Wo Ai Ni - part two Wo Ai Ni PART II – The Key To Your Heart

"Meiling! Telephone!"

Meiling looked up from the books sprawled across her bed. She wondered who could possibly be calling her, when all her classmates knew she was horribly busy with homework that night. She shrugged and got off the bed, walking into the living room.

"Who is it?" She asked.

The dark haired woman handed her daughter the receiver. "I didn't ask, sweetie. But it sounds like a boy."

This perplexed Meiling further. She could think of no boys that she ever socialized with in class. She took the receiver from her mother, and lifted it to her ear, "Hello, Meiling speaking."

"Meiling. Moshi Moshi."

Meiling blinked. Japanese?! And the voice… She recognized it immediately!

"SYAORAN!" she exclaimed, a smile spreading across her face.

He called her very rarely, and when he did, she would drop EVERYTHING to talk to him. Just the sweet sound of his voice was like music to her ears.

"Yea. How is HongKong?" He asked.

"Fine. School is going well, but I get so much homework," Meiling sighed, "In fact, I was just finishing some."

"Well, Winter break is coming soon, right?"

"Yea!" Meiling replied, "I can't wait to see you!"

"Yea… Me too." Syaoran replied.

But he didn't sound like it. Meiling blinked.

"Something wrong, Syaoran?"

"Iie—I mean, no. But… I need to tell you something."

"Huh?" Meiling was confused; anxious… everything a person could be, all at once. "What is it?"

"Not over the phone… The next time I see you."

"Nani?!" Meiling slipped into Japanese, "Why did you even TELL me you had something to say if you're not going to tell me for two more weeks?!"

"…I just want to tell you in person." He replied, his voice cracking slightly.

Meiling's interest had been grabbed, and even if Syaoran tried, he wouldn't be able to loosen the hold. Meiling was about to tell him off, when she faintly heard Wei and Syaoran conversing.

"Meiling? I have to get off the phone."

"Just like that?!"

"I promise… we'll sit down at talk the next time I see you. Take Care."

"Syaoran—" Meiling was cut off, hearing a click, followed by the dial tone.

She pulled the receiver away from her hear, and stared at it. The sound of the dial tone was enough to grind on her nerves. What had he wanted? Meiling more-or-less slammed the receiver down,.

"MOM!" she yelled, and she ran to the other room.

"What is it?" Her mother asked.

"I need to go to Japan!" She exclaimed.

"What? What for, Meiling?"

"Syaoran wants to see me! I have to go see him!" She exclaimed, grabbing onto her mother's arm.

"Meiling, just calm down!"

"Please Mom?!" she pleaded, staring up at her mother with her eyes wide like a sad puppy's.

Her mother sighed. "When do you want to leave?"

* * *

"There's something else I have to take care of first." Syaoran half mumbled while he shifted his gaze continuously from the paper in his hands, and statue that was the subject of his art project.

"Meiling-chan?" Tomoyo's voice trilled slightly, and she sat beside Syaoran on the patch of grass.

"Yea." Syaoran replied numbly, and he stared at the statue.

The grip on his pencil loosened ever so slightly. His brain screamed at him to stop multitasking, and just to stick to the assignment. But the part of him that had been raised to be a gentleman kicked in. "I called her last night. I said that I had something to tell her...But that I would rather do it in person."

Syaoran had noticed that Tomoyo herself was not working on a picture. Most likely she had finished. Whatever the reason...She has obviously taken it upon herself to give Syaoran another gentle nudge in the right direction regarding his nonexistent love life.

"You're going home for winter break right?"


"That's only two weeks away."

Both the Chinese boy and the Japanese girl were caught completely off guard, as a girl with raven-black hair and ruby-red eyes dashed in front of the statue both had been eying.

"As if I would wait that long!" She exclaimed, glaring.

Syaoran and Tomoyo both shied back, eyes wide in shock.

"MEILING!" Both exclaimed.

