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Author notes: This is my second Fan Fiction. This is the sequel to Angel In Blue Jeans, also posted on this site.

{Foggle Towers} March 3rd

When Bling realized Logan and Max were stuck in the elevator together, he smirked ((just the thing both of them need...time alone with no where to run))
After tying Mr. Kelly up in the guest bedroom, Bling settled down on the couch to wait out the brown out.

{Foggle Towers} March 4th

Both Max and Logan woke with a start to the elevator door opening, revealing Bling on the other side. Blinking in the bright light, Logan squinted up at him.

"Am I interrupting something?" Bling asked, a smile creeping across his face.

Their faces flushing, Max stood up, as Logan pulled himself up into his chair, and they said as one "No" Max nervously shifting from one foot to the other.

"Ah huh. Well, in that case, why don't you come in and get some breakfast?"

"Just what I was thinking." Max replied, flashing a quick smile. "Let's go" she said as she pushed Logan into his apartment.

While Logan cooked up some pancakes and eggs, Max took a quick shower. Getting out she wrapped a towel around herself and walked out to the kitchen. Logan looked up as she entered, and did a double take. ((she's eating like that? I didn't think THAT much changed between us...))

"Got some clothes I could wear?" she asked

"Ahh, yeah, sure." Logan managed to get out, leading her into his bedroom. "There should be some stuff in the bottom drawer that might fit you better..." ((not as well as that towel though..)) he said, his eyes wandering down the length of towel clad Max.

She saw him checking her out and she said "Thanks" ((what's he doing? checking me out? hehe)) raising an eyebrow and looking towards the door.

"Yeah, well, when you're done...dressing ((gulp)) come out and eat" Turning his back and wheeling towards the kitchen, Logan smiled at the thought of Max..dressing... Bling was setting out plates and silverware when Logan entered.

"So, what did happen in that elevator?" he asked, taking in Login's rumpled hair and wrinkled clothes.

"Nothing. We just talked. I'll tell you about it sometime." ((yeah, maybe like never))

"What gives me the impression that's not all that happened?" Bling asked, smirking

"That's all! Oh, yeah, and I professed my undying love to her, you know, the usual." Logan tried to say it sarcastically, but it came out otherwise. Just then, Max walked in dressed in a too large shirt and boxer pants. ((no matter what she wears she is still amazingly beautiful...never ceases to amaze me..)) Logan thought as he gazed up at her, his mouth open.

"You better close that before you catch a fly or something" Max teased, going over to him and closing his mouth. Then, when Bling turned his back, Max planted a kiss on that same mouth...Bling finally turned around, startling Max so that she jumped up from her current task and knocked over a glass. Both she and Logan reached for it, their hands touching. Logan smiling goofy, as Max flushed slightly. Bling looked on amused, thinking ((what DID happen in that elevator?))

"Let's eat" Max said, breaking the silence and helping herself to a stack of pancakes and eggs. "Got any milk?" she asked

"No problem." came Logan's reply

After she was done; "I better go. I'll have to stop by my place for a change of clothes or OC will be bugging me all day." ((she'll be bugging me anyway...about where I was the past day and a half..))

"Maybe you should take the day off..." Logan began ((stay here for the day))

"What? And give Normal the satisfaction of firing me? I think not." she said with a half smile. ((though it is tempting...))

"Ok, well, take it easy..." Logan said, his eyebrows creasing in concern.

"Yes mom." Max replied, smirking as she got up from the table. "Later Bling"

"Glad everything worked out" he said, glancing up at her

((yeah, me too)) "Yeah, thanks. I really should be going..." she said hesitating

"That would probably be best..." Logan shifted in his chair ((or we might do something we would regret later....))

"Yeah......bye." at that, she walked slowly out the door. ((better go before I do something stupid))

((I should have made her stay! Who knows if she'll be back!)) with a sigh, Logan went into the guest bedroom to decide what to do with Mr. Kelly...