Disclaimer: Digimon didn't revert ownership to me since the last time I wrote one of these damn things

Disclaimer: Digimon didn't revert ownership to me since the last time I wrote one of these damn things.

Giving Librarians Conniption Fits

Actually, I was planning to take a break off of writing until June 2, when I would be taking my SAT II, so I was going to stop writing and just study for that. But what happened is that I got really pissed off for some reason only known to me, so to protest, I'm just going to write a fluffy Taishiro with a little bit of Yamajyou sequel to my fluffy Yamajyou. I always wanted to do that… ^^' Fun stuff! I should write fluff more…

Taichi was very firm in his intent not to set a single foot inside the library, especially after what had happened to Yamato and Jyou.

And who could blame him?

But unfortunately for the Digidestined of courage, Koushiro was just as stubborn; in fact, probably more so. Not to mention that he hadn't heard the little story about what had happened to the Digidestined of Friendship and the Digidestined of Reliability.

Which is exactly how Koushiro had managed to get his energetic boyfriend to walk into the library without fleeing for his life when he set his eyes on the newly dubbed 'crab apple'. He still shivered every time he remembered when the crap apple had stamped 'overdue' on his forehead and paraded him around the entire building when he was… 17.

"Taichi… help me get that book please," Koushiro sighed, looking longingly at the books on the top shelf. Taichi had to resist the urge to chuckle.

"And what is in it for me?" he asked seductively.

"I'll cook you dinner?" Koushiro offered meekly, still eyeing the books.

"You cook worse than I do!"

"But I don't set the kitchen on fire, set the fire alarms off, and have fire fighters here before I can blink."

"I was cooking macaroni and cheese! Cooking that is hard! I don't understand how the labels can say 'easy to cook'. Those dang things are hard to cook."

Koushiro shook his head and sighed.


"What's the magic word?"

"I already said it," Koushiro replied stubbornly.

"Did not."

"Did too."

"Then say it again. I didn't hear it the first time."

"I am going to deflate all your soccer balls later."

"I didn't hear youuuuuuuuuu," Taichi taunted, grinning as Koushiro's face began to turn a bit red.

"Please bequeath me the publication which has established itself upon the apical ledge," Koushiro hissed before grinning smugly when Taichi blinked uncomprehendely..

"I heard 'please', 'me' 'the', 'which has', 'itself upon the'… and that's about it."

"And what do you covet me to do relative to it?"

"Koushiro, you're doing this on purpose!"

"No duh, genius."

"Ah! Words I can finally understand!"

"You are such a… a… vagabond!"

"Such big words for such a short person…"

"You are such a stubborn pain in the…"

"Now, now, how would you expect me to get your book if you're cursing at me?"

Koushiro glared at him before finally shrugging and walking off. Taichi blinked.

"Hey, where are you going?"

Koushiro gave him a sidelong glance but continued to stride away, "The librarian should be tall enough to reach the books… besides, I think it's time I introduce her to you…"

"WAIT!!!!" Taichi yelled, running over to grab Koushiro's wrist and drag him back, "Okay, which book did you want?"

"I don't know if you can reach it though… you're awful short," Koushiro replied dryly, "It is in such a lofty place anyway. And the big words on the cover might confuse you. Maybe the librarian would be a lot better…"

"No, no, no, no!"

"Boys, there are other people here… oh, hello Koushiro," Miss Crab Apple looked over the two boys, frowning when she got to Taichi but smiling at Koushiro, "Do you need some help?"

"No… Taichi will get it for me."

"Taichi?" Miss Crap Apple raised an eyebrow, still inspecting the taller Digidestined, "Haven't I seen you before?"

Taichi began to turn crimson, and he could just feel the words 'overdue' on his forehead, glowing very brightly in neon colored lights.

"No, I don't think so. Taichi has never been to the library before," Koushiro smiled sweetly, and Taichi glared at him, ready to strangle him.

"Oh really?"

Taichi shivered as he felt the librarian look over him, almost like fresh meat, and he promised vehemently that he was going to put something like super glue all over Koushiro's keypad and hope that his fingers stick to them permanently.

"Is there any book you're interested in?" she asked, and Koushiro looked at her oddly before turning to face Taichi too, who looked ready to melt into the ground from embarrassment.

"Um… I'm still looking," he muttered finally.

"Are you sure?"

Taichi blinked and thought hard. What was it that Jyou and Yamato were talking about last time? He finally grinned as he remembered.

"Yes, actually, I am looking for something. I think it's called… um… A Paperback Guide to Sex, I think," Taichi ignored Koushiro's menacing glance as he continued to watch the librarian, who looked about ready to have a heart attack.

"I'll… I'll go see what we have…" she quickly walked away, as if trying to flee for her life, a probable conclusion.

As soon as she was gone, Koushiro grabbed Taichi by his shirt, "Why'd you do that?????" he squeaked loudly.

"Was that wrong?"