Meiling's eyebrow twitched in annoyance. However, she didn't hold the glare long, before her face lit up with a smile. Both surprised youths relaxed slightly. Meiling flung her arms outwards, and she tackled Syaoran, sending them both to the ground. Had Syaoran not already been sitting the fall would have likely hurt. Syaoran stared up in Meiling's eyes, as she hung over him, her expressing positively DRIPPING with obvious joy. With the gap between them, Syaoran pushed himself up on his elbows, allowing the perfect window for which Meiling to slide her arms through. She did exactly that, hugging her girlish frame to his more rigid one.

"Mei -- Meiling, Please, not here!" he hissed, "People will stare."

"Oh, I just couldn't WAIT Syaoran!" Meiling proclaimed.

"Surely the others will wish to see you as well!" Tomoyo pointed out, and she stood up, "Go to class, and I will inform Sakura-chan and the others of your arrival!"

And with that, Tomoyo was off and running.

Syaoran sighed, with Meiling still resting her head against his chest.

"Oi, Meiling, please let go."

Meiling did as she was told, sitting up completely. She was obviously reluctant as she pulled her arms ever so slowly from around Syaoran. Syaoran pulled himself to his feet, and offered a hand to Meiling. She excepted it quickly, latched onto Syaoran's arm, and both made their way to the classroom. Syaoran could already tell that this was going to be much harder than he had expected.

* * *

Sakura had been ecstatic. She hadn't seen Meiling in over a year, and having the Chinese girl back, even if only for a day, was enough to make Sakura go into one of her bouncing-off-the-wall moods that Tomoyo loved to Tape. However, as the four friends (Tomoyo, Sakura, Syaoran, and Meiling) walked through the park after school, The dark haired girl was hanging back with Syaoran, and no sign of a camera.

"You'll tell her tonight then?" Syaoran heard Tomoyo's voice whisper.

He knew she was talking to him. He nodded numbly, with his eyes glued to the two girls in front of him, talking like old friends. He had to correct himself. Old friends were exactly what they were.

He looked at her eyes. Her hair, so fine, that he would have liked to run his hands through it. Her bright eyes were like jewels. Precious jewels, set so perfectly against her creamy skin. He felt his cheeks get warm. Extremely warm. He'd thought about taking off his jacket when he realized he was blushing. He sighed hopelessly, wondering to himself how he – the future head of the Li clan – had managed to loose control of his own heart to the person he had thought was least likely to capture it.

Tonight, he would tell her. Tonight Meiling would finally know. His true feelings. And either everything would be right… or the world would cease to exist.

Syaoran feared the latter.

* * *

Meiling froze. Completely. Could she have just heard what she thought? No… Well, yes, she did. But… She must have taken it wrong. Syaoran had called Kinomoto-san… Sakura. Meiling's body was frozen in place, but her mind buzzed at a thousand miles a minute. He only called Herself and his sister by their given names. What could this mean?

"Hai, I'm alright." Sakura replied to Syaoran's inquiries.

"Meiling-chan, are your hands okay?" Sakura asked.

Meiling didn't even hear her. Her knuckles were red and throbbing from all the flying cement penguins she had punched.


Meiling looked up, "Eh? Ah!" She held up her hands, waving them around, and forcing a smile, "Everything's fine."

But was it really? Certainly, it was a misunderstanding. But… Kinomoto-san had been calling him 'Syaoran-kun.'

That's it. They must have just decided to call each other by their first names. Not a problem.

Meiling scolded herself. How could she even have thought for an INSTANT that he and KINOMOTO… No, he had said he loved her. The thought of him liking Kinomoto was absolutely ABSURD, right? She had jumped to conclusions about him and the green-eyed card mistress.

Everything will be straightened out after we talk tonight.

Meiling could feel it in her every bone. Tonight, he would tell her again, how much he loved her. He would take her into his arms… and kiss her… and ask to make their engagement official.

