Disclaimer: Do I look like I own Digimon

Disclaimer: Do I look like I own Digimon? I'm not Japanese. I can't even draw Taichi. However, I do own Jyou *not*.

Libraries Aren't the Place…

I'm writing this story because right now, I'm very tired of my stories with somewhat complex plots that take me anywhere from five hours to several months to write. Besides, I haven't written any good yaoi for a while, especially since "So What?". I have several yaoi stories that are begging me to finish them, but my brain cells aren't really functioning properly. I decided that I just wanted to do one cute fluffy Yamajyou.

Dedication to all those great Yamajyou or Jyouto writers. God, you guys are the bomb! I love reading your work, and it's really hard to find these type of fics *pouts*.

"Yamato, does it ever occur to you that when I say 'I need to find a book' that I actually mean it?"

Yamato laughed, "No, not really. Should it?"

"I will not bother to dignify that with a response. All I want is to find one book on marine biology, but can I do that? Noooo… you follow me around like some incessant lapdog that has nothing better to do than follow around his owner," Jyou replied, tone teasing.

"Am I to believe that you don't like me following you around?"

Jyou opened his mouth to reply but clamped it shut.

"Uh uh. No way. This is not the place to get into an argument with you."

Yamato couldn't help but grin. To both of them, it was easily admitable that the term 'argument' meant playful teasing that ended up with them kissing and 'making up'.

"Why not?"

Jyou gave him a peeved look, "It's a library, Yamato. You don't make out in a library."

"We can change that," he replied with a goofy grin.

"And pigs will fly."

Before Yamato could reply that technically, pigs did fly, as proven by his younger brother's flying pig, a librarian came up, graying hill pulled into a bun and glasses enlarging her eyes, which had anger written all over them.

"Excuse me, but if you can't be quiet, you'll have to leave," she told them sternly in a clipped tone, and the two just looked at each other and nodded to her. She gave them another stern look before leaving them, and Jyou turned back to Yamato.

"See? I knew I should have tied you to a chair while I was gone!"

"But I still would have followed you."

"Fine, the table then."

"Jyou chan… I do not believe for a minute that you can mean that," Yamato pouted softly, stepping close enough to his lover to encircle his arms around him. Jyou stiffened slightly.

"Yama… this isn't the place," he whispered.

"I know, I know. Libraries aren't the place," Yamato replied, kissing him firmly on the cheek, "It kinds hurts that you'll rather spend your time with the dusty old books rather than me… maybe it's the librarian you would like to know better?"

Jyou couldn't help but laugh at that, "That old prick? She's worse than my father."

"I'm glad we agree on something," Yamato murmured, loosening his grip just enough that Jyou could turn to face the bookshelf again.

"Yamato, if you would like to be helpful, help me find the book I need and then we can get out of here."

"Nah… the apartment's about the same as this place… quiet as a tomb and just as dead."

"At least it's not a public place," Jyou replied warily, but he didn't fight.

Yamato snorted.

"It's not like anyone's here anyway."

"Except for the crabby librarian."

They both laughed… quietly, of course.

"Yes, Jyou chan. Except for the crabby librarian."

"Sooner I find my book, sooner we get away from her."

"And miss the dusty old books? I don't think so."

Jyou just shrugged and kept searching for his book. Yamato grinned, never letting the older man out of his grip as he continued to look, moving along with him every time he had to move.

Finally, after several minutes of searching, he sighed in defeat.

"It's not here. The computer catalogue said it would be here, but it's not," he whined plaintively, sounding exactly as the Jyou of the Digiworld that had whined about almost everything from nonexistant allergies to monsters ready to kill them. Well… maybe the monsters was something understandable, but still…

"You could ask the crab apple."

"I could if you let go of me."

"Then forget it."


"Fine," Yamato sighed, finally letting go of Jyou. Jyou shot him a slightly exasperated look, to which Yamato just shrugged and smiled, before going off in search of the grouchy librarian.

When he came back, Yamato looked like he was ready to collapse from boredom.

"I thought you liked the dusty old books," Jyou teased as he came up. Yamato woke up from his half dead stupor and glared at his boyfriend.

"Did you find her?"

"Yeah," Jyou grimaced, "Unfortunetely."

"What happened?"

"She gave me a lecture about how the library isn't the place to make out."

Yamato chuckled at that, "And what did you say?"

"Smiling and nodding comes to mind."

"Good boy. I must have taught you well. There was a time where you would have listened to everything she said and taken heed, you know."

"Ah, how the times have changed."

"For the better. So, can we go now and leave both the dusty books and Miss Crab Apple?"


"Wha?" Yamato rolled his eyes, "Why?"

"She's going to go look for the book. We're supposed to wait for her at the front desk."

"The front desk? But that's so… public."

Jyou winced, "I think that's what she had in mind."

Yamato grumbled, "Librarians. If you're not reading, they're not happy. We could read A Paperback Guide to Sex, and they would be happy, but try to experience it for yourself and they jump all over you."

Jyou just shrugged, "So let's get going. Then we can get out of here. Unless you want to find you're a Paperback Guide to Sex? If you must, you better hurry. I bet all the librarians are itching to check it out first."

"Nah. I rather like being in some forgotten row of books with you."

"But… the librarian…"

"Miss Crab Apple? She can rot for all I care," Yamato replied, pulling Jyou into a tight embrace and kissing him fully. Jyou looked a bit shocked, but returned it. Yamato ran his hands through his lover's rather long navy blue hair, not breaking off. Jyou's glasses were slipping precariously off, but both were too engrossed to care that it was practically resting on both of them.

"Young man, where were you? I've been searching for you all over the place! I thought I told you to wait…"

The librarian's angry speech was cut off by the scene in front of her. Jyou yelped and pulled back, tripping awkwardly, his glasses dropping to the ground, cheeks flushed with red. Yamato's cheeks also burned, and he quickly distangled himself from his boyfriend, as one hand had been around him while the other in his hair. Both looked guiltily at the librarian, cheeks a deep shade of crimson, hair messed up, and breathing heavily.

"Your… book…" the librarian held the book out cautiously to Jyou, who stepped forward.

On his glasses.

The glass and frame broke with a sickening crunch, and Jyou seemed to blush even more. Yamato quickly took the book from the librarian, who quickly strode away.

"Yama…" Jyou mumbled, reaching out for his boyfriend, unable to see anything clearly. Yamato gripped his arm to steady him, thrusting the book into his hands before reaching down to pick up the broken frame and the glass.

"I guess it's time to go home," Yamato looked guilty, his face still burning with crimson.

"I hate to tell you this, but I'm as blind as a bat right now."

"That's okay. You've got me. You were right, I suppose."

"Right about what?"

"Libraries aren't the place. Now let's check out your book and get back home before Miss Crab Apple has a conniption fit or a heart attack."

Jyou just smiled and nodded as Yamato took his hand and led him gently towards the checkout stand.

*screams with joy* Finally, a fluffy Yamajyou! *does a little happy dance* That only took about… heck, I don't know how long it took. I must be desperate to be writing this kind of stuff, but I have a headache and I really did want to write something simple. This was as simple as I could make it. ^_~

No offense to books, libraries, or librarians. REALLY! I don't hate books! I don't hate libraries! I don't hate librarians! Really, really, really, really! I love to read (just ask my friends or English teacher!!!!), although our library is a different story… and the librarians are all very helpful, not like Miss Crab Apple… ^^'

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