Harry Potter & the Dragon of Azkaban

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Chapter 10

Hermione gave a sigh. It had been two years since Harry broke out and there had yet to be a single sign of him. Voldemort was getting bolder and bolder in his attacks and the people were going into a panic. On other thoughts Ginny and Neville were dating but not seeming to tie the knot.

Why did Harry have to kill all those people? If he hadn't done that he would have finished school and be here fighting the dark lord. He could be here laughing with us over some dumb joke or playing Quidditch. And we might have finished this war a while ago.

Her fire place flared with green fire and Neville's face appeared.

"Hermione, the dragon reserves are under attack! Come quickly!" With that said he disappeared from the fire. She quickly put on her battle robes and apparated to the reservation right in the middle of the battle.

She quickly ducked and started fighting with the death eaters after joining the rest of the order. But they were slowly loosing even with every one there.

There were just too many death eaters and dementors.

The dark lord even had giants and trolls with his human troops. They were going to loose badly after this was over. Even if they did survive they would be tortured.

After an hour their number of two hundred, including the keepers who were not in the order, was dwindled to a mere fifty. Thankfully only fifty had been killed, the others too injured to keep fighting.

As all seemed lost a roar sounded and every one looked up, even the death eaters.

There, falling out of the blue sky was a black dragon. It continued to plummet towards them from behind the order's line. At the last second it snapped its wings opened and shot towards the dark forces. After it was past the fighters of the light it gave a single powerful beet of its wings and caused a sonic boom that ripped into the enemy forces and threw them like rags. The dragon used the speed to shoot upwards after it had passed them.

Charlie was staring open mouthed, as were all the other keepers.

"It can't be. That can't be Jet." He stammered.

"Charlie did that dragon just control his sonic boom? I thought they weren't smart enough. And do you mean to tell me that that dragon is Jet?" Hermione asked, having gone over the entire file after the dragon disappeared.

"That dragon has to be as it is a black nightviper and he was the only one ever seen."

They saw Jet reach his peek and turn earthward again. But this time he was flying downward instead of falling. They watched as he opened his mouth and an orb form between his fangs.

When he was a hundred feet off the ground he flared, stopping dead in the air, and shot the orb in the same moment.

Said orb shot down the remaining distance faster then anyone had ever seen. When it struck it sent out a shockwave and lightning in every direction, killing a large number of the enemy.

That can't be right. Nightvipers breathe fire not lightning.

As the black dragon landed he struck down a surviving troll with his tail and then rammed his fore claws into its chest and ripping it open. He shot out two beams of lightning, cutting through the humans like a cutting curse through wet toilet paper, but messier to the nth degree. Two giants approached him with their clubs raised and in response the dragon rushed towards them, slamming his head into one of their guts and spinning, using his tail again to knock the other into his comrade who was bent over, in the end sending both to the ground. He shot two bolts at each of their heads, sending sizzling flesh and brains (more like shriveled pear) onto the ground while the eyeballs popped under the heat of the lightning.

Soon after every one was either dead or running away from the black nightviper who only roared before firing another blast of lightning, striking a running troll in the back of the neck and sending it to the ground.

"Charlie what do we do?" Ron asked, after all he was an auror not a dragon keeper, so this dragon was something that he was clueless on.

"Hope he doesn't turn on us."

"What!?" Hermione nearly yelled. The dragon was now walking towards them.

"It took over twenty stunners and weight spells to take him down two years ago when he was malnourished and near starving. By now it would take three times that to take him down now. And we still don't know if he is alone or not. He will probably electrocute us as soon as we-" He was interrupted by Ron lifting his wand towards the four eyed dragon. Almost instantly two lightning bolts struck it and sent both the wand and the owner to the ground.

Charlie sighed.

"-raise our wands." No one else lifted their wands.

"So what do we do now Mr. Weasley?" Albus said.

"Hope he eats them so he will go to sleep and then we can catch him again. That lightning breath is interesting to say the least."

"But if he eats the death eaters how will we tell who they are?"

"How are we going to tell who they are when he eats us?" Charlie retorted to a now silent Hermione.

"But I still can't figure out how he and Lumary got out." A keeper asked, voicing his mind in spite of the dragon in front of them.

"Simple, I let us out."

Everyone snapped they heads toward the source of the voice and saw a man dressed in black and silver clothes made of dragon hide, even the cloak that hid his face was made of dragon hide. A few noticed that he was standing where Jet used to be.

"And who are you?" Albus asked.

"I will give you a hint. Two years ago I did the absolute impossible and have not been seen since."

"Harry?" Hermione asked. Several of the people there trained their wands on him. Ron who had gotten up and retrieved his wand finally stepped forward.

"Traitor!! Reducto!!" The curse shot from his wand and headed straight for the man in dragon hide. He flicked his wrist and a stone sword handle appeared in his hands.

He said a simple shielding charm and it took the hex.

"Well seeing as you are still all traitorous to me and all, as well as the fact that I have a misses to get back to, I will be leaving." He turned to walk away.

"Wait, you're married?" Tonks asked in shock.

"Not really. More like mated."

"What do you mean?"

"Ask Charlie." With that he turned into the nightviper, Jet, and took off before anyone could say a thing.

"Did he just turn into a dragon?" Someone asked, while thinking of going to an insane asylum.

"I think he did." Someone else said.

"But that's not possible. He didn't have a large store of magic!" Hermione said.

"I knew that dragon was him, I knew it but you said it wasn't. We should have checked him for animegus transformations but no. You said he couldn't be Harry! Now he's loose and off hitched with someone and we don't know where he is at all as well as he has a new wand!" Ron was bellowing by now. "I am going to hunt him down if it is that last thing I do!" He was gone with a pop.

Hermione and Tonks turned to Charlie.

"What did he mean by mated?" They both said at the same time.

"Oh no, oh no, oh no. Mum is going to kill me if she finds out."

"Finds out what!?" The two females yelled.

"If that was Jet and Jet is Harry, oh hell no, mum will slaughter me for it, even if she does think him a criminal."

"What!?" Nearly every one shouted. By now he was mumbling to himself. They could hear about half of what he said.

'… and Lumary being … Why did I have … persistent on them? … is going to … necromancy to … me again if they've really …"

"CHARLIE!!" Hermione and Tonks bellowed at him.

"Huh?" Was the intelligent response.

"What are you talking about?"

"If Jet is really Harry then he is mated to Lumary."

It dawned on Ginny as to what her brother was saying, while no one else seemed to remember who Lumary was, or more precisely what she was.

"Don't you dare tell me you slipped them dragon mater's draught." She said with venom soaking into her words.

"No, no I didn't slip them the mater's draught, wait how do you know about that? That is only known by keepers."

It finally dawned on the others what Charlie was talking about. The twin were whooping like mad men, saying "He got hitched!! He got hitched!! Harry got hitched!! Hitched to a dragoness!! Harry got hitched to a dragoness!!! He got hitched!!...(repeat etc. etc.)". Every one else was gawking at Charlie, the twins, Ginny, and the area of sky that they had last seen the dragon in.

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