Title: Demons and Angels
Part: 1?
Author: DaakuKitsune
Warnings: AU, possessive!Yami, written after eating nothing but cold turkey for 3 days straight and playing 'Disgaea Hour of Darkness' (I no own) for 6 and half hours straight. xD
Genre: Fantasy/Romance/Humor
Pairings: YxY for sure, possible some others.
Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: I do not recommend diving into lakes infested with prehistoric size crocodiles.

Description: Yuugi is an Angel in Training, his grandfather, the Seraph, sends him on his first mission: assassinate the Overlord of the Netherworld, Yami. But things just can't go according to plan, and after 'losing' to Yami, Yami makes Yuugi his vassal. Refusing to let his little Angel go, that's when all Hell brakes loose... What's an angel trainee to do with a demon overlord trying to seduce him?

Like I said, this was written after eating nothing but cold turkey for 3 days straight and playing 'Disgaea Hour of Darkness' (I no own) for 6 and half hours straight. It does weird things to your mind.
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-/sighs/- Anyway, this is based on Disgaea, but it will also be different. This is not going to be Disgaea played out by the YGO cast.

--Yami's Personal Thoughts--
-Yuugi's Personal Thoughts-
-x-x-Line Break-x-x-

Jii-chan Grampa


Chapter 1
Of Demons and Angels

"There are three major worlds. Who here can tell me what they are?" The teacher asked. He looked like any normal, aging teacher: graying hair, wearing a weird suit, even had the smell. But he wasn't just a normal teacher. One could surmise this from the big, white feathers he currently had tucked behind his back.

There was a pause in the class. The students were like their teacher: normal looking with the exception of white wings (albeit smaller than their teachers) folded behind their backs. They were all wearing variations of the same uniform; boys wore blue slacks and blue jackets, girls wore pink shirts with blue bows and blue skirts. ((1))

The teacher was looking over his students, until his eyes fell on a boy in the back. He was pale with gravity defying black hair that was tipped in purple, with spikey bonde bangs framing his face. His usual bright violet eyes were currently closed as he was deep in his nap. His wings were much smaller then anyone else's in the class, something that made him a target for bullies and the scorn of others.

Heaving an aggravated sigh the teacher stalked over to the boy.



"Mutou Yuugi."

A slight snore.


With an 'eep' aforementioned boy fell out of his desk. The class quietly snickered as Yuugi looked up at his teacher and smiled sheepishly.

The teacher glowered down at Yuugi. Yuugi held back another 'eep'.

"Now that you have finally decided to join us, Mr. Mutou, perhaps you can answer my question."


"Yes. What are the three major worlds?"

Yuugi perked up immediately, he knew this by heart. "The Human world, the Netherworld, and our world-Celestia."

For the first time that day, the teacher smiled. Yuugi slowly got back into his chair, heaving a sigh of relief as the teacher walked back to the front of the classroom.

"Mr. Mutou is correct. As he seems to be the only one who can remember this simple fact, he will not have to do today's homework."

There were moans from the other students, and a few of them even glared at Yuugi. Yuugi sweatdropped.

As the teacher continued on with the lesson (just about how demons were evil, angels were good, bad angels were turned into demons, humans were weak, etc.), there was a knock on the door. A tanned woman with straight black hair and ice blue eyes walked in. The woman was wearing cream-colored robes and had an odd, golden necklace. There were some gasps from the students. This woman had four wings--meaning she was one of the Seraph's elite.

"L-lady Isis!" The teacher gasped.

"I hope you can forgive my intrusion, but I have come to fetch Mutou Yuugi." Isis said with a small smile.

"O-of course! Mr. Mutou?"

Yuugi slowly got from his seat, and picking up his bag followed Isis out the room without a word. He noticed the envious looks his classmates gave him. With his luck, it would just give them more fuel to pick on him.

He sighed as he continued to follow Isis. She had opened a portal once they were out of the school, and he was now in the Seraph's chambers.

"Thank you Isis, I'll take it from here." An elderly man said. He was wearing white robes, trimmed in purple that enhanced his eyes--which were exactly like Yuugi's. He had six wings and grey hair that spiked out like Yuugi's.