But what was this nagging at the back of her mind? She couldn't put a finger on it. But surely it would go away when he wrapped his arms around her…

What should have made her feel warm and fuzzy… made her feel cold… chilled to the bone.


* * *

Meiling fixated her ruby eyes on the city below. She leaned her weight on her arms, while the wind played with strands of her silken hair. Syaoran had no quite finished his dinner, and she'd excused herself, saying she'd wanted a breath of fresh air. She'd been standing outside for almost five minutes, completely unaware of The way Syaoran had been watching her. How he'd been planning just the right words. Finally, The boy joined her on the balcony. Meiling lifted her head to the stars. They twinkled brightly in the sky above, studding the darkness with tiny diamond like lights.

"So… What is it you wanted to say?" Meiling finally broke the silence.

"I…" Syaoran began. "I promised you that if I ever found someone, I would tell you."

Well… this is certainly an interesting way of approaching it. Syaoran, you always were a clever one.

But then it hit her. The tone in his voice. She slumped slightly. It couldn't be true… could it?

"Yes…" She took in a deep breath, and turned towards him. "Have you?"

And then came the final hint. The look in his eyes. It was not a look of love as he watched her every movement. But a look of… fear. That he might break her gentle feelings. She knew that he knew all too well that being touch was only an external shell. She knew what he would say next.


Meiling forced a smile. She had to. She had to at least make this easier for him. After all, he had it the hardest, right? He loved someone, but he couldn't tell her, and he also had someone hanging onto him like the black death. Oh no, she had it easy? With the word, she was supposed to let go of something she knew she never really had? It all made sense now. The names… The look as he watched her.

"I see." She said, false cheer in her voice as she turned to face the street below.

A silence passed between them. An unbearable silence, with tension so thick you could cut it with a knife. She slowly lifted her head again, and exhaled.

"Kino…" she began, and she turned to Syaoran, "Kinomoto-san?"

Syaoran jumped, his eyes widened, and he became immediately tense. "H-How did you—"

"You called her 'Sakura.'" She smirked, and put her hand son her hips, "The only girls you call by their first names are your sisters, and myself.

Meiling stretched her arms up, taking a deep breath, before letting her arms drop, her shoulder droop, and her head hang over. She let out a long breath. She inhaled sharply, and lifted her head, a smile on her face. "Well…" She began, turning to head back inside, "the engagement is over then."

Eyes wide at her response, Syaoran's gaze followed her as she went inside, quickly downed her cup of tea and headed for the door. He followed her slowly, and she quickened her pace as she went.

Wei began to speak "Where are you—"

"Daidouji-san's house." She cut him off, "I'd like to talk to her some more." She said as she picked up her bag, painfully aware of Syaoran following closely behind her.

"But it's so late!" Syaoran objected.

Meiling paid him no mind as she sat, and quickly slipped into her shoes.

"Wait a minute! I'll come with you!" he insisted.

"I'll be fine!" she spat as she grabbed the handle of her bag, Stood up, and pulled open the door.


Syaoran watched in utter helplessness as the door slammed shut. Outside the closed door, Meiling began to feel tiny tears roll down her cheeks.

"I'll be fine. I'll take a taxi." She choked out.

There was no hiding her tear anymore. They were flowing silently, but freely. "Pick me up from Daidouji-san's in the morning."

Without another word, Meiling took off down the hall, to the elevator, and out of the building. Propelled by her need to get away, she ran down the street. She ran down many streets, until she found herself outside of the large Daidouji Mansion. She pushed the doorbell near the gate, and waited. She struggled to breath as the voice of a maid come over the intercom.

"Who is there?"

"Li Meiling. Daidouji-san invited me."

The gates slowly opened, and Meiling saw in the distance, a girl dressed in a purple dress, dark swirls of hair trailing behind her. Tomoyo. She stopped in front of Meiling just as the large iron gates finished closing.

Tomoyo forced a sympathetic smile, "There is something you wish to talk about?"

