Kingdom Saga: Jeneseits Von Gut Und Bose

Introduction: First of all, I would like to say that this is NOT a parody/humor fic like my others. This one is serious. I'm doing this partly because I wanted to show that I can do serious stuff, too; and also because I wanted to see if I could make a ridiculous idea work. So now I present to you a totally serious Xenosaga and Kingdom Hearts crossover fic spanning the events of Xenosaga Episode II: Jeneseits Von Gut Und Bose and the final few scenes of Kingdom Hearts stretched out to fit the Xenosaga: II storyline. See, I told you it was ridiculous.

Disclaimer: I do not own Xenosaga or Kingdom Hearts. They belong to Namco and Disney respectively.

Warning: Spoilers for Kingdom Hearts and Xenosaga Episodes I+II

Chapter 1: Puppet Master in the Shadows

Within the dark abyss, there lies the door to the heart of darkness, Kingdom Hearts. Ansem, the seeker of darkness, has long wanted to return all life to its origins in darkness. His plan would have come to fruition, however, if not for three unlikely heroes.

But there exists within even the multiple dimensions, even more multiple universes where the endless possibilities produce endless variations of the same universe. And then there is also the possibility, within the various "alternate dimensions", that the multiple universes may cross. This is one such story. Here we begin just as the Door to Darkness is about to open, swallowing all existence, presumably within that universe.

The white haired, dark skinned Ansem reappeared in front of the Door to Darkness. Tired and battle scarred, he turned to the door, threw his arms up and proclaimed:

"It is useless…the keyblade alone…cannot seal the door to darkness…," said the Seeker of Darkness, his wide golden eyes like coins glowing with anticipation, "Kingdom Hearts, open your doors and bring all existence unto darkness!"

The doors began to open at his command. It seemed as though the opening doors would swallow the whole universe. Ansem's black jacket and long white hair swayed amidst the turbulent powers at work.

"No!" the brown haired boy in red and black and adorned in many chains wouldn't-no-couldn't allow Ansem's plans to come to fruition. Everything—his friends, his family, the one he most loved—all of it was ridding on this battle.

The boy, Sora, turned to his companions; a bipedal dog in traveler's clothing who wields a shield as a weapon, and a duck-like creature in blue mage robes with lot's of zippers on it who is proficient in the magic arts, and said:

"What are we gonna do?"

"It's hopeless!" the bipedal Dog-Night, whose name was Goofy (referencing his rather lax disposition), was uncharacteristically tense. It seemed he had lost all hope. But Sora didn't. Sora has never given up hope. And as of now, he still hopes for a miracle, and if one does not come through, then he will have to make one happen.

Suddenly, the doors stop opening. The turbulent abyss becomes quiet.

Sora, Goofy, and the Black Mage duck named Donald were dumbfounded, And Ansem as well, for that matter.

"What?" said Ansem in outrage, "what is this?"


UMN Administration Bureau, Second Miltia, Miltian Star System, Xenosaga Universe

Things were not going well at the UMN Administration Bureau on Second Miltia. Only yesterday, a couple of AMWSs (large mechanical weapons shaped like humanoids, in which a pilot must operate from the inside) caused a lot of havoc and destruction in the city. And if that wasn't bad enough, they were having problems analyzing the data hidden within MOMO (a realian—a sort of artificial human—who is modeled after a deceased young girl and who, within her subconscious, holds the Y data—the data that will supposedly save mankind) isn't going so well.

"Dr. Mizrahi!" called one of the men on the analytical team working on analyzing the Y data within MOMO, the pink-haired realian, "The holographic network has begun to disrupt! We're running the risk of complete data leakage!"

Correction, make that "going horribly wrong."

The middle-aged and infamous female scientist worked feverously at her control panel. She, Dr. Juli Mizrahi, was about to do something she didn't really want to do.

"Dr. Mizrahi, what are you doing?" asked the blond haired half-man, half machine behind Juli. He was some sort of Cyborg, brought back to life after he committed suicide so many years ago.

"I'm using the emergency control code and destroying the data," answered Juli.

"No," the Cyborg contested, "If you do that, MOMO will..."

"You have a better idea? I won't allow the Y Data to fall into the enemy's hands!"

She was going to do it; she was going to press the button that would destroy not only the data that was to be the hope of all mankind, but her daughter whom she was just beginning to accept as her real daughter and not just a copy of her deceased Sakura.

But she couldn't do it. For that very reason, she couldn't bring herself to destroy her daughter's mind—even for the sake of humanity.


"Dr. Mizrahi! The expanded data is disappearing!"

"But…I didn't…"

"Dr. Mizrahi," asked the Cyborg, "what's going on?"

