Title: Demons and Angels
Part: 4?
Author: DaakuKitsune
Warnings: AU, Possessive!Yami, molestation of the Yuugi (by Yami)
Genre: Fantasy/Romance/Humor
Pairings: YxY, possibly some others.
Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: Dood, I do not own YGO, nor the prinnies, dood.

Description: Yuugi is an Angel in Training, his grandfather, the Seraph, sends him on his first mission: assassinate the Overlord of the Netherworld, Yami. But things just can't go according to plan, and after 'losing' to Yami, Yami makes Yuugi his vassal. Refusing to let his little Angel go, that's when all Hell brakes loose... What's an angel trainee to do with a demon overlord trying to seduce him?

--Yami's Personal Thoughts--
-Yuugi's Personal Thoughts-
-x-x-Line Break-x-x-

Jii-chan Grampa

It's kinda long... and it's all Yami/Yuugi interaction! Does that make anything better? -/cheesy grin/-


Chapter 4
Some Ground Rules

When Yuugi finally came to, he was back in a room he recognized. A room he wished he never would have seen again.

Yami's room.

Of course this time he wasn't chained to the bed, which was a plus. Yuugi sat up and finally took notice of how sore his wings were. Deciding that he wasn't going to be escaping anytime soon, he concentrated on shrinking them.

His whole back glowed light violet as his wings shrank down until they disappeared. It was one of the first things angels learned--shrinking their wings conserved their energy and allowed them to blend in better in some places. The only proof left of their existence was a tattoo of their wings across their shoulder blades.

Yuugi sighed happily as his back felt immensely better.

Yuugi couldn't help but smirk slightly. Not only did shrinking his wings conserve his energy, but he could unshrink them in the blink of an eye--which meant that the second Yami let his guard down, he could escape.

Then Yuugi noticed something. He wasn't wearing a shirt. Or pants.

Yuugi's entire face lit up in a blush. He was thankful he was still wearing his boxers, but still. Someone had partially stripped him!

-Who would...?- Yuugi slapped his forehead. A phrase his friend Anzu often used coming to mind--duh.

Still... maybe Yami didn't strip him. -Why would he anyway? He can't be that perverted.-

Yuugi blinked. -Come to think of it... what happened to the penguin-thingy? It unchained me and then...- Yuugi's eyes went wide(r) as all his previous memories of Yami, the penguin-thing, and his attempted escape cam rushing back.

Yuugi's eyes watered as he remembered seeing his friend explode. -Why... How...?-

Yuugi squeaked as he was suddenly pulled into a hug. He tensed before realizing the chest his face was pressed against was Yami's.

Yuugi kept telling himself that he only relaxed because there was nothing he could do anyway.

"What's wrong little one?" Yami asked softly.

"Penguin-thingy..." Yuugi replied with a sniff.

Yami chuckled which caused Yuugi to glare at him. Seeing the glare, Yami just winked at Yuugi cheekily.

"That's what prinnies do when thrown."

Yuugi blinked. "What?"

"When a prinny is thrown, they explode. Don't really know why, that's just the way it works. But don't worry, after a few days he'll turn up good as new."

Yuugi was a bit dazed by this information. "It was supposed...to explode?"

Yuugi could feel the vibrations on Yami's chest as Yami chuckled again.

"I suppose, not having anything like prinnies in Celestia, it can be a hard concept to understand. But worry not, your 'penguin-thingy' friend will be okay."


Yami smiled as he softly nuzzled the top of Yuugi's head. "Promise."

There was silence for a few minutes as they both simply enjoyed each other's presence (though Yuugi would deny this later).

Then without warning, Yami was under the covers with Yuugi, holding Yuugi to him. For the first time, Yuugi noticed Yami was in the same state of dress (or lack thereof) as he was. Yami's wings were also completely gone.

Yuugi blushed heavily, his face pressed into the crook of Yami's neck.

"W-what!" Yuugi yelled as he tried pulling back.

Yami, however, would have none of that and pulled Yuugi back into his embrace holding him there firmly. Yami sighed contentedly as he nuzzled Yuugi.

Yuugi groaned. "Why do you do this to me?"