Isis smiled warmly at the man and nodded her head. Smiling at Yuugi, she excused herself leaving him alone with the Seraph.

"Jii-chan?" Yuugi asked with his head tilted to the side in cute confusion. "Is something wrong?"

The old man looked over his grandson with a grave face. "I'm afraid so Yuugi. I have a mission that I need you to do."

"M-me! But Jii-chan--!"

Holding up a hand for silence, the Seraph continued. "Yes Yuugi, you. I have a mission that only you can do."

"But Jii-chan, I'm still only a trainee!"

"I am aware of that Yuugi, but I have complete faith in you." The Seraph said with a warm smile.

Yuugi withheld a sigh. He couldn't refuse now.

"O-okay, so what's the mission?"

"I need you to assassinate the Overlord of the Netherworld." His Jii-chan said as if he was simply commenting on the weather.

There was a small pause as what the Seraph said sunk in. Yuugi blinked.


-x-x-x-The Netherworld-x-x-x-

A tanned teen who looked no older then 18, was sitting on a throne. He also had gravity defying hair that was black, but his was tipped in red. His bangs were spikey and blonde as well and some of his bangs streaked up into his black. He was taller then Yuugi and had sharper, crimson eyes. Instead of white wings, he had large, black, feathered wings. He also had a long black tail, the tip of which looked like a spade.

He was also bored.

"Stop slouching Yami." A cold voice said from the side.

Yami looked towards the voice and met the even gaze of his cousin's cold, blue eyes. His cousin had short brown hair, black, bat-like wings, and was currently wearing one of his many trench coat outfits.

"I'm Overlord. I'll slouch if I want to." He retorted.

His cousin just rolled his eyes.

"Seto, I know you didn't just come here to tell me that. What is it?"

"The border guards have reported sightings of an angel."

Yami immediately sat up looking interested. Seto smirked. "I thought this would interest you. What's even more, the angel supposedly looks like you."

Yami just raised a brow. "And what is my look-a-like angel doing here?"

Seto shrugged. "The guards weren't able to capture him, but my guess is he's an assassin."

Yami frowned. "That makes no sense. Why would Celestia do something that could potentially cause a war?"

"You know how Celestia is. Nothing they do makes sense."

"True. Have security tightened, if the angel is spotted, I want him captured alive and unharmed. If he's hurt in anyway--"

"Yes, yes, we all know what happens when you don't get your way."

Yami glared at Seto. Seto smirked, gave a curt nod and left. Yami mumbled something about teaching no good priests respect.


Yuugi was inside the Overlord's castle, still wearing his school uniform, minus the blue jacket. His once clean white shirt now had various tears and dirt stains, as did his slacks.

Yuugi was tired, as he had had a tough time with all the guards. After some more sneaking he made into a rather important looking hallway. At the end of it there was a set of double doors. The doors themselves screamed importance and wealth.

Yuugi guessed he was going the right way.

He carefully made his way to the door and silently opened it. It was pitch black inside, so Yuugi couldn't make anything out. He gulped and went in, standing close by the door.

He slowly started making his way across the room.

-This isn't right. Why did Jii-chan pick me for this? Pegasus would have a much better choice.-

Yuugi involuntarily shuddered at the thought of Pegasus. "It's not right to kill someone." He continued in a whisper, unaware that he started to talk out loud. "But if I don't Jii-chan will get mad. And he's the Seraph. But why does Jii-chan want the Overlord dead anyway?"

"Precisely what I am wondering."

Yuugi went wide-eyed and rigid.

"Of course, I'm also wondering why you are in my room talking to yourself."


Yuugi felt someone one front of him, but still couldn't see anything.

"I've never seen such a cute angel before." Yuugi felt himself blush. He was starting to slowly back away (hoping whoever was in front of him couldn't see either) when he felt two strong arms pull him into a warm embrace, and the person holding him started nuzzling him.

"You smell wonderful." The person purred.

Yuugi knew that he had to get out of there. But he was still in shock, his face burning.

