This is my first poem. Ever. No, It's my first poem on this site.

Battle at Reach

Trudging through the mush in a rush

To get to their post

Across a moat

They have to go.

All of a sudden

The sky fills with machines

Oh it is a burden

To be a Marine.

The ships say Covenant

But the enemies are brutal

Like the remnants of reyenants

Resistance is futile.

That doesn't stop

The Marines and Spartans

Of Reach in a hop

Instead they counter with rifles that pop.

But they are just human

Set against a waterful of foes

They cannot win

Instead they must escape woe.

The battle has begun!

Oh what fun!

For the Covenant

That the Devil sent,

The outcome was horrendous

And the results were harsh

For the Humans

Of Reach and marsh.