Sakura, Sasuke, and I all sat together in the training grounds, staring at our sensei. We're trying to figure out just who Kakashi really is! "I still don't think he's gay, you guys are just crazy! He can't be!" Sakura said folding her arms, and I shouted. "But me and Sasuke saw him with Iruka last night, explain that!" Sasuke jumped on me, and covered my mouth. "Naruto, shut up! You want him to hear us? You idiot" he said glaring at me, and I blushed. "Oops, my bad..." I whispered pulling Sasuke's hand from my mouth. He turned away from me, but toward Sakura. Then he wiped my spit on his neck, when he thought I wasn't looking.

"Sasuke! What the hell did you just do?" Sakura said, and he froze up. "I...uh was rubbing my neck. Shut up Naruto!" He shouted pointing at me, and I started laughing. "I didn't even say anything, damn it!" I shouted bursting into laughter, and Sakura laughed too. He blushed, and shook it off. "Ok, ok we're forgetting why we brought sensei out here, and what our job is. Sasuke you go first, remember? Talk, then breathe deep, move closer, and touch him!" Sakura said staring at him, and he sighed. "Ah! Why can't you go first Naruto? Haven't I been humiliated enough?" he said looking at me, and I shook my head.

"No, cause we agreed to save the best for last remember? We decided I was hottest, so there!" I said smiling, and they started laughing. "You hottest? Oh stop joking Naruto, it's ok! We both know why your going last!" Sasuke said smirking, and I'm getting mad! "Oh yeah! Why is that?" I shouted, and Sasuke stood up."Because... You Have To Kiss Him, remember?" he said folding his arms, looking all cool and stuff! I started to blush, getting more red as I got angry. "Oh yeah? Well when my turn comes I'll have him all over me! Yeah I'll prove he's gay, believe it!"

I shouted pointing at the far away tree Kakashi was leaning on, reading Come, Come Paradise. Sasuke ran at me, and covered my mouth again! "Damn it Naruto! Idiot, can't you ever keep quiet? He's bound to know what we're up to by now! If this were a real mission, we'd all be dead in a split second cause your loud, annoying mouth would give away our position!" Sasuke shouted letting go of my mouth, and I sighed. "Now I'm starting to doubt you, Naruto" Sakura said staring blankly at me, and I jumped up! "Huh? What the- I ain't queer!" I shouted putting my fists up, and Sasuke smiled.

"Oh I know Sakura, it's like we should be testing Naruto, not sensei!" he said looking at me, and I growled! "Keep talking Sasuke, and I'll hit you so hard you'll never see it comin!" I shouted, and he shrugged. "Save your anger for sensei, he likes it when your mad" he said, and I jumped on him, and started throwing punches! He put his foot under me, and kicked me off of him. " Stop it, both of you! Naruto don't hurt sasuke-kun, are you alright?" she asked giving him a hand, but he took mine instead. He smiled and helped me to my feet.

"Sorry sasuke, you better go over there now" I said rubbing my neck, and he dusted his shorts off. "Yeah, it's alright. You only hit me once anyways, weakling... Kakashi sighed, laughing. He used a sensitive hearing no-jutsu, so he could hear us talking. "To prove I'm gay, eh? Naruto hottest? He's gotta kiss me? Hmm, oh this should be funny. I'll make it well worth their while" He whispered shaking his head, and he continued reading on...