Title: Unspoken Rules

Author: Orilon

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: AJ Styles/Christopher Daniels Friendship

Spoiler warning: Genesis and 11/19 Impact

Disclaimer: Everything from TNA belongs to the Jarrett family and Panda Energy and the wrestlers belong to themselves.

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Summary: AJ's thoughts after Genesis

Feedback: Please.

Thoughts fill my mind as I drive from the hospital to the hotel, the main focus being on Christopher's condition. A concussion is bad and will keep him out of action, but that is better than what I was afraid of. I know that when I go to tapings on Tuesday that I will get a lecture from management about breaking character, but I was concerned for my friend and had to see for myself.

In the interview afterward I was able to keep in character and talk about how I still respected Christopher Daniels even though I wasn't what you would call friends with him. I had to stop myself from breaking character further by saying that we were friends and I hated to see one of my best friends get hurt. At least I was able to explain the reason I was furious by talking about the unwritten respect code in the X-Division.

When Low-Ki, Jerry Lynn and me built the X-Division, we built in a code of mutual respect that never had to be talked about until now. Even though the storylines had us fighting each other and Jerry and I had the feud of the year in the early days TNA, we still respected each other and did not intentionally try to hurt each other. The key phrase there being intentionally trying to hurt someone; accidents happen and people get hurt, that's the nature of the business, especially in the more athletic style that we use.

Jerry and I were able to use the storyline feelings of dislike to fuel our matches and make them better but we still had that unspoken element of mutual respect similar to what Christopher and I are doing in the current storylines. We're using the storyline dislike the fuel the matches we have and especially the angles about the Iron man matches but respect is still there. Even Kid Kash showed some level of respect when he was working in the X-Division and it was commented on when he was X champion. Until now when guys entered into the X-Division they picked up on the rule of respect and kept to it when working in the X matches.

Now it will have to be talked about and explained because the attack on Christopher crossed the line and was very unacceptable.