Harry Potter & the Dragon of Azkaban

"Talking" Thought

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Chapter 1

The guards of Azkaban were running around franticly. There had been yet another break out in the history of the prison and this time it was from the highest of security level cells.

Albus Dumbledore walked into the doors along side the Minister and head of law enforcement.

"What happened?" He demanded of an auror who was running past them.

"We don't know. Last night he was in his cell, looking out the window as always and spasming slightly from the dementors, and this morning he was gone. There was no sign of apparation, and brooms can't get near us here."

"Who escaped?" Asked Kingsley.

"Prisoner 10475937659023, of cell block MM5110, tower 7."

"Who?" Fudge asked, not knowing the prisoners by their number.


The three wizards all yelled at the same time.

Harry had been arrested for the killing of his relatives along with every single person on Privet Drive and the next blocks over and aligning with the dark lord, along with the normal spells that are used by Voldemort's death eaters, namely the unforgivables. He was found not a month after returning home, in Knockturn Alley with the bodies of all the victims, including some who were shoppers in the Alley. In trial he had tried to bash his head in, some how breaking the chains holding him down. He had not said a word the whole time and just looked like he was almost dead already.

It had been over four years now and there had been no attack on the prison to break anyone out. The dark lord seemed almost happy from what Severus had said. But Albus did not and still doesn't believe him. For all they knew the boy could have been in league with the dark lord since first year and he was just being under cover this whole time. A few others did believe the potion master though, but only a few.

Still, now that he is out we are in true trouble.


Ginny looked up from her letter as an owl flew into her house. It was the Daily Prophet. Taking the paper and paying the bird she unfolded the news paper. And nearly fainted.

Right on the front cover was a picture of Harry from his trial. The words above is big bold letters said 'Harry Potter Escapes Azkaban!' She read the article below aloud to her self.

"Early this morning the guards at Azkaban checked the cells of the prison and when they came to the highest level of security they found Harry Potter missing! They do not know how he did it, as they still do not know how Black and Lestrange escaped. When Dumbledore and the Minister were called to Azkaban soon after the discovery they were furious. The cell was what had shocked the aurors who had looked at it. The back wall was shattered. But not inward, which would point to out side help, but outward. His cell was located in the top of the tallest tower, on the far side of the prison, over looking a cliff with spikes and whirlpools. That and he did not have his wand, which was snapped and burned shortly after he was taken away.

"So it is a mystery as to how he broke the wall, which was made of magically reinforced stone. Although many believe he could be out there, we believe there is no way he could survive the fall of sixty meters to spikes and whirlpools that would have skewered him alive or drowned him.

"As we all know he was arrested over four years ago for…" She put the paper down and looked at the letter she had been writing. On the top it said 'Happy Birthday Harry,'

Could there be a connection? Well I at least know he is out of that hell hole, and he has survived worse things, namely a basilisk, a troll, a werewolf, a thousand dementors, death eaters, and even the dark lord himself. So why should a simple fall kill him. I mean he's had falls just as bad with his broom and at much higher speeds.

She was brought out of her thoughts when the pendant under her shirt became hot. Pulling out the phoenix shaped necklace she tapped her wand to it.

Instantly she was in Grimauld Place #12. It was the only way to get into the house right off the bat, as Dumbledore had made a non apparation ward around a three block radius of the building.

She walked down into kitchen, where the meetings always were. She half wondered why she even joined.

Oh yeah that's right, to fight Tom and prove Harry is innocent.

Finally the meeting started.

"As you all who have read the paper know that Harry has escaped Azkaban." There was an uproar at that until Albus rose his hand for silence. "I want all of you to keep a look out for him. Ronald, Hermione, Ginny, Neville and Luna, I want you to tell me if he shows up at your homes. Severus, does Voldemort have anything to do with this?"

"As far as I can tell he is mad that he escaped. So as I said before, Potter is innocent."

"Potter killed those people end of story!" Shouted Ron. He had followed a path similar to Percy's only he became an auror and believed that if you went to Azkaban you're guilty beyond a doubt. And what Ginny found worse is that her parents agreed with him. As did Hermione, and for that matter, most of the order.

"Silence. What we need to do is find him and put him back there so he does not harm any one. Ronald, Hermione, do either of you know if he could have become an animegus like Sirius?"

"No, we were always with him and when he was in the library he only looked stuff up for the DA. Frankly if he did try to he would have collapsed from a lack of sleep or something along the lines there of." Hermione said.

And so they began to plan, though a few only listened to sabotage.

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