Yami smiled softly at Yuugi then softly kissed him on the lips. Yuugi's face heated up once more, and Yami was surprised steam wasn't coming out of his ears.

Holding Yuugi closely to him, he whispered, "It's how I show my love."

Yuugi blinked. Then sighed realizing he wasn't going to win.

He was thankful, once again, that he had at least been left with his boxers on.

Any further thought was impossible as Yami told him to get to sleep as they had a big day tomorrow. Still tired and knowing he didn't have any other choice anyway, Yuugi did as Yami told him.

Yuugi would continue to tell himself it had nothing to do with the fact that he felt warm and safe in Yami's arms. Because he didn't.


Yuugi woke the next morning feeling very warm and very content. Letting out something akin to a coo he snuggled into the source of his warmth.

He sighed in content when warm arms retightened their grip on him, while something started nuzzling his hair. When hands slowly started to move across his back in the most sensual way Yuugi knew he was in Heaven. ((1))

But something was nagging at the back of Yuugi's mind.

-Heaven... celestia... mission...? Yami...? Yami?- Yuugi's eyes snapped open. -YAMI!-

Yuugi's eyes snapped open.

With a frightened squeal Yuugi was able to push himself away from the surprised Yami.

Yuugi's butt hit the floor the same time his head hit a cushion. He had been expecting to have gotten tangled in the black curtains that hung from Yami's bed, or at the very least to have fallen on Yami's floor.

What he hadn't been expecting was to have fallen on the floor of a carriage.

Yuugi felt like crying. -Why me?-

Yuugi groaned. The carriage wasn't very spacious; there was just enough room between the two seats for him to sit. He remained sitting, his head resting on the cushion of the seat opposite a very amused looking Yami.

Yuugi noticed that he was wearing clothes similar to his school uniform, except his pants and jacket were black and his shirt was a deep red. He was also wearing black boots that appeared to be new.

Yami was wearing the same, except all his clothes were leather and his jacket was more like a trench coat.

Yuugi felt his face heat up. "Stop it!"

Yami blinked, looking honestly confused. "Stop what?"

-Stop dressing like that!- "Stop changing my clothes you pervert!"

Comprehension dawned on Yami's face, followed by more amusement. "Worry not love, I'm not the one who's been dressing you."

"Then who?"

Yami smirked. "Prinnies."

Yuugi sighed, feeling slightly better. He twitched slightly when a thought struck him and he fixed Yami with a hard glare. "You didn't watch did you?"

Yami snorted. "I wanted to."

Yuugi's eyes narrowed. Yami sighed. "No angel, I didn't watch them undress you. I wouldn't have been able to control myself if you did a strip tease, conscious or not."

Yuugi fought down another blush. With as much dignity as he could muster, Yuugi rose from the ground of the carriage (he was surprised that the carriage was tall enough for him to stand up straight) and sat as far away from Yami as possible.

Yami sighed sadly, immensely missing the warmth Yuugi provided. "Yuugi..."

Yuugi ignored him, causing Yami's annoyance to rise. --No one ignores me!-- ((2))

When Yuugi continued to ignore him, Yami growled slightly. "Yuugi! Talk to me!" ((3))

"And what exactly do you want me to talk to you about?" Yuugi said, glaring over at Yami.

Despite the obvious anger in Yuugi's voice and the nasty glare directed at him, Yami was immediately happier. At least now Yuugi was paying attention to him.

"Why are you so mad?" Yuugi became even more angry when he saw that Yami looked honestly confused as to why he angry.

"I'm mad because you've kidnapped me! And you keep molesting me!"

Yami raised an eyebrow. "Yuugi-love--"

"I'm not your love!"

Ignoring Yuugi's outburst, Yami continued. "You originally came to assassinate me. When you failed to kill me, and then to escape me, that put possession of your life in my very capable hands." Yuugi snorted, but again Yami ignored him. "Thus instead of killing you, I made you my vassal. You belong to me."

As Yuugi felt his ego bruise his indignation rose. The fact that it was true just made it all the worse.

"So what, now that I 'belong' to you can you just molest me!"

"I didn't molest you. You enjoyed everything I did, otherwise I would have stopped."

Yuugi snorted, Yami let out an aggravated sigh. "Angel why won't you just admit what you feel for me?"

