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{Foggle Towers} June 20th

Logan knew what he had to do. There wasn't any other choice. He had made a pledge to himself, and Max, and their child. ((Lydecker...I'm coming after you...))

Gathering his wits, and Bling, and a few informants that wanted to see Manticore destroyed, Logan set out-destination, Gillette Wyoming.

{Gillette Wyoming} Project Manticore-June 22nd

They met up with Zack, Tinga and Jondy at a small hotel in the town of Gillette. There they formed a battle plan of sorts. Logan would de-activate the alarms and blocks on the doors and fences. Tinga, and a few explosives would start out ahead of them. She would activate them, and after that, they had 15 minutes to get out of there.

Jondy, along with 2 informants, would gather all the disks and data they might need in the future. Zack, Max and Logan would find their baby. And Lydecker. Logan swore he would shoot him at the first chance.

Everything went according to plan...Tinga set the bombs, Jondy and the other 2 got the necessary disks, and the rest was up the Zack, Max and Logan. The moved quickly through the halls of Manticore, memories coming flooding back. Max motioned for Logan to follow her. She knew where they would be keeping their baby. Zack went off on his own, searching for the one man he hated the most. Entering the maternity ward, Max and Logan were greeted by a few astonished nurses and doctors, 2 guards. Logan quickly pulled his gun, forcing the nurses and doctors into a corner, while Max took care of the guards. They continued on their way. Max suddenly stopped, backtracking. She stared through a window, at a baby in an incubator. ((Now is not the time or the place to cry...suck it up))

They rushed for the door, but it was locked.

"I thought you de activated all the locking codes!!?" Max asked franticly

"I did! They must have a different security on this one..."

"Well, I'm not waiting around any longer." Max stated, going back to the window.

"Max, wait!" Logan began, but before he finished, Max had knocked the glass in and was back out with a small bundle in her arms.

"Let's get outta here" she said, running back up the corridor, followed closely by Logan. Surprisingly, they met little resistance. Only a few guards were left.

((Thank you Zack!)) Max though silently, following the familiar hallways to the exit. Coming around a corner, Max stopped dead in her tracks, Logan almost knocking her over.

"Lydecker" Logan spat, his eyes shooting daggers.

"So nice to finally meet you Eye's Only. I would have thought you had forgotten about my little Max here a long time ago."

"I will never forget Max. And I will never forget what you did to her."

"Aww, isn't that sweet." Lydecker raised his radio to his lips, saying "Move in"

They had walked into a trap. They were surrounded! At least 30 soldiers moved in around them, blocking all escape paths.

"Max...this doesn't look good."

"Really? I hadn't noticed" she replied, practically bristling.

"I love you Max."

She looked at him in surprised. Her brows creasing. Logan pulled his gun, and aimed at Lydecker. Immediatly 30 automatic weapons were aimed at him.

"Max, at my signal, duck" he whispered, still glaring at Lydecker.

Max simply nodded, understanding what he was going to attempt.

As Logan fired, 30 identical shots issued from around the circle. Logan ducked, covering Max with his arms. Then, there was silence. Only a few groans could be heard from the wounded. They had shot themselves.

"Let's get out of here" Logan said, grabbing Max's arm and lifting her up.

"How much time is left?" Max asked, trying to glance at Logan's watch.

"Not much." he replied simply, strangely calm.

Max nodded, and lead them out of the building, to the waiting car. Everyone was there. Zack, Tinga, Jondy, the informants. Logan, Max and their baby. They turned to watch as the explosives obliterated Manticore. The explosion was so

great, that they felt the earth shake under them, even though they were safely out of range of the inferno now raging.

"Logan?" Max said timidly

"Yeah" he responded, pulling her in for a hug.

"I love you"

"Ditto" he smiled down at her, and his daughter. "What should we name her?" he asked, amazed at the small life form Max was holding so naturally.

"How about Elizabeth?" Max suggested, naming her after Logan's mother.

Tears gathered behind Logan's eyes. "Sounds good to me" he agreed.

"Me too." Max replied.

"I love you." he said, starting to lean down to deliver a kiss.

"I know." Max responded, standing on her tip toes to meet him.

Breaking the kiss, Logan said, "Let's go home."

Max replied by flashing him her one in a million smiles and replying with, "Home sounds good right about now."


"So...what about a middle name?" he asked




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