Falling Tears

Chapter 1

The Memory

"Kill her Draco! Kill her now!" A cold voice echoed off the walls and through Draco Malfoy's head. The blonde Slytherin nodded and grasped the dagger tighter within his hand. "Draco…Please…" a small voice suddenly broke the silence. Draco turned his head to face the girl he was about to kill. Her brown eyes were pleading him, and it wrenched his heart out. Slowly he lifted the dagger with a shaking arm and held it above her heart. "I'm sorry Hermione Granger." He said quietly then raised his arm and made ready to strike, but before he could, something caught his eye, something that made him remember his promise…7 years ago…

… (Flashback)...

"DRACO!" a young eight year old girl called out to him. He turned and smiled, "Hey Mione!" He answered with a cheerful smile. Hermione smiled back and ran over to him, her ginger curls bouncing all over the place.

"Do you think I can come over to your house Dray?" she asked out of breath. Draco nodded, "Yeah come on!"

They raced each other to the house and darted up the stairs to his bedroom. The door burst open and they jumped inside.

"I WIN!" Hermione squealed triumphantly.

Draco frowned, "You always win."

She lifted her chin proudly, "Why of course, I'm Hermione Granger!"

Draco shook his head and crossed his arms, "So? That doesn't mean you always get to win!"

Hermione grinned and poked him playfully on the arm, "You're just being a sorry loser, Mr. Sulky Pants!"

He shoved her hand away roughly, "Cut that out Mione!"

She huffed, "Well I think it's time for some tickle torture for you, Little Mister!"

His head suddenly shot up and he looked at her with wide and alarmed eyes. He backed away slightly, "No! Don't even think about it Mione!"

Hermione smiled, tackled him on the floor and began tickling him mercilessly. Draco rolled all about kicking his legs uncontrollably while laughing senseless. "Ok! Ok! Please STOP!" he pleaded between peels of laughter, "MIONE STOP!" He squealed.

She nodded, "Alright, Alright, I think you've had enough." Then she abruptly stopped and he stood up unsteadily while trying to control his breathing. Hermione stood beside him and followed as he stumbled towards his bed. He plopped down onto it and looked up at her, "Here, sit down!"

Hermione nodded, "Thanks!"

Draco patted the spot beside him, "Sit next to me."

She smiled and took the seat. He looked over at her and noticed how suddenly sad she looked. "What's wrong?" he asked sweetly.

Tears started to form in the corners of her eyes, "I don't want to leave you Dray!" Then she threw her arms around his neck and cried into his shoulder.

Young Draco hugged her close and smiled, "I know."

Hermione's sobs grew steadier and she took in a shaky breath, "Why do we have to be separated? Why do I have to move?"

He shrugged, "I don't know Mione, but…no matter what happens you'll always be my bestest friend!"

"Promise?" she asked wiping away her tears.

Draco nodded, "Promise."

Hermione swallowed and looked up at him, her eyes still containing a little doubt. "Forever?"

He smiled, "Yes, forever!"

Then she leaned her head on his shoulder, "What if you forget about me?"

Draco shook his head, "Never, Mione, Never!"

He paused a minute, and then his eyes brightened, "Hang on!" He got up and walked over to his desk. Then he opened a small box and pulled out a silver piece of jewelry.

"This is for you Hermy." Draco took her hand in his and placed it in her palm.

Hermione's eyes widened in wonder as she glanced down at it. What Draco had given her was a silver little charm bracelet. Dangling from it was an emerald dragon and a golden heart. Engraved on the heart was a beautifully crafted, "M".

She sighed, "It's so pretty Draco!"

He smiled, "I'm glad you like it!"

Hermione looked up at him and cocked her head to the side, "Why are you giving it to me?"

Draco touched her hand softly and held it, "So that whenever you look at it, you'll think of me!" he looked down at the bracelet, "Promise you'll never take it off?"

Her eyes began to moisten as she slipped it onto her delicate wrist, "I won't ever take it off, I Promise."

He grinned and gave her the biggest hug he possibly could. When he pulled away he noticed that she was frowning.

"What?" he asked with confusion.

"I…have nothing to give you!" she said frantically.

He shrugged, "Oh it's alright, I'll be thinking of you anyway.

Then Hermione suddenly looked up at him blushing as an idea came to her. "Well…I could give you a…" she paused and thought about it a moment.

He caught her gaze, "What'd you mean Mione?"

She smiled shyly and stood up moving closer to his face.

Draco suddenly felt uncomfortable as an odd feeling filled him. He looked around nervously and then back to her. Her face was gradually moving closer to his, and then… she kissed him, a quick peck on the lips, his first kiss.

It made him lightheaded and his heart started to beat widely. He looked down at her still trying to clear his head. Her blush deepened and she ran out of the room.

Draco watched her go as a huge smile began to spread across his pale face, "I will never forget."…

… (End Flashback)…

Draco's eyes widened in horror as he saw the bracelet dangling form her wrist and he staggered back dropping the dagger letting it clash against the cold surface below him. "No…" he whimpered shakily as he slowly kept backing away.

His father walked up behind him and gripped his shoulder firmly. "What are you doing Draco?" he hissed in his son's ear, "Kill her now!"

Draco looked up into his father's cold gray eyes which seemed to have mirrored his own, only a few minutes ago.

Slowly he shook his head and turned to walk away. "I…I, can't!" he gasped.

Lucias' face twisted in anger and rage, "YOU ARE WEAK!"

Draco suddenly stopped and turned to face his father's sneering face. "Please father, I just need some more time." He asked pleadingly.

Lucias' expression softened slightly as he approached Draco. He picked up the dagger and placed it in his son's hand.

"You have three days!" Draco nodded and his father continued, "If you aren't ready by then I will do it myself." Draco nodded again slowly, "I understand father."

Lucias then embraced him, "Don't disappoint me."

"I won't father". Draco answered definitely.

Then Hermione watched as both father and son left her, closing the dungeon door behind them. A tear escaped from her eye and fell to the stone floor. Her heart was beating heavier in her chest, and she looked over at the bracelet, which was shining brilliantly in the moonlight. The "M" still engraved the heart, and her eyes filled with more tears as she remembered that day when it was given to her, so long ago…

Why was she still wearing it? She thought. Although her heart knew the answer, she was trying desperately to ignore it. "You're evil Draco Malfoy, pure evil." She whispered into the darkness. Then she bent her head and looked out the tiny window, "but then, why do I still love you?"