Its Friday morning and Eames wanders into the area that she shares with her partner, Bobby Goren. She tosses her purse and keys on her desk. She glances at her watch, frowning at the time and wondering why Goren has not arrived yet for work. Yawning, she saunters over to her partner's desk and sits down. Picking up a book lying open she glances at the title, Biography of an Intrepid Mind. She rolls her eyes as she tosses it aside and then focused on a pile of mail and interoffice envelopes. An envelope with the return address of Amherst Central High School, Class of 78' catches her eye. Hearing footsteps she drops it back to the desk.

"I hear steam works the best." Says an amused Goren as he stands in front of her desk.

"I was just killing time Bobby, why were you late?" Asks Eames in embarrassment.

"My alarm clock decided to quit this morning." Replies Goren, stepping around her desk and up to the side of his, picking up his pile of mail and scanning through it. He reaches the envelope that Eames had been intrigued by and after glancing at it quickly he tosses it into the garbage can that was already running over with discarded files and papers from their previous case.

"Bobby, why are you throwing that away? Isn't that from your high school?"Asks Alex in amazement.

"Um, yeah I guess so." Bobby replies in a bored voice as he opens an interoffice envelope and glances over a couple of crime scene photographs.

"Well, why are they sending you an envelope?" Alex inquires.

"I don't know, maybe they are looking for contributions for new cheerleader uniforms or something." Bobby shrugs, plopping down in her, vacant, chair; she was still at his desk, thus sitting in his chair.

"Aren't you even going to open it Bobby?" Asks Eames.

"No." Bobby looks down at her desk top and frowns. "How do you even find anything over here, Eames?" He questions in disbelief.

"Well if you won't, I will." Alex pulls the envelope out of the trash, after giving him a glare that clearly stated bite me.

Goren immediately hops out of the chair and moves to her side. Pulling the envelope out of her hand he grins at her. "Its not important Eames, trust me. They're just looking for an annual contribution and I already sent them my customary ten bucks. They've been trying to get me to up it to fifteen for years." Bobby says sarcastically about to throw it in the garbage again.

"I'll pay the fifteen bucks if that's what it takes to get you to let me open that envelope!" Alex said while grabbing it out of his hand. Before he realizes it she has it ripped open. Her mouth drops open before she starts to grin ear from ear. "Your presence is cordially requested at the 20th Class Reunion of the Graduating Class of 1978, Amherst Central High School? Bobby, its your class reunion and you were going to throw this away? You are going aren't you?"

Bobby grabs it back out of her hand and stares at it a moment. "No, I wouldn't dream of going back there and rubbing shoulders with people that wouldn't even talk to me in high school. Name tags, old yearbook photos, reminiscing of embarrassing stories. Most of the guys will have graying hair...or no hair. The women will probably all be about fifty pounds overweight and will be telling everyone you haven't changed a bit while they whisper to everyone else how they can't believe how Janet has let herself go. No, that's not for me Eames." After seven years of partnership, he thought she'd know him better by now.

"Bobby, I think you should go. You've got to do something besides...this." Alex holds up her hands and motions to his spotless desk. "There must be some people you would like to see after all these years?"

"Well there was one teacher that I did have a little crush on." Bobby admits, grudgingly.

"A teacher? You had a crush on the teacher Bobby?"Asks Alex in disbelief. This was not something she expected from her eccentric partner.

"I was a mature thinking kid, what do you want?" Bobby grumbles. He starts to count on his fingers. "Trouble is I probably wouldn't recognize her, she is probably around sixty or sixty-five now.

"Oh I wouldn't give up Goren. If you went you may just luck out. She might be a rich old widow now with a fat Social Security check." Alex jokes and smirks when Bobby gives her a sarcastic look.

"I wouldn't want to overwhelm everyone. I want to keep a low profile and I think that when people find out that I'm attending they'll feel like their lives haven't turned out as exciting as they could have. I don't want to throw my success in other's faces Eames." Bobby says, seriously.

"Bobby, you're afraid to face those people aren't you?" Accuses Alex.

