonna happen!" Buffy let her Mate know, very uptight.

"What? Is the Nibblet dating another vampire?"

"No, but she is making me worry as well..." she commented, concerned.

"It's not that B.B.B lost his bloody soul again, is it?" he asked.

"It's worse, my love, much, much worse..." she warned him, but before she could explain better, Anya slammed the door open suddenly, due to the fact that they had forgotten to lock it, rushing inside without even closing it... and the two vampires jumped quickly into a dark corner.

"Hello, people, I'm back and I've lots of stuff to show you!" Anya exclaimed, wearing a neckline made of flower, with a very excited attitude.

"Are you nuts? You were about to burn us!" Spike snapped, staying in the shadows with Buffy.

"Now? On this cloudy day without a single ray of sun? I don't think so!" she justified.

"Cloudy?" the two blondes repeated in unison, and before she could answer they were already on the street.

"Faster, luv, faster!" Spike incited his Childe as they ran away as far as possible.

"Just like with Tara and Willow..." Xander commented as he waited for his wife outside.

"Yeah. At least, they didn't resort to magic!" she added pouting, looking for some comfort in her husband's arms.

"You know, before running, Spike told me to get ready, because he has a surprise for me..." he informed her, a little bit worried, as he caressed her hair.

She raised her gaze proudly, punching her hand with the other one.

"I don't know, honey, but I know one thing for sure: we know where all of them live or un-live... and sooner or later they're gonna come back!"




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