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Chapter 1

"Get up, Takumi! It's time for your run!" Bunta yelled.

Takumi rolled over in his bed and looked at the clock, Bunta was right so he got out of bed stretched his long lean body. He found some clothes and stifled a yawn, he was really tired.

Takumi walked slowly down the stairs, he didn't have time for breakfast so he walked right to his 86 Tureno.

Bunta came over with a mug full with water. "Don't spill the water." Takumi nodded and were off.

As he drifted down the mountain of Akina, he stifled another yawn, he couldn't believe how tired he was. The project D had been racing last night and they won big time over the home team as usual.

Takumi sighed, he didn't know what his father wanted from him but Bunta only looked a pissed when he came home late but he hadn't say anything but he usually didn't say much. Takumi knew that his father saw him as a failure, a disappointment since the beginning. He had heard it enough of times from Bunta when he was drunk but it didn't stop him from wanting to please his father.

Takumi parked the car and walked into the tofu shop, Bunta only glared at his so he went up to his room to get some sleep.

He woke up around twelve, feeling a bit rested after six hours of sleep and he was glad that he had a extra week off from the moving company.

"Where are you going?" Bunta asked him and grabbed his arm as he tried to walk by.

"I'm going to the garage, project D has a meeting." Takumi said looking into his fathers eyes.

"Don't come home to late, you have an extra run tomorrow."

"But it is your time..." Takumi was interrupted by a hard slap hitting him on the cheek. He staggered back a few steps and then looked at his father not really knowing why he had been punished but he knew that when Bunta was like this you didn't ask why.

"You drive when I say so. Be home before nine." Bunta said, lightning a cigarette and walked away.

Takumi touched his throbbing cheek, it would probably leave a mark for few days as they usually did. He sighed and slouched his shoulders as he walked over to his 86 and drove off to the Takahashi brothers garage.

The driveway was full of cars, but had a spot left for him. Takumi turned off the engine, looked at the people in it. He saw Keisuke leaning against his yellow FD, with a cigarette hanging in his mouth, the other drivers surrounded him. Keisuke was probably telling them about last nights races. Ryousuke was sitting in a chair with his laptop on his knees, probably taping in some information that they would use at the next race.

Takumi really liked being on this team, he liked the challenges and that he was learning more about cars. But he still didn't know why Ryousuke had picked him, he knew that he wasn't a better driver than the older Takahashi brother. He never felt like had won when he drove against him.

Ryousuke's head looked up from the laptop, it almost seemed like he heard Takumi's thoughts as he looked right at the young driver with emotionless eyes. Takumi felt his cheeks redden, the older brother always made him feel so dumb and clumsy.

Ryousuke tipped his head a little, to indicate that he should come in. Takumi took a deep breath, looked in the review mirror, his cheek was still a little red from the slap but he didn't think that anyone would notice. He got out of his car, pushed his hands into the pockets and slowly walked into the others.

"Nice to see you!" Keisuke smiled at him. "Only twenty minutes late this time."

Takumi just nodded his head, he didn't want to interrupt the younger brothers tale so he stood awkward a little beside the other drivers. The most of them said hello to him and he only nodded in response. He felt that someone was starring at him so he looked up and met Ryousuke's stare.

The older mans eyes widened a bit as the younger driver looked up at him for a second and he saw the red on the younger mans cheek that was turning into a little bruise. He frowned a little as Takumi cast eyes down at the pavement.

Ryousuke studied the young driver closely, he knew that Takumi was very shy and quite boy. He had patient like a stone but he could be quit scary when he got mad and he was not comfortable being in the spotlight.

But the young boy didn't knew that he radiated something. Ryousuke didn't really know what but he had felt it when they first met on the Akina mountain, he knew that his younger brother had felt it also and it only grew stronger each day.

But that bruise made Ryousuke a little worried, who had hit him? And why? He felt a strange feeling, one he only had felt about his younger brother: protectiveness.

"Let's start the meeting." Ryousuke said as he closed his laptop. He watched as the drivers of his team walked into the house, he stayed behind because he knew that Takumi would be the last one entering the house.

The older Takahashi grabbed Takumi's arm and let the others disappear into the house. The young man flinched at the sudden contact, he looked up at Ryousuke for a second then he looked down at the floor and tried to relax.

"Is everything alright, Fujiwara?"

"Yes." Takumi said in a low voice as he looked up at the team leader in confusion.

"Then what happened to your face?" Ryousuke asked him as he brushed the bruised cheek lightly.

Takumi's face reddened with embarrassments, he was unfamiliar to the light touch and to that someone would care.

"Ahem, I fell out of bed." Takumi mumbled, he felt bad for lying to Ryousuke but didn't want to tell him the truth that he had probably deserved the slap from Bunta.

Ryousuke looked at him for a long time, not revealing what he was thinking. After a minute he made a short nod and walked into the house. Takumi let out a breath he didn't know he was holding and the walked after the team leader.

Keisuke watched as his older brother walked into the room where they would hold the project D meetings, he could easily read his brother and know that something bother him. Keisuke saw Takumi walking into the room as the last person and sit down and stared at his hands.

Keisuke looked back at his brother who just shook his head slightly and then started to speak.

The team wouldn't race this weekend, they would only have a few practice runs on the Akina mountain. They would have a party tonight to celebrate their fifth win in a row tonight.