The mere thought of the evenings event brought new tears to her eyes. She burst out sobbing, and collapsed against Tomoyo… Tomoyo, and her welcoming, comforting embrace. Gently, Tomoyo stroked the back of Meiling's head, her other arm wrapped around the hysterical girl.

"Let's go inside… and we can talk." Tomoyo said, "We'll catch cold if we stay out here."

Her face still buried in Tomoyo's shoulder, Meiling nodded. Tomoyo slowly lead her to the large mansion, and to her large bedroom. Tomoyo requested they not be disturbed. Tomoyo sat down in a chair, and Meiling dropped to her knees, burying her face in Tomoyo's lap. She sobbed, tears moistening Tomoyo's skirt.

"HOW could he?!" Meiling asked, though she didn't expect an answer from Tomoyo, "I loved him more than ANYTHING ELSE IN THE WORLD! I wouldn't let anyone else have him!"

"The worst part is I really like Kinomoto-san too! Because…she's so nice…and sweet!"

Meiling struggled to catch her breath, but it just couldn't fight against her tears, "I know that if he loves her there is nothing I can do about it… But… BUT I CAN'T STOP CRYING! And it's not helping at all!"

Tomoyo was silent as The Chinese girl poured her heart out to a person she had never been extremely close to. But Tomoyo didn't mind. Meiling knew that. Daidouji-san was too good natured to say something, even if she did.

"I can't hate him, no matter what… and I can't hate Kinomoto-san either!

Meiling let out a strangled sob, her holds around Tomoyo's waist tightening in reflex. Tomoyo gently rubbed Meiling's back. "Daijobou, Meiling-chan… let it all out. It's alright."

Meiling sniffled. All this crying was enough to completely drain a person of their energy. She didn't want to cry, but the more she tried to stop, the more she choked on sobs. There were no tears left to cry, but still she sobbed. Meiling pulled herself closer to Tomoyo. She smelled of a relaxing scent… like lavender, and jasmine.

"Daijobou, Meiling-chan… just take deep breaths,"

Meiling listened to Tomoyo's instructions, slowly reclaiming control of her breathing. She sniffled once, and began to speak, in a much softer tone.

"Gomen nasai… for crying to you like this."

"It's alright. I said you could, and I meant it."

"Arigatou Daidouji-san…"

The faint sent of flowers was all around her now. Sleep inducing aromas tat she often used to help he sleep at nigh in hongkong. The soft silk under her face was so inviting… and Tomoyo wasn't about to move even a millimeter. She gently stroked Meiling's back, like her mother used to do for her. And in this, Meiling found comfort. Slowly, she closed her eyes…

She felt a chill. It had the hair on the back of her neck stand on end. She opened her eyes. She saw fog and mist below her as she stood upon a stone ledge. She could see stars hanging high above as the wind played with her orange and gold robes.

I feel alone. He doesn't love me. Not like I love him. No one loves me. I'm not anyone's special someone. Daremo... No one's...

Just one step

And then she stopped. A hand wrapped around her wrist, and she turned around. A figure stood behind her. She could not make out any features in the thick fog, except for dark, gentle eyes.

"Don't do it, Meiling. Please. Someone does love you." The gentle voice of a boy.

"Who?" She asked. She choked, tears streaming down her face.

"I do."

She felt her frozen heart thaw, the winds chill flee, and her tears dry. And she felt herself turn towards this mysterious person. She fell. A long, slow, floating descent. Arms outstretched, she fell into this mystery boy's embrace.

"It's alright." He whispered in her ear, "Someone loves you"

And elsewhere in Tomoeda, the Dream Card's light faded. Sakura smiled, clutching her cane. "I just know Meiling-chan is looking for something...I don't know what it is...but maybe this helped."

* * *

Just as planned, Wei and Syaoran picked Meiling up from the Daidouji Mansion. Tomoyo had already left for school, but had bid her friend a fond farewell before departing.

