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Ch. 1- The Lady Marauder

She doesn't own a dress,

Her hair is always a mess,

If you catch her stealing, she won't confess,

She's beautiful

Smoke's a pack a day,

Wait that's me, but anyway

She doesn't care a thing about that, hey,

She thinks I'm beautiful

Meet Virginia

Meet Virginia- Train


I stood on Platform 9 3/4, looking around for my four best friends. I was getting impatient, but reminded myself that I was unusually early. But, still, it had been a long summer and I wanted to see them again.

As I looked around the platform, I saw kids with their families. Mothers looking teary-eyed, fathers refusing to show emotion. Happy looking is what I would've described most of them as. It made me feel that much more aware of how alone I was. Nobody was here to see me off, to tell me to remember to study hard and keep out of trouble, or to wave until the train slipped out of sight. Whatever, I thought. Who needs family anyways?

I made my way to the train and loaded my things into a compartment. I pulled out the book I was currently reading and attempted to take my mind off of things. But instead of getting lost in who was falling in love with who, I was getting lost in my thoughts of everything that had happened over the past four months.


An owl landed in front of my plate. I took the letter from its beak, still talking to my friends. But as I scanned it, I had to go back and re-read the whole thing. I didn't take all of it in, only little pieces like "your mother…dead""wasn't anyone's fault", and "funeral will be arranged as soon as possible". I couldn't hear anything; it was like someone had turned the sound off. The only thing I was aware of were the words that kept replaying in my head "your mother…dead…"

End Flashback

"Joie! Earth to Joie!" Someone was waving their hand up and down in front of my face and yelling at me.

"What?" I said, somewhat irritably, jolting out my thoughts and back into reality.

"What d'ya mean 'what'?" James Potter said, in mock disbelief. "We haven't seen you all summer and all we get is 'what'/ I mean, honestly!"

"Hey!" I said, my bad mood dissolving immediately. I jumped up and threw my arms around James, engulfing him in a bear hug.

"That's more like it." He said, laughing. He wrapped his arms around me and hugged me back.

"Oh, and I suppose that ol' Jamesie here is the only one who gets proper hello," Sirius Black said, pretending to pout. I untangled myself from James and turned around to face him.

"Jealous?" I asked, raising an eyebrow, a smirk playing on my lips.

"You know it, babe. Now get over here, I want my hello." He replied, pulling me to him. He gave me a kiss on the cheek and then a hug. "Glad to see you survived Land of the Yanks." He added and I laughed.

"And Peter, you're next." I said, as Sirius and I broke apart. I gave the small, somewhat pudgy boy, a hug.

"Well, guys, I gotta go. Prefects meeting, you know." Another voice said, from behind James.

"Oh no you don't, Remus Lupin!" I said, sharply, shoving James out of the way to get to him. "Not until I get my hug."

"Alright, alright." He said, rolling his eyes, before smiling at me. "Great to see ya, Sunshine." He added, embracing me warmly.

"You too." I said, as we let go.

"So, I'll be back later." He said, and started walking down the corridor.

"Bye, Moony!" James and Sirius yelled loudly after him, to which he replied by waving his hand behind him.

"So, how were the Yanks?" James asked, closing the door and sitting down across from me. Peter sat next to him and Sirius next to me.

"Eh, it was okay. As good as it could be, anyways." I said, with a shrug. It was a downright lie, but I didn't feel like reliving the summer just yet. "How was France?"

"It was bloody brilliant! Lots of hot babes." He said, smiling. "Actually, there were a lot of interesting things to do. I had a lot of fun."

"Lucky." Sirius said, darkly. "Just getting out of the house was a vacation for me."

"That bad, huh?" James said, shaking his head. "I've told you, mate, that you're more than welcome to come and stay with me."

"And I've told you, James, that I don't want to impose on you." Sirius replied, firmly.

"Sirius, you could've come with me to the States. I mean, it's not like my dad would've noticed, he was too busy working." I said, looking at him. "It would've been like old times."

"Joie, I wasn't going to owl you and ask to live with you after…after what happened." Sirius said, not meeting my eyes as he said the last part.

"Trust me, it would've been a welcome distraction." I said, quietly, looking out the window. I wasn't going to cry in front of them- that would be showing weakness and I wasn't weak.

"C'mon, your family couldn't have been that bad." Peter said and I heard James hit him.

"Well, actually, we didn't go to California like my dad told me. Instead he bought a house in Chicago, got a time consuming job, and worked away all summer. He wouldn't come home until after midnight and he'd leave before seven. So, I was pretty much alone the whole time. He didn't even come to see me off." I explained, forcing the tears that were in my eyes away.

"That doesn't sound like your dad." Sirius said, sounding surprised. "I mean, he's the coolest adult ever."

"Not any more. He became a 'business man'. He wears suits now and is a stiff." I replied, shaking my head sadly. "Oh well, it doesn't matter anymore anyways. We're on our way home!" I added, as cheerfully as I could, putting on a bright smile.

"Yeah, home." Sirius said, vaguely.

The rest of the ride went by with us playing games and telling stories. Remus showed back up about halfway through our game of exploding snap. I felt like I was whole again. As though through everything that had happened I could always count on these four boys to pull me through.

"We'd better get changed." Remus said, checking his watch. "I reckon we're almost there."

I left the compartment with my uniform in hand and went down the carriage to the changing room. As I was walking back, I got stuck behind a couple of first years taking their on sweet time walking back to their compartment. I was just about to push my way through them when I heard one them say something about the marauders.

"Yeah, so my brother said that they're most popular guys in school." The boy speaking had short blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes.

"Really?" The other boy said. He was shorter, had dark hair and dark eyes.

"Yep. He said that unless you have a death wish, you don't mess around the Marauders." The first boy replied, nodding.


"My brother also said something about a girl. She's always hanging around with them." He continued. "She's like the biggest outcast or something."

"Hey, I think someone else was telling me about her!" The second one said excitedly. "I heard they call her the Lady Marauder."

"I heard she uses illegal curses on students and teachers when gets mad."

"You know what I heard?" I asked loudly and they jumped, started, and turned to look at me. "I heard that she can kill you just by looking at you."

"You're, you're…" The first boy stuttered, clearly afraid.

"BOO!" I yelled, jumping at them. They screamed and ran as fast as they could to their compartment. I laughed as I watched them.

"Joie!" I heard Remus say from my right.

"What?" I asked innocently. "They were walking to slow for my taste and besides you know how much I love to help rumors grow and become even more ridiculous."

"You shouldn't scare first years." He said, trying not to smile. Behind him James, Sirius, and Peter were laughing uncontrollably.

"Well, they shouldn't be talking about me." I retorted, walking past him and sitting back down next to Sirius.

"You know, you can be really intimidating sometimes, Sunshine." James said, shaking his head at me, still laughing.

"Well, of course." I replied, smirking at him. "I have to make sure people know that they're dealing with the one, the only, the Lady Marauder."


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