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10th Entry

It seems that my outburst in Dr. Dillamond's class has set off another (and not unwelcome) chain of events.

When I was eating lunch with Galinda and "the posse" (Shen Shen and Pfannee) one of the other not-popular girls came up to me. I recognized her from my Logic class. Her name is Leane, an unassuming girl with vivid red hair, glasses, and (obviously) normal-colored skin. I've talked to her a couple of times, mostly just monosyllabic conversations ("Oh, may I sit here?" "Sure." Just to give an example) and she seemed kind of quiet, but that's really all I know about her. She seemed nervous around Galinda and the posse, though, so I went to talk with her privately. Besides, I was sure the posse was about to turn up their identical button noses at Leane, so it waseven better that we left.

Leane led me to a table where about 10 other students were sitting. She introduced them all, but their names escape me, except for Blaine, her boyfriend. I remember, though, that I recognized all of them as rather unobtrusive people, though they were some of the people at the top of the class here at Shiz. They smiled at me politely, and I recall thinking that I could fit in among them-the intelligent, bookworm types. They didn't even seem to care that I was green.

Leane told me that my standing up for Dr. Dillamond and Animal Rights in History class inspired them to get their acts together and do something about the injustice in Oz. I have to admit, I was surprised. They seemed like a shy bunch. Good-intentioned, yes, but a little meek. When I told Leane this (using different wording, of course) she laughed.

"Well, that will make it all the more effective," she said. "Everyone has these kinds of opinions, and maybe if people see that we, the quiet ones, are expressing them, then it will motivate them to take action."

Blaine spoke up. "We weren't exactly thinking of doing what you did in History the other day. Something more like a peaceful protest, saying that it was wrong to force Dillamond to resign and that he should have his job back."

Well, they had a point. It may be against school rules to magic the students and steal what is considered to be "school property," but surely no one will object to a peaceful demonstration, right? So I agreed to help them plan the protest. I have to say, I'm not sure how much good one group of students protesting will do in the scope and scale of things, but for now it will be a satisfying way to vent at my not being able to do anything about Dillamond's forced resignation. And, who knows? It may help.

Speaking of Dillamond's resignation, History hasn't been History since he was forced to leave. No, instead of History we're being taught "World Events from the View of People Who Want to Pretend that There is No and Never Has Been Any Corruption in Oz." Since that's too long of a name for a class, they're still just calling it History. I mean, some of the students found Dr. Dillamond to be dry, but at least he told the truth! It's infuriating. I almost exploded again today when the teacher pretended that the Great Drought had never existed, and that it was merely the teaching of a senile old Goat. Fiyero had to hold me back by reminding me that I would be in huge trouble with Morrible if anything happened, and even then I was reluctant to suppress my anger.

Oh, Fiyero. Well, at least I can utter a coherent sentence in his presence now. Not that I wasn't able to before, it's just that it was all sarcasm and…well, let's just say I have no trouble talking to him now. Yes, I'm still nervous, yes, I still get the butterfly in stomach feeling that people say goes with this kind of thing, but I can talk to him without having to resort to sarcasm. Isn't that just wonderful? And I realize that I actually like talking to him; it's fun. He's so funny, and he's smarter than even he thinks he is, if that makes any sense. But it's weird; he acts completely differently around Galinda. Sometimes I think they don't talk at all. Ah, well, what is it any of my business? He's not mine to worry about. Let's just see how the protest goes tomorrow. One event at a time, thank you.

More later,