At that everyone cheered out loud, slapping each others back in congratulation, the Takahashi brothers were known for their parties.

But at first they would read some information that Ryousuke had calculated from the latest races and they would tune their cars after it.

Takumi stood with Keisuke looking at the FD's engine, he listened as the younger Takahashi told him about how they would tune it. Takumi looked at it and listened carefully, but he soon felt Ryousuke's eyes on him, he tried to ignore it but he was getting a little uncomfortable. He looked up at the older brother and meet his emotionless stare.

Why was Ryousuke staring at him like that? Was he angry with him? Probably, Takumi concluded, he always messed up one way or another.

"Hey, Takumi! Are you listening to me?" Keisuke slapped him on the back of his head lightly.

Takumi nodded and turned back to concentrate on the engine.

Not long after that Ryousuke told them that it was time for dinner. They would order in and the party would start around seven.

The team mates cheered as they walked to their cars, they had learn by now to keep an extra setting of clothes in their cars for times like this. You never knew what the Takahashi brothers would do.

Keisuke watched as his brother and saw him looking at Takumi as he walked over to his 86. The younger brother walked up to the older and leaned against the wall beside him. They watched togheter as Takumi grabbed his clothes and walked slowly into the house, his eyes downcast on the ground the whole time.

"What's up, brother?" Keisuke asked as Takumi disappeared.

"I don't know." Ryousuke told him looking at him.

"Why are you keeping such a close eye on Takumi? I can see that you are worried about something."

"It feels like something isn't right."

"Uhu..." Keisuke frowned. "I'll help you keep an eye on him them."

Ryousuke nodded and both brothers walked into the house together.

The party was a success, as always. Everyone was having fun, Takumi sat in one of the sofas and looked at the people around him. He usually didn't like parties but this one made him feel a little better. A few people had walked up to him to talk but somehow one of the Takahashi brothers had come and when it started to get to uncomfortable for him.

Now he was sitting alone drinking a soda, happy for the alone time, he saw Keisuke dancing with some girl and Ryousuke was surrounded by girls as always.

Takumi was very grateful that the brothers seemed to care a little for him, but he didn't knew why they would. As the depressing thoughts from earlier came back to him, he remembered that Bunta had set a new curfew for him. Panicky he looked at his watch, it showed 20 minutes over nine.

Shit, he thought to himself as he stood up and walked quickly over to Ryousuke.

Ryousuke saw the young man as he sat in the sofa, then he suddenly looked at his watch and his face went pale. Then Takumi stood up and walked fast towards him. The older man shushed away the girls.

"Sorry, Ryousuke." Takumi said looking down at his feet. "I have to go."

"It's okay. I'll walk you out to the car."

Takumi mumbled a thanks as they walked hurriedly out to the 86 Trueno. The young drive got into the car and with a rumbling of horsepower the car started.

"Drive safely, it's going to snow soon." Ryousuke said looking into Takumi's eyes.

Takumi just stared at him before nodding, then he pulled out of the driveway and drove homeward.

Takumi turned off the engine, the clock showed ten to ten. If Bunta was up, he would be in serious trouble. Takumi sighed as he got out of the car, locked the doors and walked the short distance when he was just about to open the door a ice cold wind blew at him. Ryousuke was right, it would snow tonight.

He took off his shoes and walked into the small living room where Bunta sat at the table with a newspaper and sake in front of him.

Takumi stood behind his father, his hands in front of him, his head down and then he waited.

Bunta slowly laid down the paper, took out a cigarette and put it to his mouth, lightning it. He took a deep drag and breathed out the smoke, then he took the cup with sake and emptied it in one swing.

He put the cigarette in his mouth as he stood up and walked over at his son.

Takumi could feel the breath of his drunken father as he stood over him and he steeled himself.

Bunta slapped him hard on the same cheek as this morning, but the force of this one made Takumi's head snap back and slam into the wall, Bunta advanced on him as he gathered himself.

Takumi didn't offer any resist ens as his father grabbed him by the wrist, swung him around and shoved him against the wall face first.

"You killed her and yet you are so alike her, I feel sick." Bunta said as he pressed him against the wall and twisted his wrist painfully, Takumi felt the bones grind together and he closed his eyes not wanting to let tears from the pain roll down his face.

As Bunta pressed him harder against the wall, making it harder for him to breath, Takumi let out a low moan.

Bunta made a final hard twist almost breaking the bones in the young Fujiwara's wrist, then he twisted him around and grabbed his shirt, looking deeply into Takumi's eyes seeing something and then he let him go. Takumi tried to stay upright, but his knees gave out and he sagged down the wall, breathing harsh.

"Get up to your room!" Bunta yelled as he kicked at Takumi's feet.

Pushing himself up from the floor, cradling his hurt arm Takumi got up and staggered up to his room.

"You killed her and yet you are so alike her, I feel sick!" The words echoed in his mind, Bunta never talked about his mother and Takumi knew that he shouldn't ask. He slowly took of his clothes and laid down on the bed, he would have like to see his mother, but she was dead. She died as she gave birth to him and Bunta had never forgiven him for that.

Takumi closed his eyes as he held his injured hand to his chest, it hurt like hell but he deserved it, he sighed as he tried to get some sleep, he had to deliver tofu tomorrow and it would be snow outside.

He loved to drift down the Akina in snow.