This is considered a light read. Think of it as some unimportant piece of writing.

A friend created the ending. Just to let you know I didn't create this.

The Giver Alternate Ending

By Me

After trudging through the snow, Jonas saw something very familiar. The sled on the hill. " We are almost there, Gabriel. Almost there." He put Gabriel in the sled and took the reigns. They started going downhill. Down and down they went. As they came closer to the end of their ride, Jonas saw lights. Then he saw houses and considered those houses to have families inside them with the quality the Giver called Love.

The sled moved faster and faster as the hillside grew steep. Gabriel had to hold on to Jonas to keep from falling off. As they nearly came to the end of their descent, Jonas could see that people were waiting for them. Then he heard a beautiful sound. He percieved Music. Then, as the sled moved faster and faster, Jonas thought he had heard music in the direction in which he came from, but decided it was only and echo.

Someone yelled, "Cliff!"