Lifestyles of the Rich and the Arrogant
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A/N: Well! Here we have the beginning of another story! This is a rather over-dramatic first chapter, and it doesn't exactly follow the style for the rest of the story. I must admit, I had fun writing it, though. I hope everyone enjoys it! So... here we go!

Pairing: Seto and Anzu (Unapologetic, all the way)
Warnings: This is rated "T" for language. This chapter is relatively tame in that department, though.

If Wishes Were Horses...
("In Which the Business Begins and Jounouchi Loses his Pencil")
The clock is ticking...






And they're off!

The bell rang.

Yugi pushed past the other students, trying desperately to be first down the hallway. It was elective sign-up day, and if he didn't get there quickly, he- and probably all his friends- would be stuck in a class that was destined to suck the fun out of the rest of the year. If he could just get to the clipboards... Maybe not first, but at least one of the leaders...

First of our three champions out of the gate is Short Stuff, the favorite for today's race. He's in excellent form, looking tip-top as he propels down the track. He's confident, eager for a win here today after a rather disappointing season. The air is fresh and cool, the turf familiar, and all of the contenders looking fierce. Things could heat up quickly you know, and everyone's looking forward to seeing the final outcome.

"Hey Yugi!" Jounouchi called from behind him, running along in the bustling herd of rampaging high-schoolers. "Save me a spot! I'm coming! I'm coming!" He held his trusty no. 2, bright yellow pencil in his hand, determined to grab a list and proudly jot down his illustrious name. Yes- that year, he would NOT be stuck in more of Sohma-sensei's Sewing (for-the-stupid) 101.

Oh, it appears someone's coming up on Short Stuff. Can't quite make out who it is- a rather shaggy brown mane in the way. Gaining... Still gaining... Whoa, and it looks like Short Stuff just lost his lead!

Jounouchi ran past Honda, flashing him a triumphant grin. Anzu was still somewhere in the back, feeling secure in leaving her fate solely in the hands of her friends. Picking up speed, he zipped past Yugi, hardly able to contain the "whoop" of joy that was begging to be released. Things were looking good, they were almost in the clear.

And it appears he was passed by none other than the Brooklyn Blonde, a long-time rival of notable standing. What a race, folks, it looks like things are really starting to escalate!

Who'll be the victor? I think it's safe to say that it's anybody's race. Looks like Short Stuff's lagging behind. Probably lost his wind in that swift start. The Brooklyn Blonde is pulling further ahead, passing another... and another... He's on his last lap, folks!

There were about nine people in front of Jounouchi, but he ignored them. He wasn't going to let them interfere. Nine wasn't too many, right? He could probably take three guys by himself- and nine was just three three times, so... Well, that might take twice the effort or something, but he could do it. And he had his pencil so he could use that as a weapon if he had to. Yeah, he had his trusty... pencil...

"Oh shit!" he cried, hands on his head. "I can't find my pencil!"

He stopped mid-hallway and futilely scanned the floor for any trace ofhis lost implement of writing. Suddenly, he spotted it, about a foot or so in front of him. He reached down to grab it, only to have a cruel, careless foot kick it further away when he was halfway there. He groaned in defeat as it rolled down, down, down the hallway, further and further out of his reach.

He did the only thing he could do- ran after it wildly, arms flailing around like he was an idiot.

What's this? The Brooklyn Blonde looks like he's stumbling. He's... Well, still doing quite well, but he's wild- out of step. Short Stuff's still lagging behind, with the third competitor... (er... Honda, is it?) still in last place. Things aren't looking good. Not good at all.

By the time Yugi had reached the sign-up clipboards, a horde of students was already gathered around them, jostling and pushing and fiercely fighting in the game of "first come, first serve". He spotted Jounouchi on his hands and knees, crawling around on the ground. That was... odd, to say the very least.

"What are you doing?" Yugi asked, "Why are you on the floor?"

"I lost my damn pencil!" he answered forlornly. "I can't find it! How are we supposed to sign-up if I don't even have the thing we're signing-up with?" He groaned in defeat. "What am I gonna do?"

Honda and Anzu came up beside Yugi. "Did you get our names down?" she asked.

Yugi shook his head. "Nope. Jounouchi lost his pencil. We can't put any names down yet."

Anzu glanced around. Seeing an opening, she called, "Just keep looking! I'll get us something good!" And with no fear, she plunged into the sea of students, pushing her way towards the wall.

Honda and Yugi looked on in amazement.

Suddenly, like a man possessed, Jou began jumping up and down excitedly, yelling something unintelligible as he held an arm proudly above his head. He waved it around wildly, whooping with joy.

"I found it! I found it!" he cried with unmatched enthusiasm. "My pencil- I've found it!"

With new-found strength and resolve, he barreled down the same path Anzu had taken, meeting up with her at the other side. With a quick thumbs-up to their two waiting friends, she grabbed a clipboard and he quickly jotted down their names.

Looks like the race is over, folks. Yes, it's over, and a damn good race it was.

"So Anzu," Yugi asked as they walked out of the school, "What did you and Jounouchi sign us up for? I hope it's good. Last year was... Um, educational."

She laughed. "No, it should be fun. I signed us all up for 'Beginning Business I'. Sounds good, right?"

He nodded. "Anything's better than last year! Just about anything..."

End A/N: Man... Glad it's over, or eager for more? What will happen in the next chapter- will they all enjoy their new class, or will it be a lesson in torment? And how does Kaiba enter into it? Find out in the next exciting installment of... LIFESTYLES! -Chapter Two: Avarice and Altruism, (in which teachers are frightening and Kaiba is grumpy).