"Oh… is this wrong too?" Taichi asked innocently as he grasped Koushiro's wrists with his own hand and kissed the red head on the lips.

Koushiro's eyes widened slightly, but he didn't pull away, instead closing his eyes and returning the kiss. Both of them ignored any passerby's that stood at the front of the aisle gawking at the couple before walking away as quickly as they possibly could, as if they were trying to convince themselves that they hadn't seen anything.

When Taichi finally released Koushiro, Koushiro gave him a peeved look while Taichi grinned foolishly.

"That wasn't too bad, was it?" Taichi asked innocently.

"No. Now get me my book."

While Taichi finally did what Koushiro asked him and reached up to get the books while Koushiro pointed them out, the librarian came back.

"Excuse me sir," she began quickly.

"KYAAAA!" Taichi screamed, falling to the ground and taking several books with him, a shower of books hitting him all on the head.

"Oh, Taichi, you got all the books I wanted," Koushiro grinned evilly as he helped pull Taichi up to face the librarian, who was holding a book.

"I think this is the book you wanted, Taichi," the librarian handed the book to Taichi, who started to turn crimson as he saw the title.

A Paperback Guide to Sex

Koushiro took one look at it and practically collapsed laughing while the librarian walked away, leaving Taichi as red as an apple.

"Get your books and let's go," Taichi grunted gruffly while Koushiro continued to shake his head and laugh.

After Koushiro finally calmed down several minutes later, he gathered up some of the books, put the rest in Taichi's hands, and led the way towards the check out stand, where the librarian was already seated there, probably waiting for them.

Koushiro quickly got his books checked out (and not a single late fee… I'm in awe of him!!!!!!) while Taichi stood there, still rather embarrassed about the book he was about to check out. The librarian turned to him, "Next?"

Taichi meekly placed the book on the desk, and the librarian started to type into the computer. Suddenly, Taichi had an interesting idea, and when Miss Crab Apple looked back up at them, he put a hand around Koushiro's shoulder, who was still struggling to get all the books in his arms.

"Don't worry, Koushi chan. I'll get some of them for you," Taichi smirked, and Koushiro nearly dropped the books, shooting Taichi a furious glare.

Miss Crab Apple looked absolutely confused as she handed the book back to him, and Taichi picked up the book like an excited school girl getting a brand new puppy with a bright red tongue and adorable brown eyes.

"Koushiro! Look! I told you I would find a book! This will keep both of us entertained for the rest of the month!" he said just a bit too loudly, and it was Koushiro's turn to turn a bright shade of red as the librarian began to comprehend and jaw dropped to the ground. The people in the line caught on just a tad bit too quickly, and most of their jaws had dropped too.

Taichi picked up some of Koushiro's books gallantly, hand still around Koushiro's shoulder, who was blushing like crazy as he held the book up high in the air so everybody could see the title, "Koushiro chan… do you think there will be anything new in here? Maybe new positions? Something that we haven't already done? Perhaps a listing of condoms and how to prevent certain STDs?" he continued to practically yell as he steered away the still furiously blushing Digidestined out of the library.


Neither of them really wanted to go to the library, both absolutely un-eager to go into the library. But their boyfriends had stoutly refused to accompany them, so they had to settle for each other. Jyou Kido and Koushiro Izumi sighed and finally walked into the library. The librarian at the checkout stand… the same exact librarian they had been meeting all those times… looked at them over the top of her book and paled before quickly looking back down at her book.

The two shot each other confused glances before quickly getting their books and walking over to the check out stand. The librarian hesitantly put down her book and looked at the two.

"My, this is a surprise," she commented as she took Koushiro's library card.

Both looked confused.

"Well, last time you were here… weren't you making out with your boyfriend? What happened to him?" she asked innocently, looking at Jyou, while Koushiro's eyes practically popped out of his skull. Jyou carefully avoided Koushiro's stare.

"And how was your book, Koushiro? What was it called again… A Paperback Guide to Sex? Did you and your boyfriend… um… enjoy it?" she questioned, and Koushiro shook his head furiously while it was Jyou's turn to gawk, jaw dropped to the counter.

She looked a bit triumphant as they took their books as quickly as possible and rushed out of the library, where both their boyfriends were waiting.

Unfortunately for the two Digidestined, their boyfriends had decided to do something that both knew would make their lovers very unhappy, but they didn't really mind too much. Before Jyou and Koushiro could protest, Yamato and Taichi grabbed them, dragging them just outside the library door so that the automatic doors opened. When the librarian turned to see who it was, Taichi and Yamato grinned at her innocently before kissing their respective boyfriends for what seemed like an hour before releasing them, saluting the librarian, and waltzing off, Koushiro and Jyou faces now red and a vein throbbing peevishly on their forehead, rushing off to kill their boyfriend and ignoring the stares from passerby's and the librarian turning to the computer to write up her resume and get a new job that didn't require any human contact.

^^' And that's the end of my library fluff pieces. I still do not hate books, librarians, or libraries. I promiseeeeee!!!!! ^_~