Friday Night

5:30 P.M.

Alex sighs as she juggles her bag of groceries while she inserts the key into her apartment door. She flips on the light and after shutting the door and tossing her keys and groceries onto the counter. She checks her answering machine. "No new messages." It drones as she presses the button. Friday night and no where to go. She thinks to herself. Bobby and Alex had returned to New York City on Wednesday. Once in the city she had dropped him off at his apartment and he had only returned to work today. He had only called once to check up on a new case that Deakins had assigned her, but he hadn't really talked about what had gone on in Amherst. Now she wondered if he had regretted it and didn't know how to tell her. Grabbing her stack of paper work she walks over to her computer and sits down. Flipping on the computer, she rolls her eyes at the monotonous of her life and how doing paperwork was a ritual for her on weekends. She pulls a file, her current case, from the stack and flips it open. Studying her notes on the case, which had already been solved, she absent mindfully clicks on her e-mail box which is blinking.


I'm picking you up at eight. Wear your reunion banquet outfit. See you then!


P.S. I know you'll read this. So put away the notes, the paperwork can wait!

Alex smiles at how well her partner really knows her.


"You're late." Alex says, as she opens the door.

"You're going to judge me on five minutes? Jeez, Eames, cut me some slack." Bobby replies, standing outside her door dressed in his tuxedo. "I only stopped to buy you this." He pulls a single red rose from behind his back.

Alex blushes slightly as she takes it."Bobby, that was so thoughtful of you. Let me just put it in water. It will only take a minute." She motions Bobby in and shuts the door.

"You really like it? I wasn't sure if you'd think that a rose was too ordinary. I was debating whether a cactus would have been a better choice. You know, something a little abnormal." Bobby jokes, trying to hide his nervousness.

Alex smiles. "It's fine." She gives him a peck on the cheek. "Thank you." She walks over to the sink and fills up a vase which she puts the flower in.

Bobby gives her a smile and quietly says. "You know I returned our rings today. I finally felt up to doing it."

"Oh, that's good." Alex couldn't meet his gaze. "Where are we going tonight?" She turns and smiles at him.

"Arthurs." Bobby replies, enthusiastically.

Alex raises her eyebrows. "Fancy dining, Bobby?"

"Nothings too good for you, Eames. And I must say you look twice as gorgeous as you did at the reunion." Bobby walks over to her and takes her hands in his. "I just want to say thank you for going with me to the reunion. I mean you did great in our little undercover job and I think that it was worth it to see Terry finally get what she deserved."

"Yeah, Bobby, we actually found a crime that we had to really think on." Alex says, with a smile. "Or rather a crime that you had to really think on." She adds under her breath.

Bobby looks at her. "This weekend brought back a lot of memories. I really got a chance to get in touch with my youth again."

"Oh no, don't tell me you're having a mid-life crisis and want a little red sports car." Alex rolls her eyes.

"Actually I'd like a blue one. No, what I'm saying is that after I got home and unpacked I started to go through some of my old stuff." He reaches into his pocket. "And I found this. Alex will you go steady with me?" Bobby holds out a class ring with a blue stone in it.

"Bobby, this is your class ring." Alex looks at it, amazed. "You want me to have it?"

"Well, you are my best girl, who else would I want to wear it?" Bobby says, sheepishly.

"Of course I want to wear it, but its too big." Alex says, as she holds it in her fingers, examining it.

"I was hoping you'd say yes, so I took the liberty of buying this to go along with it." Bobby pulls a gold chain out of his pocket and feeds it through the ring in Alex's hand.

"Will you put it on for me?" Alex smiles.

"Gladly." Bobby says, as she turns around and he attaches the clasp for her.

Alex turns back around and after giving each other an embarrassed, but happy, smile they lean in and give each other a brief, but loving kiss. "We better go." She says while picking up her pocketbook and shawl off a small table by the door. She tucks her hand in the crook of Bobby's arm as he opens the door for her.

"You know Eames, like I told you before, we won this weekend." Bobby states, quietly, as they walk out the door.

"How?" Alex asks as she pulls the door shut behind them. She smiles at him as they step into the waiting elevator.

"I'm one up on Charlie. I know who my Mrs. Right is, he still gotta find his." Bobby says, seriously, as the elevator doors close.

Drifting up from the street below, the exasperated voice of Alex sounded. "Bobby, we're going to have to work on you actually calling me by my first name. The last man that called me Eames on a to see my knuckles up close and personal."

Her statement was followed by a hearty chuckle from Bobby who replied, in kind. "Yes, dear."

Tonight was the first day of the rest of their lives. Nothing was going to stop them from enjoying themselves. Not Deakins, the rules, or even a psycho prostitute with a chip on her shoulder.