"It's MOMO," explained Juli even as she expressed panic and fear for her only living child, "she's cutting her own neural pathways and dispersing her memory! All to protect the data Johachim entrusted to her!"

Inside the containment area, MOMO was showing outward signs of complete neural shutdown. Her entire body was going into spasms which had only subsided when she went into complete shutdown and collapsed on the floor.

"The 100 Series Prototype has shut down!"

Juli and the Cyborg rush into the containment area. Both of them care deeply for MOMO and would do anything they can for her.

Just then, a white haired man appeared on every monitor in the building. He had a look of utter insanity in his violet eyes, and indeed he was insane.

"So, I see you received my gift," said the insane white haired man. There was, along with his insanity, a hint of both great malice and great pleasure in his tone.

"Albedo…" said a black haired executive in an expensive suit quietly to himself.

"Quite a noble young girl she is," Albedo was taunting them, "but all in all she's merely a puppet; a puppet waiting for a miracle to make her human, believing in all of Mizrahi's rubbish!"

"What? A puppet?" the Cyborg was outraged.

Albedo broke into a long fit of laughter so maniacally insane that it sent cold chills down anyone who had heard it's spine just before all of the monitors blacked out.

And the whole time that was going on, Juli was desperately trying to resuscitate MOMO.

"I won't…let her die…" she said to herself while performing CPR on MOMO, "Injecting nano-resoration…ready 12 device activators!" she commanded of her assistant.

"This time…I will save her!" she was determined to save MOMO. MOMO, her only living daughter; created in the image of her deceased daughter. MOMO, the daughter she never gave birth to.

Where we left Sora:

Kingdom Hearts, within the dark abyss

"What happened?" asked Sora.

"Beats me," answered Donald.

"Why the hell did it stop?" Ansem called out in outrage.

Goofy gasped. "He said a bad wor-"




"What is this?"

Suddenly, Sora's Gummie ship—The Highwind—dashed in front of The Door to Darkness.

"What's the Highwind doing here?" Sora asked in bewilderment.

"Don't ask me," Donald said, "we left it outside of the abyss, remember?"

"But how did it get here-"

"Look!" Goofy pointed ahead of him, where it seemed as though hell was opening up before them, and they all looked to it as if it were. For, something definitely was opening up in the exact area where the door to darkness was and had begun sucking everything into it.

"Wha-AHHHHH!" Ansem screamed bloody murder as he was sucked into the hole which resembled a UMN Transfer Column.

"Hurry! Let's get to the ship!" Goofy yelled.

"I'll use my magic to transport us to the ship!" announced Donald.

"But it's about to be sucked up!" contested Sora.

"We'll so are we and I don't know about you but I'd rather be in the ship when we are!" said Donald. So, with that, they vanished into the ship as it was swallowed by the Transfer Column.

CEO Willhelm's office, Dammerung

Inside a small office room in a colossal spacecraft called the Dammerung, a man, dressed in an ornate scarlet cloak addresses another man. This man, Willhelm, CEO of Vector Industries, seems (at first glance) to be only a youth, but his eyes tell a different story. His strange red eyes, beautiful as they are, tell a tale of great length. He is much older than he looks.

Wilhelm sat in his office wearing his expensive suit and brushing his beautiful white hair when the man in the scarlet cloak addressed him:

"Master Willhelm, we have confirmation of minute data leakage out from the UMN Administration Bureau."

"That is good news," Willhelm replied, "And I can assume that the data has reached…our new friends?"

"Yes, Master Willhelm," said the Scarlet Cloaked Man, "as we speak they are being transported across to our world."

"Excellent…," said Willhelm, "These new factors should make the game quite interesting. But, even with these new players, the outcome will not change. Merely, they will change how the game is played; refine it, if you will."

The red cloaked man was silent.

"Good, Evil; Light and Darkness, just one of these cannot possibly exist without the other. But when these forces collide with their counterpart that is when humanity must evolve beyond their notions of Good and Evil. It is how we became dominant. It is how we have evolved beyond that of simple, mindless beasts. For, you see, good and evil are both necessary for the evolution of the mind of human beings.

"But even if we continued the evolution of our collective schema until the end of time, we would still be chained to our notions of good and evil; we will be forever bound to our morals. But there will one day be one who will rise above morals, above the notions of good and evil and become more than a man. To become the Overman, that is every person's right, there will be thousands to claim it, but there will be only one to reach it."

You do not yet know…what lies beyond the door.

Author's Note: Well that's chapter one. Future chapters may not be as long as this, but expect there to be plenty of chapters. Please tell me what you thought of it by reviewing this chapter and hopefully future chapters, too. See you soon.