The person playfully nipped his neck, which jolted Yuugi out of his shock.

Yuugi pushed the person of him and took off, literally flying out the room. The unknown person just smirked and took off after his prize.

-Getoutgetoutgetoutgetoutgetoutgetoutgetoutgetoutgetoutgetout-, was all Yuugi was currently able to process in his very confused brain.

He was still in shock over what he had just went through and had to focus on the guards that kept appearing. Apparently he had made more noise then he thought.

But these guards were no different from the bullies that seemed to forever plague him. He was able to dodge them and lose them easily enough. Except for one. The same person he had 'met' in that room was still following him. And he was gaining. Yuugi risked a glance back but all he could make out was a flash of crimson.

He also had the problem that he didn't know his way around the castle. He was in a narrow corridor that ended in a giant window. Before he could react he was at the end of the corridor breaking through the window (using his arms to shield his head), and was outside. He took a second to get his bearings and was off again. But now his follower was practically at his feet, and still gaining.

Yuugi went into a sharp dive hoping to gain some space between them, but his purser continued the chase. Yuugi zigzagged, shot up, dived, and did whatever else he could think of, but he couldn't lose his chaser. By now they had to have been far from the Overlord's castle, and Yuugi didn't know how much longer he could keep this up. His wings were tired and aching and begging to stop, but if he did who knew what this demon would do to him?

He was just about to finally give in when he saw something from the corner of his eye. A lake. He nearly laughed with joy, an idea forming in his had.

-x-x-x-Yami's POV-x-x-x-

--My little angel is quite the flyer-- I think to myself with a smirk. --If it was anyone but me chasing him, he'd have been home free by now.--

I pause my thoughts in contemplation. --He has a nice ass.--

Not only was this little chase fun, it also gave me some rather nice views.

I can tell he's reaching his limit though. I can tell he's going to give up, and then he'll be mine. I smirked at the idea.

My smirk only widened when he went into another steep dive. --So my little Angel wants to play some more?--

I easily followed, slightly wondering when he would finally give in. I didn't have much of a chance to get a real taste of him back at the castle, only a small nip. But I was eager for more.

I frowned when I realized he still hadn't come out of his dive. The lake we are at is very dangerous.

My eyes widen as I realize he plans to dive into the lake.

-x-x-x-Normal POV-x-x-x-

Yuugi dived through the water, Yami still following.

Again, Yuugi was glad that he was experienced at being chased. He continued to dive deeper, until he saw something shooting towards him. It looked like one of those crocodile-things they had on earth. Except prehistoric sized. ((2))

Yuugi's exhaustion was gone in an instant as even more adrenaline then before was being pushed through his body. He shot up and right past his pursuer.

Time seemed to slow down as he went past his chaser. A few bubbles escaped his mouth in the form of a gasp. His chaser looked eerily similar to him. As his eyes locked on his chaser's crimson, his chaser smirked and winked at him. Yuugi felt himself blush.

And then he was breaking through the water and flying to the shore. The shore with all the trees. As soon as he reached shore he got behind a tree and looked out at the lake. Where was his chaser?

Yuugi's insides felt cold. What if that big crocodile-thing got him? It would be Yuugi's fault if his chaser was eaten.

Suddenly, Yuugi was tired. Just so very tired. His adrenaline supply had gone, his wings ached, and he was starting to get a chill from the water still clinging to his frame. He somewhat staggered back to the edge of the lake.

He bit his bottom lip nervously. -Where is he? That…thing didn't eat him, did it?-

Yuugi felt the guilt start eating his insides.

"Looking for someone?"

Yuugi spun around at the familiar voice, but before he could register what was happening he was on the ground. On the ground with his hands being held above his head and something sitting on his waist.

Blinking the stars from his eyes he looked into fiery red. He gulped. His chaser smirked and lowered his head so that his mouth was right next to Yuugi's ear.

"I win little Angel. You're mine."



((1)) The same uniforms from the anime. /way to lazy to think of describing something original/ x3

((2)) x3 Think Lake Placid (I no own) big.


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