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"Ouch!" Hiro clenched his arm where had pinched himself only moments ago. Even though he could still feel the slight pain he just couldn't bring himself to believe that what he was seeing was actually real.

Lily stood up straight and stretched out her back. Wiping a bead of sweat from her forehead she looked up. Breaking out into a big grin she waved Hiro over. "Hey Hiro! Over here!"

Snapping out of his state of disbelief Hiro jogged over to where Lily was standing. Once there he surveyed the ground of the park. There wasn't a single leaf on the ground. It seemed that she had raked them all up into a two big but neat piles that lay a few yards away.

"Did you do all of this yourself?"

"What?" Lily gave him a strange look.

"The leaves. Did you rake them all up yourself?" Hiro waved to where the piles were.

"Oh, that." Lily raised her arm and scratched the back of her head. "Yeah, I did. It took a long time but I think I got them all."

Hiro shook his head. "I never thought I'd say this to you of all people but that was very responsible and mature of you. Who knows you may actually have some brains in that thing you call a head. I must say I'm very proud of you, Lily. Lily?"

Looking up he saw thatLily wasn't there anymore. In her place was the rake she had been holding. Looking around he saw her taking slow steps backwards. "What are you doing?"

"Getting a running start."

"For what?" The question came too late. Lily had already taken off in the direction of the leaves. Leaping up a few feet away from the pile she landed right in the middle. Leaves exploded upward and outward. Scattering once again all over the ground.

Hiro could only stare slack-jawed as her head popped out of the pile of red, yellow, and orange. Getting up she walked back over to where she had been standing before. Smiling even wider than before with leaves sticking out in random places. "You have to try this Hiro! It's so much fun!"

"You mean to tell me you raked all of those leaves just so you could jump in them?" His eyebrow twitched slightly.

"Well…yeah. Why else would I rake them up?" Lily questioned.

"How could I have ever believed you were responsible?" Hiro raised his arms in the air and stared walking away. "Just when I thought you-"

He was cut off as Lily grabbed his arm and started running. "What do you think your doing? Let me go!"

Then he spotted where Lily was heading. Straight to the other leaf pile. His eyes widened as he started his protest. "Don't you dare Lily! Let me go right now!"

Lily shrugged and let go. Though by now she had already launched them into the air. Laughing at the look on Hiro's face they landed into the mountain of leaves. Unburying herself Lily stood up and spread out her arms before falling back into the pile.

"Oh Lily…"

Hearing her name she opened her eyes to the sight of a smirking Hiro. Who was in turn holding an armful of leaves right above her head. She didn't even have the chance to protest before they where dumped upon her.

No it was Hiro's turn to laugh as Lily sputtered and spat out leaf bits. When he finally stopped laughing and looked at her she had a handful of leaves.

Jumping to his feet he attempted to flee when she grabbed the back of his sweater and with a quick yank she pulled him back down. Once he was down she shoved the leaves down his shirt. He returned the favor a short while later.

And so it went. Back and forth. Neither caring for some of the strange looks that they received. Both lost in the world where just them and the leaves existed.