Meiling noticed that Syaoran was hanging back, with his hand tucked into his pockets, his eyes wandering.

Syaoran snapped into life again as Meiling cupped his face, forcing him to look her in the eye.

"Have you told her yet?" she asked


"That you love her."

Syaoran's face fell, knowing he was bound to be yelled at for his response. He struggled with the words. "I..Iie."

"Nani?!" Meiling's hands released from his face, "Oi. you're hopeless! you know she won't know until you tell her!"

Syaoran watched Meilings display, and she completely contradicted he performance she had given the night before. She was determined, and it showed in her eyes. Meiling turned away, hands clasped over her heart, "And, Since you've chosen her over my incredible cuteness," Meiling turned toward him, her smile turning into a look of anger as she loomed in his face, "I WON'T FORGIVE YOU IF YOU SCREW UP!"

Syaoran shied back, and Meiling straightened to her normal position. Her pleseant, almost side smile return. And with eyes gleaming with the faintest sign of tears, she swallowed. "Ja Ne, Syaoran."

She bent over, quickly grabbing her bag, and turned to leave. "Meiling--"

She waved over her shoulder, "Don't forget to come home for winter break!" She shouted as she climbed onto the downward escalator.

"Meiling!" He called again, running after her.

But it was too late. She was already disappearing down the escalator. Syaoran knew all too well that she wasn't over it. Meiling clung to things like socks in a dryer. He could almost see her heart breaking the night before, and now she was just walking away.

"Meiling-sama really is a sweet girl, isn't she."


* * *

She stared at the blank, white paper on her fold-down tray. And it stared back at her, despite it's lack of eyes. With a pen poised in her hand, she had so much to say, But little she could actually tell Syaoran. That was who she was writing to. Her beloved, who loved another. Meiling would have never thought that the person who would hold the key to his heart, would be the person who carried the key of the cards.

She corrected herself. Yes she did. She'd felt it since the moment she had met Sakura, and seen her wearing the shirt that was bought especially for Syaoran.

So many feeling pumped through her veins. She thought about Him. She thought about Her. She thought about Him and Her, together. Standing side by side. Meiling couldn't think of a letter. So instead, she wrote what came to her mind via the road of her heart... And when she finished, she was 2 pages short of what she had started with. And as she read the words, she found the result, was a poem.

I'm standing here all alone at night
I've cried so hard, I know it's not right
I feel like the world's about to end
Our feelings will never ever blend
Do you even care
That I've followed you everywhere
If that's not enough for you
There's nothing I can do

I'm sitting here
Trying to make things clear
I'm watching you from the distance
Still in your majestic trance
I'll give up everything I have
Just to make you glad
If that's not enough for you
There's nothing else I can do

I have no choice but to give you to her
I've cried so hard, everything's a blur
She'll have everything
That I wish I had

Why did you have to do this me
Even if your love for her was easy to see
You knew that I needed you
My dreams never came true
I left my heart in your hands
I've traveled far across the lands
If that's not enough for you
There's nothing I can do.

She folded the paper, and tucked it neatly into her pocket. And she remembered her dream. How warm it had felt, to have those arms around her. To hear him whisper, 'someone does love you.'

And She found strength in this. She pulled out a fresh sheet of paper. Pencil sharpened, she began to write the fated letter to Syaoran.

* * *

Syaoran looked out over the school yard and the blue sky. A previously folded paper and envelope dangled from his fingers. His heart ached for the girl who had written the letter in his hand. His hearted twisted, when he read the final tow lines.

To the hopeless Syaoran. May you be happy one day.

My very dear friend, Li Syaoran-sama.


Authors Notes: I finally did it! Part two is done, and part three is in the works! arigatou to all those who have reviewed! A big thank you to MeilingMizuno for letting me use her song "Nothing I Can Do" though I altered it to be a poem, omitting the chorus 'til the end! Be on the look out for the next part!