Yuugi remained silent and Yami felt his annoyance rise again; he really wasn't used to not getting what he wanted.

There were a few moments of silence in which Yami desperately craved for more of Yuugi's attention and Yuugi sulked.

Finally, Yami decided that if he kept talking eventually Yuugi would have to pay attention to him. He could've just ordered Yuugi to do it, but he knew that even if Yuugi actually obeyed that order it would just make Yuugi even madder.

Yami cleared his throat. "What I don't understand is why your grandfather sent you on this mission... Yes, I am grateful it was you, but, forgive me if I've wrong love, aren't you only a trainee?"

Yuugi remained silent, but his body language told Yami that he didn't understand why either. (Of course Yami already knew Yuugi didn't know why as Yuugi had so himself when he had been talking to himself in Yami's room.) ((4))

Yami looked thoughtful. "I think the Seraph knew this would happen. He's freaky like that."

Yuugi scoffed. "Knew what would happen? His only grandson would become prisoner and toy to the overlord? Yeah, that makes sense."

Yami blinked as realization set in. --He thinks he's only a toy... and that his grandfather abandoned him to that fate.-- Yami felt guilty at the anger he had felt when Yuugi had ignored him. --He's been hurting... and I was too selfish to realize.--

"No," This time, Yami's voice was gentler. "He knew that I would be unable to kill you and that I would fall in love with you."

"I thought demons only knew lust."

"I know that as well. I won't deny I lust for you," Yami had to smile at the blush that graced Yuugi's cheeks. "But it's more then that. I would do anything you say if it would make you happy."

Yuugi's eyes met Yami's pleadingly. "Then let me go!"

"Except that."

Yuugi's eye twitched as he looked away angrily.

"You do realize, that even if I wanted to let you go I couldn't."

Yuugi made a noise that sounded like a growl. It amazed Yami just how much that sound turned him on. "I know. I've read all about your kinds form of bindment."

"It could be worse."


"You could have been stuck with a demon who did only want you as a toy."

"And you expect me to believe you don't?"

"What makes you think I only want you as a toy? I haven't forced myself upon you. Deny it all you wish, Yuugi, you know you enjoyed my affections."

Yuugi raised his gaze to glare definitely at Yami. "So what, you expect me to believe you love me? Demons only know lust."

Yami's eyes narrowed at Yuugi, his patience starting to wear thin. "What makes you think demons can't love?"

"It's not in your nature!"

"And how do you know what is and is not in my nature? Tell me, love, how many demons have you ever met?"

Yuugi opened his mouth to respond, when he realized he couldn't. He had just assumed what demons were like based on rumors. In fact, Yuugi had never read anything about demons (besides their various bindments, which all angels had to study) in Celestia--then again, he had never looked.

-What was it jii-can once told me about demons? "They look different from us, they act different from us, they live in a place different from ours, indeed, they are different from us. But that doesn't make them monsters like so many seem to think."-

Yuugi felt his face burn with shame. "I'm sorry."

Yami felt any and all growing anger melt. Swiftly, he scooped Yuugi into his arms and held the angel tightly.

Yuugi nuzzled the side of Yami's neck, surprised at how much better he felt in the demon's arms. "I promise you, my angel, you are not simply a toy to me."

"I believe you... but I don't see how you can love me." Yuugi blushed in the way Yami found irresistible. "We just met."

Yami chuckled. "Fear not love, I shall win you over eventually."

Yuugi smiled slightly. -Maybe this... weird whatever it is can work out.- Yuugi's body when rigid when he felt Yami grope his ass. Yuugi's eye twitched. -But first, we definitely need some ground rules.-


"Okay!" Yuugi was beaming at the piece of parchment Yami had procured from somewhere in the depths of his trench coat. Shifting his back slightly, a pure white feather fell to the cushion behind Yuugi. Yuugi picked it up and wrote 'Rules' at the top of the paper as Yami produced his own feather. ((5))

"Rule Number One: Yami cannot just grope Yuugi whenever he feels like it." Yuugi smiled as the purple ink sank into the parchment. Hearing a growl, Yuugi raised an eyebrow at Yami.

"No fair! You're mine! I should be able to touch you whenever I want!"

