"Right... Oh Sakura was telling me about Sasuke, and her problems with him. Why? Did something happen Kashi?" he said, and I looked up at them. Kakashi was blushing, and Sasuke and I bursted into laughter. Sakura was smiling, but she covered her mouth. I turned back and looked at him, and Sasuke quickly turned away from me. Kakashi folded his arms, and nodded. "Team seven your attention please, and Sakura I know your awake!" he said standing up, and she sighed. "Awe damn..." she whispered, and he smiled.

"As of now your so called extra training time is over. Sakura I want you to tell Iruka my... what you found out about me today, Naruto, Sasuke your excused" he said slowly walking toward me, and I slowly backed away. "Um can you do something for me, Sensei?" I said, and he nodded. "Sure you name it, and it's done" he said, and I smirked. "Make Sasuke apologize to me! Right now!" I shouted pointing at him, and he stood up. "What! me apologize to you! No, I will not! What you put me through today is unforgivable! Even if I did say it I wouldn't mean it! So I'm sorry Naruto, and fuck you! Oh no wait Kakashi already did that, didn't he!"

He shouted at me, and he turned and left. "Sasuke! Please wait, don't leave me! Why do you have to be so cruel? I love you, Sasuke! I love you!" I screamed running after him, and he stopped. Kakashi, Iruka, And Sakura stood silently watching. "Kakashi... what did... what is going on? what's with Naruto?" Iruka said looking at him, and he sat down in chair by his desk. "Sasuke loves Naruto you see, but at first he didn't feel the same. Poor Naruto just got confused and fell for me, and Sasuke now hates him for that" he said shrugging, and Iruka gasped.

"So your just going to let their feelings get hurt? we've got to show Sasuke how much Naruto loves him, and not you! And I've got just the way, follow me!" He shouted grabbing kakashi's hand, and he nodded. "Sakura, your free to go home. Have a nice afternoon" he said, and she nodded walking out. "Iruka sensei, where are we going?" he said, and Iruka shook his head. "Don't worry about it, now climb up this tree ok? I want you to sit there, and watch me. When you see me wave my hand, I want you to climb down the back side of the tree and walk out. I want you to play along with everything I say, no matter what ok?"

he said, and Kakashi nodded. "Hm taking order's from a chunin, that's a first" he said laughing, and Iruka pushed him. "O stop playing around Kashi, and climb up the tree already" he said laughing, and Kakashi shook his head. Sasuke looked back at them, and I looked up at him. "Sasuke! Are you even paying attention to me, I'm trying to explain why I did what I did!" I shouted, and he turned my head toward Kakashi, and Iruka Sensei. "Watch them" he whispered, and we did... "No Iruka! Not until I get a kiss!" he said pushing Iruka up against the tree, and he cornered him.

"Fine.. Just a little one and then you've gott..." he said trying to finish, but Kakashi caught him in a kiss! They closed their eyes, and Iruka wrapped his arms around Kakashi. Naruto really doesn't love Kakashi, he loves... me! He thought looking at me, and then back at them. Iruka softly moaned as Kakashi moved lower, sucking on his neck. He started blushing, and giggling. "Oh Kashi, I said a... little kiss!" he said, and Kakashi smiled. He stopped, and looked up at Iruka.

"There's no need for me to stop now" he said, and Iruka bit his lip. "Eh... But why?" he whispered, and Kakashi wrapped his arms around him. He clutched him tightly, but not so much that it would hurt. "Because Naruto and Sasuke made up, see them wrapped up with each other by that tree way over there?" he said letting go of him, and Iruka turned his head to look. He smiled, and nodded. "Yeah, they only look peaceful" Kakashi said laughing, and Iruka looked at him. "I love you Kakashi Sensei, and I hope that we could be..."

he said, and Kakashi caught him in another kiss. I hate it when he does that he thought closing his eyes, and they held the kiss. "So what do we do now? Being that your secret's save from the Hokage, and Naruto and Sasuke are in love. Everything worked out perfectly, and that means we're the only ones left huh?" Iruka said sighing, and Kakashi smirked. "Well I don't know about them, but I know what we could do" he whispered in Iruka's ear, and he shivered. Iruka smiled, and said, "Oh yeah? And What's that?" Kakashi unzipped Iruka's jacket, and led him back to his office. "Each Other" he whispered kissing Iruka, and they slammed his door shut. . .I opened my eyes, and looked up at Sasuke."Hey there" he said smiling, and I laughed.

"Hi Sasuke, did you sleep at all?"I said, and he shook his head. "No, i was too busy watching you sleep" he said, and I smiled. "Oh, Hey Sasuke?"I asked sitting up, and he let go of me. "Yeah?" "What is Kakashi's secret anyways?" I said, and he Chuckled."Your such a dobe, dobe" he said laughing, and I blushed. "You take that back! And I was being serious! We never found out his secret, right?" I shouted sitting across from him, and he rolled his eyes. "Yes, we did! Just A..." "When then, huh? when did he tell us, huh? See you can't come up with an answer!"I said folding my arms, and he hit me! "What did you see him doing just a couple minutes ago? Who was he with? Does that answer your question, idiot?"

he said glaring at me, and I squinted my eyes. "Um... No, what is it already!" i said, and he laughed. "Your so slow, Naruto!The damn secret was that he's gay! Get it now?" He said leaning back, and I snapped my fingers. "No, he told me in the shower that he wasn't! Explain that, Sasuke?" i shouted standing up, and he growled. "Damnit Naruto! Of course he's going to lie, He's your fucking Sensei! He'll say anything to keep you from knowning anything that might get him in trouble! Now shut up, and let's head back" He said standing up, and i shrugged. "Ok, let's go! Oh hey Sasuke?" I said starting to walk, and he grabbed my hand.

"Yes Naruto? What is it now?" he said walking beside me, and I kicked the ground. "What are we gonna do when we get back, huh? Just go our seperate ways, or meet up to go eat? Or Hang out at your house or something?" I said, and he laughed. "We'll do whatever I want to do" he said smirking, and I laughed. "Sounds good to me Sasuke! Sounds good to me...THE END