"No, I have nothing to be embarrassed about Eames. My life has turned out...just the way I... ah... expected it to." Bobby leaned his hip against the conjoined desks and eyed his partner, warily.

"Then you have nothing to worry about." States Eames as she stands up and walks around to him. She grabs the invitation and holds it behind her back. "I am filling out this response card and mailing it in. I suggest, no I demand that you take that Friday, Saturday and Sunday off and go up there and enjoy your weekend. I can handle things here."

"I'm not going." Bobby crossed his arms over his chest. "And you can't make me."

"Do I have to go up there with you?"Alex questions while rolling her eyes.

Bobby thinks for a moment then nods his head, dropping his arms to his side. "That would be nice of you Eames. It'll only be three days."

"Aha! So you will go if I go with you?" Alex can't help but tease. But she was flattered that he felt comfortable enough with her to invite her.

"Well, I suppose you could twist my arm." Mumbles Bobby, sheepishly.

Alex gives him a look before she sits down at her own desk and pulls out the response card. She picks up a pen, that was under a pile of old reports, and fills in that there will be two attending. Just as she is about to write in their names on the nametag request line Bobby interrupts her.

"Ah, Eames before you finish filling that out I think I need to tell you something. I'm kinda glad that you're sitting down because you may not be happy with what I'm going to tell you." Bobby says while looking at the floor.

"What? What is going to be so bad about spending three days with you at your class reunion?" Asks Alex her pen in midair.

"Well there is my old basketball teammate, Charlie Limpkin. We kinda had a little wager on graduation day." Bobby replies. "Its not a big deal, but it will affect you and your decision on attending." He felt embarrassed that he even made the wager let alone having to tell his partner and best friend about it years later.

"Okay Bobby, out with it." Alex says, staring at him intently.

"I bet Charlie on graduation day that I'd get married before him." Again Bobby stared at the floor.

"So? You lost, you'll have to pay up." Alex informed as she began to write again.

"I bet him thirty-thousand dollars." Bobby says his voice cracking slightly.

"What? Thats the craziest thing I ever heard!" Alex couldn't believe what she was hearing and could feel a headache forming. "You definitely better not go to the reunion unless you are sure that Charlie is not married."

Bobby quickly glances at her then back to the floor."I was just procrastinating about not going. The truth is, Eames, there is another bet."

"Oh God, it gets worse?" Yesiree, one massive Goren induced headache. Alex thought to herself.

"I bet him fifty-thousand dollars that I would attend every reunion. I have to go, but I just read in my last school newsletter that a catastrophe has happened." Bobby braced himself for the blow-up that was likely to occur. This was a side of himself that his partner knew nothing about so he assumed that she was in shock.

"What? Did he get into an accident or had a death in the family?"Alex asked, a tad bit hopefully.

"No, he got engaged." Bobby moved around his desk and claimed his chair. He knew that he should have stopped for coffee on his way in.

"Bobby, you'rescrewed." Alex stated, feeling just slightly bad for her usually mild-mannered partner.

"Eames, do you think you could..." Bobby began, hopefully. Now he would see how far he could push their friendship without it snapping back into his face like a gum band.

"No, don't even think it." Warned Alex.

"Pose as my..." Bobby continued, ignoring her comment.

"Wife? Don't make me laugh, Goren." Alex knew they were closer than most partners but there had to be an imaginary line somewhere that you didn't cross in order to keep things strictly professional. And posing as his spouse had to be crossing that line

"It would mean Charlie would lose. I'd split the money with you." Bobby offered. Yes, Bobby Goren would revert to bribing his reluctant partner.

Eames taps her pen a moment. "Separate rooms, no kissing in public, no honeys and..." Alex sighed and began to name her terms. The line was now forty miles behind her and growing ever more distant by the minute.

Bobby eyed her. "You can keep your maiden name."

"That too, but its got to be a carot." Alex wasn't going to make things easy on him.

"Zirconia." Bobby puts in.

"Whatever."Alex rolled her eyes again. Cheapskate. She grumbled, mentally. I'm married to a cheapskate. Her attention turned towards her desk as she began cleaning off the unneeded items.