Yuugi just rolled his eyes at Yami's whining. He was about to write another rule, when Yami grabbed the parchment. Ignoring Yuugi's shout of protest Yami quickly wrote his own rule in his quill's red ink. "Rule Number Two: Yuugi must sleep in the same bed as Yami!"

"Gimme that!" Yuugi made a grab for the parchment, but Yami held it out of his grasp. After a few minutes of struggling the two ended up in a rather... awkward position.

Yami was fully laying down on one of the seats with Yuugi lying on top of him, on his stomach. Yami had one arm around Yuugi's waist to hold the angel securely in place, while his other hand was holding the Rule Paper out of the angel's reach. Yuugi was squirming like mad, attempting to get out of the demon's hold and get the paper.

Once Yami realized what their positions were, he began to enjoy himself.

After hearing Yami moan, Yuugi realized exactly what their positions were too. Yuugi felt his eye twitch again as he stopped moving (which drew a noise of protest from Yami).

"Yami." Annoyed purple locked with dreamy scarlet.

"Yes love?"

"Instead of just writing down rules, why don't we try to discuss one? You know, like actual civilized beings."

Yami smirked up at Yuugi. "I have always wanted to try being civilized..."

"Good! Now for the hundredth time, get your hand off my ass!"

Pouting slightly, Yami complied.

"Let go Yami."

Pouting even more, the demon allowed the angel to go back to his original seat.

"Okay. What other rules do we need to add?" Yuugi looked thoughtful. Yami discovered that he found a thoughtful looking Yuugi incredibly sexy.

--Maybe if I suggest a rule he'll be happy again...-- "I do need to punish that prinny."

Yuugi glared cutely at Yami (well, Yami found it cute, anyone else would have found it at least slightly frightening). "The one that helped me escape?"

"Yes, that one."

"Yami! You can't punish the penguin-thingy! It was only trying to help me!"

Yami's eyes narrowed. "That 'penguin-thingy' has proved that it is completely unloyal to me. I'd be better off if it was dead."

"No! How can you be so cruel!"

Yami looked into Yuugi's eyes. They were pleading and starting to water... and Yuugi's bottom lip was forming the most adorable pout...

Any resistance Yami had was crushed under the gaze of Yuugi's (in)famous puppy-dog pout.

Yami sighed. "Fine."

Yami was happy to see that at least Yuugi seemed to be happier now. Yuugi snapped his fingers and his quill wrote down the new rule.

"Rule Number Three: Yami will not hurt the peng--er, prinny that tried to help Yuugi escape!"

Yami nodded his head in agreement before his own quill started to add to it. "Provided Yuugi does not try to escape again."

Yuugi scowled but didn't say anything. Yami grinned mischievously as a new idea for a rule popped into his mind.

"Rule Number Four: Yuugi must give Yami attention!"

Yuugi glared at Yami. "Rule Number Five: Yami must try to be less spoiled and attention starved."

"Sorry angel, but Rule Number Six is: Yami can only stop being attention-starved when Yuugi stops being sexy! In other words, it's impossible."

"Ugh! You are so aggravating! Rule Number Seven: Yami must stop messing with the Rule Paper!"

Yami stared at Yuugi for a long moment. Yuugi simply glared back at the demon, though he started to get uncomfortable with how long Yami had been staring at him.

Yami smirked again. "Rule Number Eight: Yuugi looks hott when he's angry."

Yuugi took a deep breath, which he let out slowly. With speed that surprised Yami, Yuugi grabbed the parchment away from the scribbling quills.

Apparently, the quills had continued to write down all the rules the two had said, Yami's showing in red and Yuugi's showing in purple.

Yuugi felt his eyes twitch again.

Damn, it couldn't be healthy for his eye to twitch that much.



((1)) Heaven -- The best damn massage/chiropractor/gym place in all three worlds.

((2)) Remember: Yami's Overlord, he's used to getting his way all the time. x3 He's spoiled!

((3)) "Give me attention!"

((4)) See first chapter.

((5)) It's part of the magical properties of feathered wings; one of the things you can do with the feathers (once they've been detached) is use them as a quill that never runs out of ink! (De other stuff is a secret... -/shifty eyes/- For now.)


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